Where to Increase Resolve in Ghost of Tsushima Using Bamboo Strike Locations

Sucker Punch Productions’ Ghost of Tsushima has managed to acquire a spot in the UK’s best-selling games list. Even though it has been merely a few days since it has arrived, it has succeeded in beating popular games such as Paper Mario. Ghost of Tsushima provides a classic old school gaming experience that includes no navigation, no advanced gadgets, and weapons. There are various items available in it for the gamers, and these items not only provide ease to the player’s life but are also quite beneficial in improving their resolve. Bamboo strike locations help to increase the player’s resolve in this game. Below we have provided a proper workaround that contains information about all the bamboo locations in Ghost of Tsushima.

There are four specific regions in which various bamboo locations lie and below we have individually briefed about all of them.





The article contains information about all the bamboo locations of Ghost of Tsushima. In the game, players can increase their max resolved by chopping bamboo strikes present all over the island. Ghost of Tsushima can be played on PS4.

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