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Why‌ ‌You‌ ‌Should‌ ‌Embed‌ ‌Social Media Feeds ‌On‌ ‌ Your‌ ‌Website‌

The dominance of social media feeds is known commonly, and marketers are enjoying its benefits for as long as we can remember. The key to every successful business has become to build a solid social presence.

Marketers keep coming up with many social media marketing strategies to improve brands’ conversions, and embedding the social feed on the website has proven to be a successful one.

Yes! Simply collecting content from social media, curating it, and embedding it on the website can bring endless benefits to your brand. Wondering how?

Here are some benefits of embedding social media feeds on your website to understand why you need them and how effective they can be for your brand.

What Are The Benefits?

#1 A Growing Social Influence

Your number of followers speaks a lot about how impactful your social media strategy is and vice-a-versa. The idea of embedding a social media feed on your website means you’re merging your social presence with your digital existence. 

When you display engaging content from different social media platforms as social media feeds on your website, the visitors come across it, engage with it, and become aware of your social presence. 

It drives more traffic to your social media accounts, which results in the growth of the number of followers on those social media accounts. As a result, your social presence and brand awareness are enhanced. 

#2 Build Engagement And Boost Reach

People love social media content, and when you embed social media posts on your website, it makes your website attractive, and people are more likely to engage with it and stay on your website longer. 

These social media feeds allow visitors to explore your social media content, like, comment, and share it with their followers while staying on the website, increasing your website’s dwell time. They are even navigated to your social media profiles to like and share or comment on your posts.

When your engagement increases and your visitors increase, your website is more likely to come in the top search results every time someone searches for something related to your website or your posts. It boosts your organic reach and brings many SEO benefits. 

#3 Builds Social Proof

There are many ways to create social proof for your brand, but the most prominent one has to be Influencer marketing, where you can influence your target audience into investing in your brand. 

Since 90% of social media users follow Influencers and most of the users look up to them before making buying decisions, this is an effective strategy. Start by choosing a content creator who has an audience similar to your target audience. By doing so, you are ensuring maximum outcome from your investment. 

You can post their content on social media and embed those posts on your website, you influence your website visitors when they recognize the influencer, and it also builds social proof for your brand.

#4 Makes Your Website More Attractive

We all love scrolling through social media, so it is an undeniable fact that embedding social media feeds on your website will always keep your visitors hooked. Embed social media feed to your website to make it look more pleasant and attractive. 

You can choose visual content platforms like Instagram and Pinterest to embed vibrant social media content galleries. People are visual beings, and it is the perfect way to captivate their attention.

Improve your website’s presentation by enhancing the user’s interaction with the website. It encourages your visitors to stay longer on your website. It is nearly the attractive visuals that can increase your website’s dwell time and decrease bounce rates.

#5 Display Content Collected From Your Customers

Before buying or investing in anything online, reviews or real-life experiences are the foremost things we seek. That’s why user-generated content has become a very successful tool for social media marketing. It targets potential audiences who prefer seeing real-life experiences with products.

Expressing views about brands, events, or campaigns has become a trend among users. They post content like images, videos, feedback, or comments, utilized by brands on their website as embedded social feed to build brand trust among website visitors and encourage them to make positive purchase decisions.

Not just that, it also encourages more customers to talk about the brand and post similar content, improving your social media presence.

#6 Increases Your Visitor’s Scroll Time On The Website

When the visitors find the content on your website attractive, they tend to stay longer and visit again. Therefore, embed social media content that would captivate the visitors and demand them to stay longer.

The world is moving fast, and people have minimum patience. When visitors don’t find your content relevant, they will, most certainly, switch to another website. Therefore, your website must have a meaningful and engaging activity to make the visitor stay longer. 

Like an embedded social media feed, which would encourage them to scroll more, explore your social media while staying on the website, engage with it, share it among their friends, and followers. When all this can happen on your website, why would they want to go anywhere else?

#7 Enhances The Conversion Rates

If you wish to grow your business online, embedding social media content on your website can benefit you. No matter even if your business is e-commerce or an informational blog.

When you have an e-commerce website and embed a user-generated content feed on the website, it becomes easier for the visitors to make purchasing decisions; as they see your customers’ real-life experiences with your product. 

To take this to the next level, you can embed user-generated content for each product on the product’s page. It acts as a trust factor for the visitors and gives a positive direction to the conversion rates; it increases your sales and the online business growth.

#8 Organize Hashtag Contests

Organizing hashtag contests is not a new concept many brands have been using to attract the target audience and improve their social media presence. Although this has primarily been a social media marketing strategy, bringing it to your website visitors can bring in many benefits.

Organize a hashtag contest using a unique hashtag, use social media aggregator content to collect all the UGC. These aggregators provide moderation filters to filter out irrelevant content to create a gallery of rich content.

Embed these hashtag contest posts on your website. By doing so, you are creating social proof for your website visitors, encouraging them to participate, building brand trust, and increasing your social media presence.

Over To You

Social media comes with an abundance of benefits to captivate your target audience. Leverage benefits like reduced bounce rates, improved conversion rates, increased dwell time, boost engagement, generate leads, etc. You can also monitor your competitor’s audience to understand better what is trending among them.

Businesses can embed social media content like UGC, influencer content, and their social media feed on the brand’s website. The embedded social media feed can be customized and moderated to meet the brand’s requirements. Thus, provide the best and most vibrant quality content to the website visitors.

The advantages of embedding a social media feed are endless, some of which we mentioned above. So there is no reason why you should not try the interactive social media feeds. Enhance your social media marketing strategy by including social media feeds in it.

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