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What You Should Know Before You Buy a New Air Conditioner

As the temperature begins to rise, people turn to their ACs to keep themselves comfortable at home. An air conditioner is not just a big investment but also the most important equipment in your home. When it comes to buying a new AC, top Air conditioning service Sacramento experts suggest you can’t just select any AC available, it’s important you do some research and keep those things in mind before investing in an air conditioner.  AC’s have come a long way over the years, they come with so many features. So, choosing which one to buy can be baffling to many.

There are many factors that are vital to consider because these can help you choose the right Air conditioner unit that fits your needs.

To make things easy for you and help you decide on your Air Conditioner unit, we have come up with tips that will help you.

Let’s start with features you need to look for :

  • Energy Efficiency

Since you know that everyone wants to save up on their energy bills, it’s essential you invest in an AC unit that is energy efficient that also makes your rooms cool. Choose an AC that has higher ratings as it would mean the AC system will have greater energy efficiency and will be less expensive to run. It is an important feature if you want to reduce your heating and cooling costs. Even though buying an AC with higher energy efficiency will be costly, it will usually save up on your energy bills.

Always check the SEER rating of the AC before buying because it will tell you about how energy efficient the Ac unit is. A higher SEER rating will mean less energy consumption and thus lower energy bills. If you are looking for the ideal air conditioning system for your home, consider installing a ducted braemar evaporative cooler.

Another good feature that will help save energy down the line is an energy-saving mode.

  • Low-noise operation

An AC-making sound would be an inconvenience inside your bedroom. So. you should choose an air conditioner that is quiet enough to operate in low noise.  There are many new models of AC that come with multi-stage compressors and have the lowest noise level. You can also choose an AC unit that has a silent mode. By the click on the button, it will decrease the noise level and you will have the quietest environment. This mode can be selected when you want.

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  • Accurate humidity control

Dry mode is a feature that helps control and reduces the humidity levels in your room. But this feature is not available in most ACs, it is only found in some types of AC models.

Please note that the dry mode will only remove the moisture inside the room, it does have no role to play in the cooling part. When the excess humidity is pulled out of the room, you will feel cool. All in all, AC with the dry mode is very useful during those rainy days when the humidity level is so high inside the room. Another thing that is beneficial about the dry mode is that it makes the compressor run at a slower speed, which leads to lower running costs.

AC’s with dry mode will be an absolute necessity if you live in coastal and humid areas.

  • A good warranty

Would invest in an AC only to discover it just lasted for a short period of time? Yes, you wouldn’t. All AC units come with some type of manufacturer’s warranty, so you need to check all the details included on the unit. Apart from it, how long your AC unit lasts also depends on your upkeep and maintenance. You should never put off your repairs and regular maintenance services from the Air conditioner service or HVAC company Sacramento as it helps keep the warranty valid. In addition, timely service and inspection checks are crucial to keeping it running safely and efficiently.

We recommend you gather all information about different models regarding their quality, reliability, and warranty. So when you have to choose one, you can compare and select accordingly.

  • The size of an AC unit

The size of an AC unit is an important factor before you buy it.  The capacity of the AC will depend upon its size. Speak to an AC professional for consultation regarding the size when choosing an AC unit. He will suggest the size according to the dimensions of your room. Installing an incorrect size air conditioner will result in various problems.

Let’s say, you install a big size Ac in a small room, it will use too much energy for cooling your home. So, along with wastage of energy, you will also experience higher cooling bills. On the other hand, a small-sized AC for a bigger room will prove to be ineffective in cooling the room properly. That’s why you should always choose the right size of AC.

Now, what are the factors you need to keep in mind while you install your Air Conditioner inside your home?


Improperly installed AC units are the most common reason for AC running inefficiently. The incorrect installation also reduces the lifespan of your cooling unit. Just as a water heater when installed incorrectly can lead to leaks, water damage, and water heater repair Sacramento, an Air Conditioner installation done incorrectly will call for poor airflow, repairs, and lower efficiency.  For this reason, you should always hire a professional and experienced air conditioning expert in order to install the unit safely and in the correct way.


AC units can last for a long period of time if you’re sticking to their regular maintenance schedule. So, once the installation of your AC is done, ask your AC technician about the maintenance schedule you need to follow.  Routine maintenance will help keep your AC unit run effectively and at optimal efficiency. Ignoring upkeep and maintenance is often the cause of the decline in the AC’s performance and higher energy bills.

Types Of Air Conditioner units to choose

  • Wall-mounted AC System or Ductless AC

Though Ductless ACs require little maintenance, these types of models can be more expensive than some central Ac systems. When speaking about its installation, it has to be done properly.

As these are mounted on walls, so also known as wall-mounted AC units. These units are very popular for creating zoned cooling.

  • Window mounted Air Conditioner unit

Another AC model that is popular among homeowners is the Window mounted Air conditioning unit. Window ACs can last up to 10 years. In fact, you can also install them if you don’t want to install in a window. There are some DIY methods that can allow you to use this type of unit inside the room. When it comes to its costs, they are less expensive than other models available in the market and even cheaper to operate. Their installation is easy and requires a hole in the wall to install it in a window. They are considered the best for cooling smaller spaces.

Portable Air Conditioner

As the name suggests, these types of AC units can be easily taken to any space. So, wherever you need cooling, transport the portable unit to that space. This unit can be a great option for cooling rooms with smaller space for a short time duration. Thus, these units are effective for zoned cooling. To operate it, you need to have a power outlet in your room and window access.

Having read about this useful information, we hope that it will help decide the right Air Conditioner that fits your requirements.

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