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What Type of Activities You Can Do on Your Morning Desert Safari Tours?

Morning Desert Safari Dubai

Morning desert safari in Dubai is a tour that will surely leave you wanting for more. Dubai is the second largest emirate of the United Arab Emirates (the UAE). It offers a lot of exciting activities and adventures for tourists. Dubai is also famous for its hot sands and its beautiful beach resorts. There are several tour packages that are available to suit your taste and budget.

Desert Safari

You can spend an extraordinary, exhilarating and fun-filled desert safari in Dubai. Dubai is the only city of the UAE that has a variety of attractions for the tourists. The city is never short of sightseeing or activities. The morning desert safari in Dubai with a quad bike is an experience of a lifetime. You can see how the gentle flow of the sand over the mountains of the UAE helps to create a magical atmosphere for the visitors.

Morning Desert Safari

The morning desert safari in Dubai with a quad bike is a great way to explore the natural surroundings of the area. The Desert Sharjah National Park and the Al Hajar Mountains are the attractions for the travellers who tour the area. This is the only place where you will find two thriving ecosystems – the Shatti Desert and the Karakoram Desert. In order to experience the true essence of these ecosystems, you should get a desert safari trip to Dubai.

Al Hajar Mountains

The Al Hajar Mountains is also known as the Six Flags of the UAE. The magnificent views from here can give you a rare chance to take a photograph of what the world’s tallest mountains are like from such a unique perspective. If you do not have any interest in photography then the morning desert safari with a quad bike is a great option. You will get to ride on a camel, visit waterfalls, and even trek on the Karakoram Highway, which is a high altitude road that stretches through the largest desert in the world. All this will be under the watchful eye of a trained guide who will lead you through the area.

The Al Hajar Mountains is not the only place in Dubai that offers a memorable morning drive. If you want to spend the day exploring then you should go on a safari to the Fujairah Gold Market, a famous tourist spot that attracts thousands of car and motorcycle tourists each day.

Fujairah Gold Market

Fujairah is a tourist destination that is separated into two parts. One part is the capital city of Fujairah and the other is the rural farming community of Al-Gabel. There are several small villages that are home to hundreds of gold jewellers and bullion collectors who sell their precious wares to international buyers. The Al-Gabel community is also a major contributor to the local economy as they make most of their living by selling spices, olives, and fish.

The Al Hajar Mountains is one of the finest locations for an Al Hajar tour, but it is not the only location where you can enjoy an Al Hajar tour. In the northern part of the UAE, you can enjoy a desert safari on a four-wheel-drive land cruiser or a Hummer. Hummer is a four-wheel-drive vehicle that looks just like a small truck and can be outfitted with everything you might need for an Al Hajar safari including a camel ride to experience the desert.

You can also go for an Al Hajar land cruiser tour if you are looking for something a little more exciting. What makes an Al Hajar tours an unforgettable experience is a fact that you never miss a single opportunity to see the sunrise or set over the desert-like dunes.

An Al Hajar desert safari in Dubai will definitely give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The four-wheel-drive tours provide a comfortable and memorable way to explore the city while enjoying a desert safari at the same time. A desert safari in Dubai gives you the opportunity to enjoy a quiet journey through the city amidst beautiful scenery. You never get to experience the tourist rush, never have to stand in line for tickets and you can enjoy a quiet and comfortable journey on a Hummer or a four-wheel drive land cruiser.


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