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Computers and Technology

Why FPV drone don’t get broken during combat?

If FPV drone soccer Malaysia doesn’t sound familiar to you, you most probably don’t keep up with the latest updates in drone industry. While many think that drone is just a flying device that takes aerial photos, tech-savvies proved in recent years that it can be used in many other innovative ways. Drone soccer is a competitive yet funny sport where drones take part in fascinating aerial battles where they try to score more points than opponents. The sport gained incredible popularity in Malaysia after 2015, being a go-to entertainment for youth and even adults. 

Along with the South-Asian country, drone soccer is also widely practiced in South Korea, United Kingdom and Japan. Continue reading to know more about the rules of this new sport, equipment and how it develops in Malaysia.

How to play FPV drone soccer Malaysia?

If you visit Malaysia, be ready to receive a proposal from your friends to play a drone soccer game. If you have no idea what is it about, we are here to help you understand how this game is played.

Well. drone soccer is a battle between two teams that takes place on an air arena. The drones from each team have to go through a circle that hangs three meters above the ground, collecting as many points as possible. Similarly to a soccer game, teams have to defend their goal and try to push away and dribble the opponents on their way to scoring points. The game is highly competitive and captivating, as it involves much contact and combat between drones.

The drones are piloted from the ground by players who can be either tech-savvies or just amateurs who want to try this crazy sport for fun. Everyone is welcome to participate in these drone battles. If you are new to drones, you can go to a training session before the game, which in Malaysia is available in some malls that have arenas for this type of recreational activity, such as Sunway Nexis.

Why drones don’t get broken during combat?

The aircrafts involved in a drone soccer game are encased in a guard shell that has the role of protecting the motor, frame and blades from impacts. The shells are decorated with LEDs of all colors that make you feel like watching a light spectacle accompanied by upbeat electroning music that gets louder which each point scored by one of the teams. The most popualar brand of soccer drones is Striker, which is produced in South Korea and is used in all drone soccer competitions around the world.

More about Striker

The shell of striker is made of synthetic carbon that provides impressive durability and absorbs shocks from impacts. While being durable, the shell doesn’t add much weight to the structure. It is lightweight enough to allow the drone pick up height fast, move at a high speed and be incredibly maneuverable, avoiding furious opponent drones at ease.

Striker is equipped with four powerful motors and agile propellers that come to compensate for the additional weight provided by the shell. Along with that, the package includes a radio controller whose fast signal transmission helps the drone respond to the pilot’s commands immediatelly. The controller is convenient to use allowing for a firm grip and easy reach to all buttons. Moreover, the controls are not sophisticated, featuring just two sticks for moving forwards or backwards, turning left or right and taking off or landing.

Who becomes the winner?

As in any soccer game, the team that scores more points becomes the winner in a drone soccer battle. While real soccer players have to score the ball in the net, in drone soccer, the planes have to go themselves through the circle that is a little larger than the size of the shell where the vehicle is incorporated.

How popular is FPV drone soccer in Malaysia?

To understand how developed is this game in Malaysia, you only have to know that from four drone soccer teams existing in the world by 2015, one of them was from Malaysia. As of 2020, this sport achieved even more popularity in this country, leading to the opening of arenas in malls, such as the one from Sunway Nevis, where people can come and enjoy their free time with this amazing sport. If you want to start practicing this sport, you can go on and check for the availability of Drone Soccer. 

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