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Computers and Technology

Why I am Not getting my emails?

Email is a crucial part of everyone’s life; it doesn’t matter whether you are a student or an employee, in today’s world everyone will be having their own email account. Assume, on a busy day you have some mandatory job to do but unfortunately, you do not receiving emails. How will you feel? It’s very irritating even to think, right?

But we have heard people saying, ‘my gmail is not receiving emails’. We are here to help you with the same when you face this issue. 

Reasons for Not Receiving Emails:


It might be even because of your browser you may not be getting any mail. If there is any error in your browser, try opening it from some other browser on the same device. If your mail is received then it is due to the error on your browser. If not received, have a look at other methods. 

Apps in your device:

Your antivirus firewalls, filters or even your insufficient account storage may prevent your account from getting mails. So to fix issues like this if you have apps/software similar to antivirus you have to turn it off temporarily. 

In case of insufficient storage, you can delete all those apps and media that are unnecessary from your device.

Also, look at your filters, your mail that you have been searching for may be there. 

Not an instant messenger:

Email is not an instant messenger, it may take a little more time; so it is advisable to wait for a little more time and receive the mail.

If you want to know what instant messaging is, it will help you to send or receive messages within a second. 

Good strength of internet connection is mandatory:

Check your internet connection, even when you have poor internet strength you will not receive emails. Remember that gmail not receiving emails can be due to even reasons like this.

In case, if you are using WiFi, then ensure to do a speed test without fail because to look it may look like your internet strength is good but in reality, it will not be so. Hence, we recommend you to do a speed test in the device you are using.  

Sender to check the following:

You may not be receiving mail even if the sender has entered your email address incorrectly or the sender has forgotten to send you the mail. It will be in their draft messages. 

Beware of attachments:

Another thing that the sender has to remember is that even their attachments can prevent the receiver from receiving the mail. When documents consist of macros in them, it will block the mail for some good reason for the receiver to stop their device from malware or viruses. 

Check blocked users:

You can even try looking at your block list since users may block the important mails unknowingly.

If your gmail not working issue is not fixed after trying all the above-said methods, we will recommend you to visit this blog Ityug247 who can even assist you with technical tips. 

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