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Where to Buy Virginia Black in Australia?

Australia has around 300 distilleries spread across the nation. It boasts several premium whiskies that are produced right here. But gradually, the trend of enjoying American whiskies is on the rise. In 2021, Virginia Black American whiskey forayed into the Australian market and has since gained a large following. The brand’s social media handles have been flooded with comments on where to buy Virginia Black, especially in Australia.

It was initially launched in 2016 in Canada and the U.K. A significant factor behind the fast popularity of the brand is that it was produced in a collaboration between award-winning artist Drake and Brent Hocking, founder and creator of the Deleón tequila.

Virginia Black in Australia

The whiskey brand has entered into an exclusive distribution partnership with Elegance Brands in Australia. But if you’re wondering where to buy Virginia Black in Australia, it is available for procurement on selected websites only as of now. Apart from Australia, the brand is also available in Ireland, South Africa, Uganda, UAE, etc.

Orders placed from metropolitan cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, etc., can expect delivery in 2 to 5 business days. The delivery might take somewhere between 3 to 14 business days for orders placed from regional or interior locations.

What Can You Expect?

Produced in Indiana, the American whiskey is available in handsomely designed 750 ml bottles. You can choose from a selected collection of two, three, and four-year-old whiskey focussed on a high-rye content and finished with a decadent profile. Containing 40% alcohol-by-volume (80 proof), it has a dark amber colour with a smooth and distinctive flavour.

Is It Ideal for You?

It is always better to understand how a particular kind of drink is manufactured before trying it out. If you have been thinking about dabbling your taste buds into the world of whiskies recently, then this is a perfect option. Its smooth flavour is ideal if you haven’t forayed deep into the world of whiskies.

But if you are an experienced whiskey appreciator, then perhaps, the subtle sweetness and complexity will present a new experience to the palate. Although it is not a limited edition whiskey, it’s still an excellent bottle for collection.

How to Best Enjoy Whiskey 

You can generally enjoy whiskeys in three ways:

  • Neat – Served without adding anything else with the whiskey.
  • On the rocks – Served with nothing but ice cubes.
  • Cocktails – Served as part of cocktails, mostly forming its base.

The third option, of serving whiskies as cocktail bases, can be a great way to explore this drink. A well-balanced cocktail can highlight the versatility of whiskey and prove delightful to first-timers.

Famous Whiskey Brands to Try Out 

After gaining a little experience appreciating the flavour of whiskies, you can try some other famous brands available in Australia.

Here is a list of three whiskies that you must try out:

  • Black Gate Apera Vatting

Located in New South Wales, the Black Gate distillery is one of the most sought after distilleries in the country. The distillery produced only three casks of this single malt whiskey, distilled between December 2015 and April 2016. The Apera Vatting has an alcohol content of 47%.

  • Archie Rose Single Malt 

After its release in 2020, this single malt whisky started bagging some of the most coveted awards from across the world. With an alcohol content of 46%, it won Australia’s Best Single Malt Whisky title from four different institutions.

  • Sullivans Cove French Oak

In 2014, the French Oak won the title of Best Single Malt Whisky in the World by World Whiskies Awards. It has been hard to obtain ever since, becoming an envy of whiskey collectors worldwide. It boasts an alcohol content of 46%.

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