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Where to Find the Best Murals in Charlotte

Murals are one of the most beautiful art forms because they reimagine our walls and give us something so much more attractive to look at than just brick and mortar. Charlotte, North Carolina, understands the importance of beautiful art and invests in local creatives to brighten up the city.

When you’re in town, if you want to check out some of the most-viewed art in the city, these are the murals you should visit.

Harvey B. Gantt Center

Created by the incredible architects of the Freelon Group, this mural is thought-provoking and beautiful. Reminiscent of comic panels and showing through abstract that there are lines that intersect and separate all of us, this mural is a very well-thought-out and incredibly well-done piece. The work of Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts+Culture is important and is a required stop for anyone who wants to learn more about the area and the people who live here.

Discovery Place

If your children are getting tired of looking at Charlotte houses for sale, surprise them by checking out the art and exhibits at Discovery Place! This mural puts an emphasis on the history of the area and is made in remembrance of the tragedy of the site. Created by John Hairston Jr. and Mike Wirth, this mural is breathtaking and vivid and helps you better understand the pain of the people who live here.
Equity Mural
This fun and beautiful mural by Nick Napoletano offers an interesting take on what equity really means. Depicting a young person with paint walking by the same mural you’re looking at, you may realize that the dots that spell out equity are extremely similar to those used in color blindness tests. This is an approach on the importance of ensuring everyone has equity, instead of just equality, that will allow for a more level playing field.

Fly Girl

At home on a parking garage on West Trade Street, Fly Girl by Sloane Sibhan is a great stop if you want to be surprised by art. With an emphasis on allowing your imagination to break free and looking to the future, this fantastic piece of art is incredibly beautiful. Although it’s been fading in recent years, it’s still worth a stop if you want to see something colorful and warm.

The Charlotte Ballet

If you want to view what art really is in Charlotte, it’s time to check out this Terpsichore, Goddess of Dance mural by PichiAvo. At home on the Charlotte Ballet, it’s a wonderful mix of traditional detailed painting and gorgeous modern graffiti that marries them together in ways most people don’t see. The use of color and form allows these two styles to merge seamlessly and is completely stunning from any angle you look at it. This is a stop most people should make so they can fully understand what Charlotte is truly like.
Charlotte Understands Art
From vivid, colorful art to incredible people and history, this is a city that will stun everyone who visits. Check out some of these fantastic murals the next time you’re in town!

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