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Why are UAE’s People Love Cars So Much? – History You Should Know

We all know that most of the world-class cars are being found on the streets of Dubai. The question that hits everyone’s mind is that, is Dubai the richest country? Or how come the public of Dubai arrange money to buy these luxury expensive cars? Does the sports car hire Dubai to provide its sports cars at a very cheaper cost?

Talking about today, Dubai city has grown into a paradise for luxury cars. Below are the reasons in which you may find the answers to the above questions and you may solve your curiosity.

In most countries, there is a stereotype that using second-hand cars may not be a profitable deal. But in Dubai, people have broken this stereotype and most of the people buy second hand or used cars. The rich people directly buy expensive sports cars from sports car hire Dubai. The rich people keep on changing the car within a maximum of one to two years and the middle-class people in UAE don’t hesitate to buy the used car that too at a very cheaper cost than the original price of the brand new car.

  • Car loans

In the UAE, you can get a car loan at an affordable interest rate. You can repay the loan of the car within four to five years. With such provisions in the UAE, it is very easy for a middle-class man to own a luxury car. This is the most important reason for the many sports cars in the UAE.

Even the sports car hire Dubai provides certain EMIs and installment payments at a very affordable cost hence a middle-class car lover can buy a sports car in the UAE.

  • White-collar jobs in UAE

The white-collar jobs in UAE like clerk, officer, etc have a very high income in UAE as compared to other countries. UAE is a very rich country and also provides a high amount of salaries to the employees. Hence even a common man in the UAE can afford a luxury sports car and expensive cars. This might be the reason that the business of the sports car hire Dubai is growing day by day in UAE. As many people or almost every person in the UAE are buying luxury cars this is the reason behind the growth of the car hire business in Dubai.

  • Low tax rates

In the UAE there is no income tax that the people living there no need to pay to the government. In UAE even VAT is very low i.e. at the most five percent. Hence, the overall income which the public of Dubai earns is spent by themselves. Hence the income left over them is much more than the income left by the people in other countries. Hence, even this reason that we find most of the luxurious cars on the roads of Dubai.

  • Affordable Insurance

In most of the countries, the prices of insuring you a car may differ i.e. if you are buying a sports car then the insurance cost of a sports car will be very high than the price of insuring a normal car. But in the UAE, The insurance rate of a luxury car is comparatively lower than in other countries. Hence this is the reason behind the luxury cars to be bought here. In other countries, you may not get the vehicles at the same price as Europe and North America.

  • Petrol is cheap

In the UAE, the rates of petrol and diesel are very cheap as compared to other countries. UAE has many petroleum mines, the products of which they often export to other countries. This might be another reason that sports cars with very low averages are being seen on the roads of UAE. In many of the countries, most of the people do not buy luxurious sports cars due to their very low average as petrol in other countries is not as cheaper as UAE. Hence people have to think about the cost of petrol in other countries.

  • The arena in UAE

The arena or the road in UAE are in such a way that might thrill you by driving luxurious sports cars through such roads. This is one of the most important reasons for people being fond of luxurious sports cars. As most of the country does not have the particular roads to drive such luxurious sports cars. But the people in the UAE have these kinds of roads in their country which suits the luxury sports car. Khor Fakkan in Sharjah (UAE) is one of the examples of the best roads in the UAE.

  • Rental

The sports car hire Dubai also provides the service to sell the cars on rent. The renting car business in the UAE has reached its peak. Many of the people who cannot afford a luxury sports car in UAE tend to buy on rent as stated in the previous point that the roads in UAE are in such a way that they provide thrill in driving the luxurious sports cars on them. Hence the middle-class people who cannot afford a luxury car, sometimes hire on rent to cruise on the ultimate roads of UAE. This is the reason why the people of Dubai love cars so much.

  • No car thefts

Unlike other countries, in most of the places the cars are not safe, that is there is the fear of robbery of such cars or there is fear that someone would harm such cars. But in UAE people live with a standard of living and focus on their property.


By going through the above questions you might get clear with the question that why people of the UAE love cars the most?

The people of UAE had shown their interest in the car. In such a way that on the current day their are many car museums in the UAE. These museums like Emirates national auto museum, Sharjah classic museum makes the UAE the most car loving country in the world.

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