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Which NCR Training Institutions Are the Best for Data Science?

With organizations and enterprises expanding exponentially, data science courses are becoming more critical. Data is becoming more crucial for studying and assessing these firms’ success. One of the primary causes of the market saturation for qualified and experienced data scientists is this.

In India, data science courses are currently being offered by a large number of institutes, colleges, and universities. This is accurate given the enormous demand seen throughout the data analytics sector worldwide. As a result, more specialists than ever are required globally today. However, selecting the ideal institution may be challenging, so we have provided the list of the ten best data science institutions in Delhi and Noida that you can choose if you want to keep current with the market.

Top Data Science Training Institutes in NCR

UPX Academy

In the Delhi Capital Region’s top 10 data science institutes since 2016, the UPX Academy has achieved success. In addition to guiding potential candidates for careers in business analytics, UPX Academy also equips them with gained business analytics skills to strengthen their resumes. Also, UPX Academy provides a variety of industry immersion workshops to assist students in networking with experts.

As its signature curriculum, the institution provides a 6-month data science course. They cover many topics in their data science curriculum, including intuitive data analysis, data extraction, Python, machine learning methods, advanced deep learning, natural language processing, and more.

The UPX Academy’s data science curriculum is especially suitable for individuals with 1 to 5 years of expertise. This program may give business analytics learners the necessary experience by giving them accessibility to the cloud lab. Institute of data science UPX Academy’s sophisticated analytics curriculum not only assists students with statistical learning but also enables them to apply real-world examples and case analysis to gain hands-on exposure to important topics. The faculty at this institution has over 40 years of industry expertise. Tech Mahindra is supporting the UPX Academy.


Techstack is a significant education organization in the area, providing substantial data science instruction to its pupils. It provides an industry-leading PGP programme in data analytics and optimization, as well as digital marketing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and business analytics courses. It is one of its premier analytics programs, focused on developing a solid workforce in the country with the much-needed data analytics abilities. Their course content is specially tailored to the needs of the global analytics business. Techstack’s data analytics programmes stress the popularisation of cutting-edge technologies while considering traditional business-analytic methodologies.

The goal of Techstack’s data science curriculum is to produce professionals who are equipped with essential problem-solving abilities. Most Techstack faculty members hold PhDs from some of the top data science institutions in the world. In addition, the faculty at Techstack have unmatched industry expertise, and several have earned decent articles in some of the world’s leading journals. For students to benefit from the best learning chances, it also uses practical online learning tools.


AnalatixLabs has positioned itself as one of the premier data science institutions, thanks to an exceptional performer faculty comprised of former IIT, IIM, and ISB students. More significantly, the instructors have relevant industry expertise through their work with reputable businesses such as Deloitte, McKinsey, Fidelity, Facebook, and Genpact.

Interestingly, the institute provides several data science training programmes to prominent corporations such as American Express, Cisco, Genpact, Tech Mahindra, Times Group, EXL Services, and the Indian Army.

Rather than focusing just on the students’ learning tools, the data science courses offered at AnalytixLabs are meticulously mapped to satisfy the demands of various professional roles. As a result, most of these courses are deliberately prepared and authorized by seasoned experts.

Periodic upgrades to these programs are also planned to keep up with the ever-changing analytics field. One of their key agreements is with Malaysia’s ADAE (Asean Data Analytics Exchange). After completing the course, potential applicants will be offered coaching and support with profile development and interview practice. In addition, AnalytixLabs enables applicants to enroll in a discussion forum using an ILMS or an interactive educational management system.

Jigsaw Academy

Jigsaw Academy has been supported since 2011 by a strong learning emphasis and outside relationships. Manipal Global Education Services now funds the institute.

Jigsaw Academy’s flagship business analytics curriculum, the Data Science Specialization, is available. The course curriculum is primarily led by the novel ‘Catalyst Approach,’ which includes industry-driven contests, case-study lectures, business webinars, live engagement sessions, internships, real projects, and placement programs. This program teaches the basics of machine learning and data science and the critical role of data science, data wrangling, model construction, EDA, and effective insight creation.

Faculty members at this specific university have enormously helpful expertise in the industry. Jigsaw Academy has external partnerships with institutions including Chicago University, SDA Bocconi, IBM, Asian Management Institute, and other well-known businesses like Microsoft, Gramener, HCL, Reliance, Mahindra, Genpact, Societe Generale, WNS, Swiss, GSK, Nokia, Flipkart, and Cognizant. Jigsaw Academy helps place applicants. Additionally, this institute offers banking questions, conducts dummy data science interviews, and hosts live tournaments.


One of India’s premier training centres for data science, Evancer, was established in 2013. The institution provides business analytics, big data, and data science training.

The top online analytics knowledge resource is Edvancer, a collaborative venture of IIT and IIM graduates. Edvancer provides its premier data science curriculum. Both experts and newcomers can benefit from this training. You should be aware that Edvacer’s research course is mainly created to give students essential hands-on skills through several projects and unique case studies. All course materials and videos are accessible as long as a student is enrolled in Edvancer’s premier analytics programme.

Most of Edvancer’s professors are industry experts with 5-10 years of analytical and data science expertise. Edvancer collaborated with Wiley, one of the world’s foremost educational suppliers, to give Hadoop and Big Data certification. Edvancer offers job placement aid to its candidates through its extensive industry network, including Cognizant, TCS, Hansa Cequity, ICICI Lombard, Accenture, Happiest Minds, and HCL, L&T, and Wipro.

IMS Pro School

Data science and analytics is a subject that IMS Pro School provides as part of its flagship business analytics curriculum. Students from India’s top universities, including IITs, IIMs, and ISB, make up most of the teachers at IMS Pro School. In addition, the founders of several start-up companies in the business analytics sector are among the professors at IMS Pro School.

IMS Pro School was started in 2014, and it’s noteworthy that it’s affiliated with MSTB – the Maharashtra government. With over five business analytics consulting companies, IMS Pro School offers strategic alliances for content creation, project implementation, etc.

IMS Pro School assists prospective candidates with placement, resume writing, and interview preparation. In addition, the Q&A and other frequently updated discussion forums are also quickly accessible through this top business analytics institute.

Ivy Professional School

In 2007, Ivy Professional School was founded. One of this institute’s distinguishing aspects is that it supports the notion of “learn now, pay later.” Ivy Technical School provides a data science machine learning certification programme. This program is not only designed for each students but can also teach newcomers and working professionals the fundamentals of data science and machine learning. Excellent dashboards, mathematical modelling, SAS, SQL, VBA, and other skills may be covered in this 200-hour certification programme.

Ivy Professional School trains its pupils using the ‘See-Act-Interpret-Assess’ paradigm. It works with companies including IBM, Accenture, Genpact, Oracle, Accenture, Deloitte, GE, Infosys, and Moody’s. In addition, Ivy Pro has a dedicated career centre team. This organization’s unique job portal analytics assists students in preparing for interviews by providing case studies and simulated interviews.

Final Thoughts

A job in data science is an excellent fit for anybody who enjoys problem-solving, data analysis, evaluation, and managing a large team. There are many job possibilities for data scientists inside and outside of India.

However, a job in data science will eventually be successful if you have a solid understanding of analytical tools, domain, and database administration skills. Make sure you choose the proper employment possibilities. The best business analytics institute is beneficial if you are willing to succeed as a data scientist in your career. Business analysts are in high demand, so it pays to be exceptional at what you do.

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