Why Do All My Teeth Need Root Canal Treatment in Dubai?


Looking after your teeth is a long-term investment. It requires very little time and provides peace in terms of Dental health. However, many a time, due to laziness, we fail to maintain good oral hygiene. We are bound to face consequences. You visit a Dentist and he/she advises you to undergo tooth therapy. You are feeling major discomfort in your mouth. And you wonder Why Do All My Teeth Need Root Canal Treatment in Dubai?.  Well, a Root Canal is a long-term retention in the teeth. It allows the tooth to live its second life. Which would otherwise be extracted due to damage. Root Canal therapy is generally a gentle treatment that can rescue your teeth. And keep your mouth healthy.

What are the indications of needing a Root Canal?

If you feel any increased sensitivity. Whether you are eating or drinking any hot or cold beverages. Or hot or cold food. You feel a spontaneous toothache. It is a warning to get a dental check-up before it is too late. Any swelling on the gum may indicate bacteria on the loose too. 

What is a Root Canal? 

A Root Canal is a healing therapy for a sick tooth. It works under the white enamel of the tooth. There is a hard tissue inside, known as the Dentin. Inside Dentin, there is another softer tissue which is known as a Pulp. this pulp contains the tooth’s nerve system and the blood vessels. If the pulp is inflamed or infected, this is where the problem is. The orthodontist carefully drills inside the tooth and disinfects the area. After filling the tooth again, the expert will seal it to prevent any future damage. 

What circumstances can lead you to a Root Canal?

We have gathered some common and most likely to cause symptoms for you. If you encounter any of these, it is a sign. You need a Root Canal.

If you have a minor sensitivity and it doesn’t last long. Of course, first warning signs do not mean you need a Root Canal immediately. Gradually with time, minor sensitivity builds up. Or minor gum recession takes place. If you sense sharp pain when biting, the pulp or tissue inside the tooth could be damaged. This requires the tooth to go through a Root Canal. 

Or the pulp develops irreversible or physical damage. See your Orthodontist to save the tooth. Abscess is an infection in or around the root of the tooth. It may or may not be painful. May it occurs when the pulp dies. It is found near the surrounding tissues and makes the pulp to become inflamed. But the good news is, it can be treated. The common symptom is an ache in the bone of the tooth. You experience pain to chewing too. In such a case scenario, only a Dentist can provide help by curing the tooth.

How does Root Canal work?

This is what you need to know about a Root Canal procedure;


When additional and essential check-ups are being held, the Dentist will also check the pulp of the tooth with a pulp tester. This is to detect any hot or cold sensitivity. Also, lightly tapping the tooth surface is also tested for possible reactions. As well as any discoloration on the teeth or pressing on the gums to check for pain. If tested positive, instant care is provided.

What happens if you do not get a Root Canal?

A Root Canal can be your last chance of saving the decayed tooth. A Dentist recommends a Root Canal when the pulp of a tooth becomes infected or dies. Root Canal therapy is necessary to save the tooth. The pulp is the soft tissue. Which is made up of nerves and vessels. It is contained in the pulp chamber. This extends from the middle of the tooth, down through the canal of the tooth. If this area becomes infected, it means bacteria have invaded the pulp tissue of your tooth. 

This invasion of bacteria is what’s known as a deep cavity. The bacteria travel through the enamel wall and enter the dental layers of the tooth. So what happens is that; a tooth fracture takes place. This hurts a lot. You know the pain. We have all been there! And by the time we realize we have an infected tooth. Throbbing and severe toothache have got us arrested. And just when we think to ourselves, what could possibly even go worst than this? The gums start to swell as well. You suddenly develop a bad taste in the mouth too. This is probably because of the abscess. The bacteria eat the tooth inside and out. And before you know it, you are on the edge of losing a tooth. A lost tooth means an empty space.

How to prevent a Root Canal treatment?

Very rarely does life ever give us second chances. The same goes for teeth too. Nature designed humans to make teeth installations twice. As young kids, we lose our baby teeth. Even if the cavity had taken over, it was not a bigger deal. But, once we re-grow the new teeth, it is very important to look after them. Brushing twice daily, day and night. Dentists recommend brushing your teeth after every meal too. Flossing is also very important because any remaining food particle can cause bacteria. And we have already learned how bacteria is a dead end. To prevent a Root Canal, you should visit your dentist at least once a year. 


Root Canal has rescued your tooth. It is very crucial to look after the health of your teeth. You are advised to;


There are numerous benefits to getting a Root Canal treatment in Dubai;

Cost of the Treatment

The average cost of Root Canal treatment in Dubai varies from patient to patient. However, the rough estimate of the treatment ranges from AED 2000 to AED 5000

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