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Why limit screen time to live a healthy life?

If you’ve ever wondered whether spending all that time on smartphones, computers, watching television or gaming would affect your eye health, the answer is a resounding yes. Addiction to digital devices not only affects your eye health but also reduces interaction with your family.

If you cut off-screen time from your kid’s life and their eye, they’ll have more time for reading and playing outdoor sports which helps in their mental and physical growth. Even studies show that cutting down your kid’s screen time can bring a positive change in their behaviour and well-being. If you don’t know how screen time is bad for your child’s health, this blog will give you some crucial insights. 

Why is screen time bad?

Research has shown that children spend more time on devices than any other activity. On average, children spend 7 hours each day staring at a bright screen. Using electronic media devices way too much has been linked with poor academic performance, not getting enough sleep and dry eyes.

Screen time is not good for kids’ eyes. If you don’t encourage them to use blue light blocking glasses, there are so many things that can happen to their developing ocular system. 

Why should you limit screen time? – Eye Strain

Cutting down screen time is good for your kid’s eye. You may not see the results right away but the benefits will become evident over time. Monitor your child’s screen time and see the positive changes it leads to. Less screen time is filled with a world of health benefits. 

But, it’s necessary that you keep a check on your screen time too as it’s as bad for you as it’s for your kid. So make sure that your reading glasses or varifocal glasses have a blue light filter on the lenses. Also, try to cut down your screen time as much as possible. And by doing so, you’ll be setting an example for your little one about how much is too much. 

How to lower your kid’s screen time?

Kids are fussy and stubborn. You can’t sit them and educate them about the harms of using electronic devices for too long. They’ll get bored and might not even listen to you. Your job is to be a smart parent and use ways that lead to expected results. 

No tech in the bedroom

If your child has a TV or laptop in their room, you may not even realize when they’re using it. You’ll think that they are sleeping peacefully in their room, but for all you know, they might be watching their favourite cartoon or using social media.

It becomes difficult to keep tabs on your child’s screen time when they have access to devices in their room. Thus, make sure that your kid doesn’t have access to these devices in their room. Have them put somewhere else, for instance in your bedroom or the living room. 

Learn what your child watches on the screen

Rather than grounding your kids for using smartphones at night, sit with them and watch what they’re watching. You must also discuss the content viewed critically. It’s literally one of the best ways to keep a check on your child’s screen time habits. 

However, don’t come across as too pushy or interrupting. Make the conversation fun and informative for your kids. 

Discuss technology

Discussing technology, what’s new and what are the consequences of overusing it is still a smart way to pull your child away from the screens. Again, you don’t have to sit them and educate them. But, keep it natural and fun. 

Make technology a common topic of discussion at your home. Tell your kids about your experiences with technology – the good, the bad and the ugly. It will give them a little idea of what they shouldn’t do to make the screen time fun and safer. 

Encourage outdoor play

Spending hours on computers or laptops can lead to bad posture in your kids. By encouraging outdoor play, you can make sure that your child’s body posture remains correct. Moreover, outdoor activities are crucial for their physical development as well. 

But, don’t let your kids play without sunglasses during daylight. Overexposure to the sun might also bring some vision-related problems. So, make sure your kids use sunglasses. And if they already wear prescription specs, you can get them transition or reaction glasses.

Know what you’re talking about

When you start to discuss technology with your children, it may turn out that they know way more about it than you do. You need to catch up with their tech knowledge if you want to manage their screen time effectively. 

There are so many types of games out there. Find out which one your kid is watching. If they are playing those violent games, the same thing may start to reflect in their behaviour. When your child is spending so much time on these devices, they are most probably going to learn something from what they’re viewing online.  

When you know about the social platforms they use or what they indulge in during screen time, you’ll be able to cut down the negative impact of screen time on their mental well-being. If you’re going to discuss technology with your kids, you should know better and more than them to make them listen to you. 

Encourage Reading

Instead of buying your kids games, you should focus more on buying them books. Directing your child’s attention to books will take their mind off of social media or gaming. Make sure the books are up to their taste and interest. You want to make reading fun and exciting for your kids.

It’ your job to take care of your kid’s health and screen time habits. Being a responsible parent, make sure you have a close look at your kid’s screen time and what they are watching and doing online. Don’t be too interrupting as your child may not like it. 

Why invest in blue light blocking glasses?

Sometimes we can’t limit screen time because of some reason. Here, the use of blue light blocking glasses is necessary. These glasses block the harmful lights coming from electronic gadgets and keeps our eyes safe and healthy. We all know kids are carefree and they never listen to the things they are told to do. A kid’s health is very important and so is their eye health. We should take preventive measures to keep their eyesight healthy. 

Blue light glasses are very helpful for everyone and especially for all those tech-savvy kids playing video games for a long time. These glasses even reduce glare and help you see clearly. These glasses are particularly designed in a way to keep our eyes safe and healthy. 

In most circumstances, we can not limit screen time but we can at least protect our eyes from the harmful effects of blue light by using blue light glasses. 


Thus, we can’t eliminate the screen completely but we can take some measures to reduce the effects of the screen on our eyes. We should reduce the screen time as much as we can by implementing the above steps. Blue light glasses are the wiser choice but it doesn’t mean that we can use the screen gadgets all day long as screens not only impact eye health but impact the brain as well. 

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