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Why Stickers for Packaging Are Important For Candle Businesses?

You are a candle manufacturer making the best-scented candles all over Australia. You made a premium-quality candle, designed it perfectly, and got custom candle packaging.

But wait! Something’s missing…

Let me tell you what, the Candle Stickers.

Custom Candle labels and stickers are as important as anything else in a candle. They are an integral part of your packaging and your product.

Stickers and labels along with adding beauty to the product, carry information that the customer wants to know. Candles are sometimes expensive, so the customer needs to know what he is paying for. Candle Labels always hold this information for the customer.

Here are a few prominent reasons why stickers for packaging are essential for candle manufacturers and businesses.

Candle Sticker

Reasons to Have Custom Candle Stickers:

Custom Candle Stickers and custom labels are important. Here are a few reasons why;

  1. They carry the essential information about the candle.
  2. They add beauty to your candles.
  3. Help differentiate your brand from the competition.
  4. Better when you have multiple product options like candles with different scents.

These are some great reasons to use custom candle labels and stickers. Let’s dive into how these impact your candle sales.

Provide Important Information:

Customised candle stickers and labels help you provide the information that the customer needs.

Custom Candle labels carry all information about the ingredients used, instructions, features, and more information that you wish to highlight about your product.

Custom Stickers for Candles help you highlight the most important features of your candles, like the scent or product certifications.

By putting this information on your candles using custom candle labels and stickers for packaging, you build the customer’s trust in your product. Once the customer trusts your product, he will purchase it.

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Add Some Beauty:

Candle stickers help you add some more beauty to your product packaging. Those shiny little stickers can catch the customer’s attention from a distance.

A beautifully designed sticker can add beauty as well as detail to your packaging or your product itself. For example, if you sell decorative candles, you can put a sticker that shows a room with your candle in it.

You can create some ideas and decorate your stickers to add an extra sense of decoration to your candles. This attracts the customer and may also play an important role in making the customer purchase your product.

Candle Sticker

Stand-Out from The Competition:

Custom candle stickers and labels can help you stand out from the competition. They can help people differentiate your brand from the rest of them out there.

Imagine this. There are two products sitting side by side on a rack. Now one of them only has simple packaging and no additional information, while the other has shiny stickers with all the essential details and certifications mentioned. Which product do you think the customer would purchase?

Make your candle the one the customer purchases when walking through the aisle with multiple candles. Using stickers, you can influence the customer’s decision and make him choose your product over the competition.

Describe Your Product Options:

Stickers for packaging always help with differentiating multiple product options. For example, if you have three candles with the same name but different scents, you cannot go on and make custom packaging for all three. The process would cost a lot.

The more convenient and cost-effective way would be to add custom candle stickers on all three products with the scent name. This way, you can save money while effectively letting the customer know what scent he is purchasing.

Custom candle labels and stickers are a cost-effective and convenient way if you have multiple products that you need to differentiate for the customer.

Different Materials to Use For Candle Stickers:

There are a few different options to choose from when it comes to choosing the material for your custom candle labels. Some of these include:

  • Eco-Friendly Materials:

    You can use recycled paper candle labels or kraft paper candle labels as they are both eco-friendly.

  • Premium Paper Material:

    Have a premium candle? Use premium paper material to make stickers for packaging. You can choose textured paper or golden paper to achieve this.

  • White Paper Material:

    The white paper is a great material for labels. Along with being affordable, it can enhance the colours of your packaging. You can add a premium look by giving your labels a matt finish or gloss finish.

  • Transparent Material:

    A transparent material like clear plastic can be a great fit for your product. They do not distract attention from your candle container. They just add a layer of beauty and detail to the container. With a matt or gloss finish, your label can become a great detail to your candle container.

  • Plastic Candle Stickers:

    These labels are durable and waterproof. Plastic stickers can be great for your candles if you are looking to add a sense of durability to your product. Get them in full colour with a matt or gloss finish to add beauty to your product.

These are some materials that you can use to make the perfect candle labels. Want to use some other material? Let us know and we will see if we can make a sticker for you.

Candle Sticker

Get Your Custom Stickers for Packaging at OXO Packaging AU:

If you are looking for the right place to get your custom stickers printed, your search brought you to the right place. OXO Packaging AU has been creating custom packaging and stickers for years. We can create the perfect custom candle stickers for you that can help you highlight your brand features.

At OXO Packaging AU, our team of designers and artists work together to create the right stickers for you. We make sure that you always get the right packaging and stickers that are perfect for your brand. And the best thing, we ship custom candle stickers Australia-wide.

Let us create the perfect custom stickers for your brand that add an extra layer of elegance and detail to your candles.

Contact us now so we can provide you with a quote for your custom stickers requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can you put paper labels on candles?

A: Yes. You can use paper labels on candles. Recycled paper labels or kraft paper labels are eco-friendly so they are a great option to use.

Q: What is a durable material to use for candle labels?

A: The most durable material to use for custom candle labels is plastic material. You can use clear plastic or a matt or gloss finish plastic for your labels. These add beauty and durability to your candle labels.


Having custom stickers for packaging is important if you are a candle manufacturer. There are a lot of details worth mentioning that you need to put on your custom candle stickers to gain the customer’s trust.

Other than getting the customer’s trust, there are a lot of other benefits of custom candle stickers like making your product presentation better, putting on the important details, beating your competition, and more.

You can use different materials to create the perfect label for candles. These materials include eco-friendly paper material, plastic material, gold foil paper, silver foil paper, white paper, and more with a gloss or matt finish. Each material has its own features so you can use them accordingly. The plastic material is durable while the recycled paper is eco-friendly. Choose the material that you like and let us help you with creating the perfect labels.

To get the best custom candle stickers, contact OXO Packaging AU for the best prices and services. We never compromise on quality so we use only the best material. We also offer fast shipping so you can receive your packaging on time. Contact us now for a quote on our services and turn around time and get the labels that your products need.

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