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Which satellite TV providers features the best services?

Looking for satellite TV providers? Which provider is best to know? Here is a comparison between Dish Network and DirectTV to help you create your own mind.


As far as the rankings go so far, the American Customer Service Index has determined that Dish Network ranks first in customer satisfaction, and DirectTV ranks second.


The Dish Network has 350 satellite television channels, including 200 high definition channels, 112 music channels, 60 Sirius radio channels, and 28 international channels. In addition, they include more than 70 movies per month, 7 sports packages, and more at your local station.

DirectTV has 250 satellite television channels, 160 HD channels, 70 XM satellite radio and sonic tap channels, and 15 international channels. They have 9 sports packages, 60 per-view view movies monthly, and include local channels.

Sports Channel

Dish Network offers 12 sports packages, with monthly payments for the NFL Red Zone starting at 7 months and a one-time payment of $123 for NHL Center Ice.

The directive offers 35 sports packages, of which 28 are in high definition. Prices for their sports packs start at $29.99 per month and the one-time payment for the popular NFL Sunday ticket goes up to  $299.

Satellite television equipment

With the Dish Network, you get a top-of-the-line satellite TV system with satellite dishes, receivers, and plastic remotes. You will have the option to receive a DVR receiver, an HD receiver, or an HD / DVR receiver at no extra charge.

There is usually 1 to 5 days after you purchase their service and installation is free in 6 rooms of your home.

The directive gives you a new satellite TV system and they also give you the option to order a DVR receiver, high definition receiver, or HD / DVR receiver. But to get one you have to buy a higher-priced package than their entry-level package.

Installation is free in about 4 rooms and your installer shows you how to operate your satellite system. The installation time of DirectTV is 1 to 5 business days after you purchase their service.

Support services

Dish Network and DirectTV provide both 24/7 online and telephone customer service. Although you may have to wait a while before answering your email or phone call, once you get through your customer service representative it can usually resolve your issue within minutes.

satellite TV providers features the best services
Satellite TV providers is the best services

The Dish Network Basic Package – America’s Top 120 – Currently 120 TV Channels, 35 Music Channels, HBO, Starz, Cinemax, and 24.99 for Showtime for 3 Months is a family package here Made by 55 channels.

DirectTV’s Basic package is29.99 per month for 140 TV channels, 48   music channels, as well as Showtime, Starz, Cinemax, and HBO for three months.

In short

When comparing the two satellite TV providers, Dish Network is the winner in terms of the best deal between the most TV channels, the most music channels, the most varied, and the best HD and DVR receivers.

The best satellite TV provider – Dish Network or DirectTV?

Want to know if Dish Network or DirectTV is the best satellite TV provider? Which of these offers the best price, best satellite system, maximum channels and best equipment warranty from the supplier is down here.

Good price

The good news is that Dish Network and DirectTV always try to outperform each other in price, so you’ll always get a good deal in satellite TV programming.

Dish Network Programming 120 channels, starting at 24.99 per month for all your local TV channels. These prices include a free 4-room satellite television system and free professional installation. If you want an HD receiver, a DVR receiver, or a combination HD / DVR receiver to record your favorite programs, you can get them for free.

Dish Network is currently running a special offer that gives you 3 free monthly HBOs and showtimes. So for 24.99 per month, you get 120 channels, 14 movie channels, 52 commercial-free radio channels, and a free satellite TV system. Not a bad thing. Directive prices start at  29.99 per month for 150 channels with all your local channels. This price includes a free 4-room satellite system and free professional installation. 

DirectTV is currently running a special offer that gives you 3 months of free showtime and stares. This means every month. At. 29.99 you get 150 channels, 13 movie channels, 47 satellites Get radio channels, and a free satellite system.

The best satellite TV system

Dish Network’s satellite TV system is the state of the art. With their system, you get an all-weather dish, a 4 room receiver, and up to 4 remote controls.

Their system includes an on-screen electronic program guide that gives you a list of programs, parental control locks that prevent your kids from watching inappropriate television programs, and interactive TV that breaks news, sports, weather, games, and customer service.

The system of DirectTV is also state of the art. With their system, you get an on-screen guide, parental control locks, and multiple channel capabilities that let you watch multiple channels at once.

Most channels

Dish Network currently has more than 350 satellite channels, including 31 movie channels, 99 music channels, 24 international channels, 75 viewing movies per month, and more than 120 HD channels. DirectTV has more than 265 satellite channels including 31 movie channels, satellite 3 XM satellite radio channels, 600 movies per month view, more than 130 HD channels, and 14 international channels.

Best customer service

Dish Network and Directive both provide 24-hour, 7-day customer service online or over the phone for free.

Best warranty

Both companies offer a warranty plan that pays for service calls and equipment replacements. They both charge 6 a month for these services and if you have to replace a 250 receiver or pay for a $50 service call, it’s worth it.

Bottom line


Dish Network has the most channels, best prices, and more user-friendly satellite systems. So Dish Network is your best bet if you are looking for the most channels and the easiest to use for the least amount of money. DirectTV has the most sports program packages and a few more HD channels than Dish Network, so if you are a sports fan and want to watch your sport on high sport, DirectTV is the best provider for you.

Satellite TV Provider – Compares DISH Network and DirectTV


Want to get the best satellite television programs and the best service for the least money? Here is a review and comparison of two satellite TV providers – DISH Network and DirectTV – so you can make up your own mind.

Satellite TV providers features the best services
Satellite TV providers is the best services


There are a few things you might want to consider before signing up for a Satellite TV service. 

Programming fee.

 For. 24.99 a month you can buy DISH Network entry-level packages, Top 120 packs. It has more than 190 program channels, 35 music channels and you will get 3 months’ of showtime as well as HBO. Every month. For 29.99, you can get 140 program channels and 48 satellite radio stations in DirectTV’s entry-level package – Choice Pak.

Local station.

 These two satellite providers broadcast for free on local television channels.

Available Programming Available.

 The DISH Network has 75 viewing movies per month and they make $3.99 per movie. DirectTV has 60 maintenance movies per month and charges 3.99 per movie. Charges for specific pay-per-view events such as per-view events vary depending on the event

Available Packages Available.

 The DISH Network has 21 international program packages, 7 sporting event packages, and 7 adult packages. The directive offers 15 international program packages, including 7 adult packages, 9 sports event packages. Fees for both supplier’s packages depend on the package you ordered.

Installation fee.

Both satellite TV providers will install your new satellite television system for free after purchasing their new program package. The DISH network will install it in about 6 rooms and DirectTV will install it in up to 4 rooms. Your installer will also display the activity on your new system.

The receivers are being upgraded. 

Through the DISH network, you will be able to upgrade their standard receiver to a high-definition receiver, DVR receiver, or any combination HD / DVR receiver for free. You will need to get more expensive packages to be able to upgrade your receiver to HD, DVR, or HD / DVR receiver with DirectTV.

International programming.

 The DISH Network currently has 26 foreign channels, but DirectTV has 15 foreign program channels. Foreign channels include Chinese channels from Spanish and Italian channels to Japanese. Fees vary according to the actual channel.

Service price. 

Both of these service providers give you 24-hour, seven-day-a-week customer support services via phone as well as email.

Click on the links on the website below to compare satellite TV providers and find out where you can get the best deals on satellite television services.

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