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Where does AI fit into the fashion industry?

Approximately 2% of the world’s GDP is related to the fashion industry. This is one of the biggest in the world. The shift from catalogs to social media improves customer experience, as artificial intelligence moves people from catalogs to social media. By simulating human intelligence with machines, artificial intelligence simplifies and speeds up the performance of tasks for users. Since it is programmed to mimic human thought processes and accomplish goals, the machine mimics human actions. Let’s look at how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing fashion.

Using AI to improve customer experience:

As a result of its use in fashion, artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the way brands create products. The way they market them and sell them. In an age when brands are searching for new, more efficient ways to market and sell their goods. Artificial intelligence not only enhances brand awareness. It also enhances the demand for goods, it also streamlines and improves the sales process. It also enhances the customer’s shopping experience.

A number of luxury brands, such as Dior, Macy’s, Nike, and Nordstrom use artificial intelligence. They use it to improve the customer experience, raise profits, and increase sales. It is possible for these companies to incorporate AI into their marketing and management strategies in several different ways.

Automated chatbots

It is becoming increasingly important for brands to connect directly with their consumers. In order to make the shopping experience as easy as possible. As a result they are using bots to provide a computerized chat on their site or applications.

Many fashion brands have beauty assistants that help through Facebook Messenger. Dior, for example, recently released its beauty assistant, Dior Insider. An app’s opening screen includes a greeting and questions. This provides the app with information about the consumer’s wants and needs. The program was released in 2016 but then stopped in 2017 for reasons that are not made public.


The idea is to present the user with an online shopping experience. This is similar to what they would have in stores.

The North Face brand, owned by VF Corporation, launched its Expert Personal Shopper in 2015, in collaboration with IBM Watson. This app makes the process of shopping easier for consumers than other online shopping websites. They do so by asking them a few questions first. Then using that information to create a set of recommendations for them based on their responses.

The advantage of these apps is that the customer has an improved shopping experience. The brand gains a more comprehensive understanding of the products and the demands of its customers.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in fashion industry
Artificial Intelligence (AI) in fashion industry


With its enormous production, the fashion industry ranks among the biggest polluters in the world. They are overcoming this with AI.

The introduction and fall of trends throughout the day not only affect production as they appear on the market. They also effect wastage as they disappear with every passing day as they no longer remain a trend. The reason that this is not purchased anymore is that people are not purchasing it anymore.

In order to reduce production time through the use of AI. They use several other inputs as well as monitoring platforms that can be combined with these calculations. With the help of efficient marketing technologies and tactics, the company keeps a check on the current selling trends. This might fade quickly from the shoppers’ minds. Using this technique, designers and manufacturers can avoid errors in trend predictions. They can also forecast trends more accurately, thereby reducing the amount of clothing produced and thrown away.

Fraudulent Products Identification 

When a high-quality brand begins to make its marketing presence, there are several instances of the brand appearing in duplicate. When huge quantities of imports and exports occur, this type of tampering not only destroys the image.  However, it effects the trust of customers, but also makes it possible for a fake company to become established, which means that a new brand will emerge which will take advantage of the image of another firm.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is helping in such a situation as by deploying robots with the knowledge and skills to be able to pinpoint fake products during a product inspection by checking the number, the logo, and even the quality of the product being inspected.

Recommendation of pricing 

AI has the capacity to help calculate the most appropriate price for all manufacturers’ products. As well as serving with automated algorithms that calculate price variations of competitors, these tools keep a close eye on prices of raw material product and even expected profit levels, as well as serving with the ability to keep track of the competitive prices. 

In order to achieve a fair price for the products, which is also reasonable in its own right, it has to include all the production costs. What I find most fascinating about this is that you can use it in both small and large scale production settings; it can be used to make both instruments. 

Interactions with artificial intelligence

Fashion retailers and e-commerce stores provide an automated bot based system to assist customers in looking for products by obtaining appropriate links as well as to answer their immediate questions.

AI has made this kind of chatbot-enabled system a part of the fabric of everyday life. As our problem-solving agents simulate the humanitarian approach to problem-solving, they ensure a high rate of prospective consumer conversion since they can understand and respond to queries of consumers who are visiting our website. 

It has become a trend for websites nowadays to have chatbots built-in. These sites begin by asking for any help they can offer, which leads to them launching their service. In the past few decades this has meant that the possibility of selling and buying has been realized without even interacting with a human part of the company. 

Checking the inventory

Ai helps to maintain the inventory of each store automatically, and a stock build-up is provided based on a certain store’s sales.

It is important that the sellers log in to these kinds of stores in order to keep track of their stores’ in-house stocks, and in addition to this, they can also keep a track of their sales based on categories. The purpose of keeping such a high selling stock on hand is so that in the case of any sales, customers could go and see if replicas of the products were available on another website if there were out-of-stock items.

Predictions of future trends

The term social media is used for the introduction of a trend. The use of artificial intelligence can make it possible to identify trends that are prevalent on social media and in other such places to make informed conclusions about what will be the most wanted garment in the market after a certain period of time. 

In this sense, designers are able to design products that are considering such trends in the global market and they are able to think of ways to incorporate those into the products in addition to providing their own improvisations and additions to the trends. As a result, designers can design the products with the consideration of such trends, and they can think of new ways to enhance the trend by adding their own improvisations and additions of their own.

Forecasts of customer purchases

There is a large emphasis on the e-commerce fashion business on this platform.  The augmented reality applications collect customer data regarding the types of products that they are interested in and then propose a wide range of similar items for their selection in terms of size, color, and even budget.

The artificially equipped system can understand the components of the image in order to be able to give suggestions of the similar products to the customers. Several e-commerce stores offer this image search feature, in which the customer is able to upload an image and the system can look up the components of the image.

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