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Why Is Launching An Airbnb Clone Now The Key For Reaching Unexpected Heights?

After being confined to their homes for months, people yearn to travel to new locations and explore. As a result, the travel and tourism business is predicted to boom in the future years. Take advantage of this opportunity to grow your business by launching an Airbnb clone app.

A short perusal of Airbnb

Airbnb is a popular accommodation service based in the United States with a large customer base. Airbnb does not own homes; instead, they partner with hotels in different parts of the world to provide a platform that connects tourists with lodgings.

What is the difference between an Airbnb clone and a genuine Airbnb clone?

The Airbnb clone is a ready-to-use online hotel booking app that has all of the same features and functionalities as the original. Because it is completely customisable, you may tailor the app to your specific business needs. You may add more features and publish an app that exceeds your expectations with the help of a reputable app development firm.

Airbnb clone workflow

  • Users can sign in as a guest and explore through the app after downloading it from various app distribution channels.
  • The user must first register on the platform before making a reservation. Users can log in quickly utilizing a variety of sign-up methods, such as using their email address, phone number, or other social network credentials.
  • Users can create a profile by adding needed information such as their name, contact information, and so on.
  • The host, on the other side, can list their property by providing important information such as property type, location, images, and pricing.
  • Users can search for and select a hotel in their desired location by using the advanced filtering and search options.
  • After then, users can make a request to the host and wait for a response. This immediately alerts the host.
  • The hosts might accept or reject the request depending on the availability of the rooms.
  • Once the booking has been confirmed, users can pay for their hotel stay using the app’s different payment options.
  • Users can go directly to the hotel on the check-in date and enjoy a pleasant stay.

Airbnb clone must-have characteristics

The app’s features affect whether or not a user’s interest in your app is maintained. As a result, it’s critical to incorporate the elements that can give users a smooth hotel room booking experience. Some of the most important characteristics are listed below.

Filter and search options that are robust

If there isn’t a search bar, it’s easy to become lost among thousands of alternatives. As a result, it’s critical to include an advanced filtering and search option that returns-optimized search results based on the parameters you specify.


It is possible that the user will be interested in a hotel room for a future trip and will need to bookmark it. The hotel room information is saved for future reference by adding it to the wishlist. The user can skip the search process and go straight to their preferred hotel room.

Chatting within the app

Users can contact the hotel directly through the app using the chat or call capabilities for further information. This gives the user a pleasurable booking experience.

Calculator of Prices

The cost calculator provides a rough estimate of the cost of the stay. The user must enter the check-in and check-out dates and the estimated cost must be calculated.

There are numerous payment options available.

Multiple payment channels connected into your platform should be available to your users. Users can select their preferred payment method and make safe payments instantaneously.

Cancellation of Reservation

Users can easily cancel their reservations within the time frame if their plans change. The consumer can get a full refund if they cancel before the deadline.

Notifications through push

It’s critical to keep your app’s users interested. Send consistent push alerts regarding all app activity, discounts, and so on in order to do this.

History of reservations

The booking history allows users to examine and manage their reservations at any time. All of the information regarding prior bookings is saved here.

Earn money by referring others.

Users who refer their friends and family to the program will receive additional benefits. The referred user receives prizes and incentives for each successful login of a new user using the referral code.

Reviews and ratings

Users can provide ratings and reviews on the app after each successful booking about their experience with the app and the hotel room. This provides information for future users to consider.

Model based on commissions

The hotels pay a fixed percentage of commission to the app for each booking made through the app. This ensures that the app has a consistent source of revenue.

Fee for listing

For their name to be displayed on the app, hotels must pay a listing charge. This is a one-time cost that hotels must pay when they first sign up for the platform.

Listings that have been highlighted

Hotels can subscribe to highlighted listings to have their names appear at the top of the list. The most popular names are likely to attract consumers’ attention fast. The featured listings can be subscribed to on a monthly or yearly basis by the hotels.


Display adverts from third-party companies in the banner space of your Airbnb clone app. You can earn money in this manner without having to work hard.

Subscription to the Premium Service

All of the standard features are available to all users. With a premium subscription, the user has access to many of the app’s sophisticated capabilities as well as some additional perks.

Recently, vacation rental platforms have grown in popularity. Travelers, business travelers, vacationers, and other globetrotters are already reserving accommodations directly on the websites. So, does this imply that they are booking hotel rooms or suites? No, it is not correct.

They are making reservations for public lodgings. They, the property owners, post their spare properties or spaces for rent on a vacation rentals website. Interested travelers make reservations and look for lodging. However, such websites serve as a meeting point for people looking for a place to stay, or guests, and property owners, or hosts.

Is it difficult to launch a two-sided marketplace?

These holiday rental marketplaces are recognized for being two-sided. Take, for example, Airbnb clone script, the most popular housing aggregator. There are both guests and hosts, therefore it’s a two-sided marketplace like Airbnb. The fact that Airbnb has solved the chicken-and-egg conundrum is the key to its success. This refers to who has to arrive first on the site, whether a property owner or a traveler looking for a place to stay.

They complement each other. Without the other, neither can survive. If only property owners access the site, it is pointless to have it at all. In that case, establishing a vacation rentals portal as an entrepreneur will be impossible.

Airbnb has solved the’supply and demand’ problem by using liquidity hacking and creating fictional accounts.

The so-called chicken-and-egg dilemma, on the other hand, only emerges after you, as an entrepreneur, have launched a flawless website. To build such a website, you’ll need to consider a few important things.

Things you’ll need to start a two-sided marketplace like Airbnb

The software you use to create your vacation rental website must be carefully chosen. It is impossible to overlook the importance of selecting high-quality software. Airbnb software, which create with Airbnb in mind, will be great. It’s a clone of Airbnb, but it’s one-of-a-kind and built from the ground up, combining the best of technologies.

Second, the program must include the most advanced features that can improve usability, user experience, and, most importantly, trust. Always keep in mind that a reliable marketplace is always in demand. Some of the characteristics that contribute to increased confidence include feedback to hosts and guests, a dispute management system, property reviews, and verified properties.

Apart from that, having an SEO strategy built into the software aids in reaching a wider audience for your online vacation rentals website.

However, all of the aforementioned factors, such as appropriate software and the ability to customize, could prove to be game-changing.


Given current trends and the growing number of tourists, it’s clear that creating an Airbnb clone can help you succeed in your entrepreneurial endeavors. When you deploy a scalable solution, you’ll be able to grow your app in the future if it becomes really popular.

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