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Computers and Technology

Why Technology Is A Vital Part Of Our Everyday Life?

Can we really survive without technology????

No, that is not possible, at least not today. We have reached the era of modern things where technology is an important element for survival. With countless reasons for using technology, human civilisation can hardly find any excuses to live without it. When something is part of your daily life, it is really not possible to live without it. What makes technology so important to us??

The big small uses to tech make us depend on it

Here is the answer. The technology revolves around us, from our good morning messages to the good night hugs, and we always need its presence. Multiple uses of tech can prove that it has become a part of our daily life.

  • Technology is ubiquitous – It is because of its utility that technology is world-famous. Wherever we go, workplace, tourist points, public transport stations, etc. It is available everywhere for a reason.
  • Technology is progressive – of course it is. We depend on it for our future plans and to make our lives better in the current times. Something positive in its nature is sure to get the due attention.

It is better to discuss the specific uses of technology to understand its significance that makes it useful for our daily lives. Yes, you are right to think that we humans have many reasons to explain the significance of constructive tech.

Stay healthy at home through advanced medical attention

This can be called the latest example that explains the use of technology because recently, the world was exposed to the pandemic threat. We were locked inside the doors, and despite that prevention, many of us got the virus, even if it was mild. Besides, the hospitals worked impressively with the help of technology.

From online consultation to surgeries through advanced equipment, everything is a service to provide better health services.

  • Nano medicine – The medical technology that operates on the molecular or supermolecular scale. It solves the complicated medical conditions that were impossible in the past years. The good news is, this sector is doing better with new inventions.
  • Telemedicine – The online consultation and the facility to obtain a prescription from doctors. We can consult any doctor of our choice. If there is any time constraint, we can talk to the doctors of other countries working because it is daytime in their country.
  • Tricoders – The small devices that can diagnose certain types of health conditions. Every person can take care of health in a better manner with fewer requirements for the assistance of doctors for every small thing.

Some more facts

  • Besides the above examples, many more examples can explain that the medical industry is moving on with new inventions. All thanks to technology that is always there to take better care of the natives of the planet earth.
  • The online medicine delivery apps are also important to mention here. We can upload the prescription of the doctor there and can order the related medicines online. Both the consultation and the online medicine prescription are big facilities, and they are possible only with the help of technology.
  • Due to global culture, we can consult the doctors of other countries. It gives us a chance to experience the expertise of international medical services. Was this all possible without technology?? No. Never.

Enhancement in financial services through FinTech

The memories of standing in the long queues outside a bank to deposit money or get your bank accounts updated are blurred now. Also, the days are gone when investment in shares was all about keeping bulky files of fragile papers that were vulnerable to be stolen.

  • Compare financial products online – You can compare any two options through comparison websites in a few minutes.
  • Borrow funds online immediately – The instant loans in the UK can send quick funds in your bank account through a 100% paperless process.
  • Track investment profile performance – It is now possible to see how your investment decisions are working. You can also switch to other options easily.

Some more facts

  • Do we need to mention how things have changed in the finance industry? With the progressive merge of finance and technology, we explore financial services in an advanced manner. Every financial product, from personal loans to saving options, are available online.
  • Online verification makes the procedures more rational. It is why today we can take out bad credit loans with no guarantor because lenders can check our current repaying capacity. Online lenders consider current income status more important than credit score.
  • Money transfer is as easy as a cakewalk. Thanks to the speedy online transactions that work 24×7 and help us send money to our loved ones. It has become easy to plan personal finances with the help of tools like the budget planner, loan calculator etc.

Communication without barrier

The communication facilities that we avail of today are no more the slave of geographical boundaries. Irrespective of our location, we can connect to people sitting miles away. It is a big thing for the modern human who is always busy managing multiple responsibilities in life.

  • Satellite communication ensures national security – We sleep in peace in our homes because our soldiers are backed up with the round-the-clock information system.
  • International communication between diplomats – With virtual world taking better shape, the high profile people can communicate on international strategy online.
  • People were never so wellconnected – yes, that is true because today we can talk to the whole world and enjoy uncompromised connectivity.

Some more facts

  • Today, we all can become a celebrity because of the smart communication technology. Do we need to mention how people become popular through simple online videos they post on their social media channels? Anyone can communicate personal thoughts, of course, with limits.
  • We cannot connect to our loved ones anytime, and they are also not worried about our well-being because they can talk to us and see us anytime. The restrictions of time and geographical boundaries do not exist anymore. Our globalised economy is the gift of better communication technology.
  • We can learn about the weather conditions, which help in the timely evacuation of the possible victims of a big natural calamity. Isn’t it the magic of technology that revolves around us to provide always better for our well-being?

The education sector has better opportunities

Education is the food of progress. History is the eye-witness of this fact that human civilisation achieved all its landmarks through consistent education only. It adds to our talent and ways of handling things in life. We invented technology only through education, and now technology helps us improve the education sector.

  • E-learning is an enhancement – Today, we can do multiple courses through convenient e-learning courses and attain traits while sitting at home.
  • Improvement in teaching skills – Learning management system, robotic teachers, online classes help the teachers deliver lessons conveniently.
  • Education to remote parts of the world – Unfortunately, still there are many people out there who do not have the basic infrastructure for education. Technology helps them get an education.

Some more facts

  • To keep the students ready to survive in a globalised economy, technology helps create a platform. They help create a connection between the international cultures when the teachers from other countries take online lessons from students from other countries.
  • Webinars help the students gain knowledge through enhancing lessons delivered by experts in varied fields in different sectors. It is great for the mutual coordination between the educational institutions of the countries.
  • The universities run online courses, which helps the pupils receive precious diplomas and degrees online and get good jobs in their country. Thanks again to the technology that becomes the carrier of development, which helps craft a better tomorrow for a nation.


Technology is important, and that is an established fact. Technology is used for constructive reasons. It is always in demand. We need to create the right balance in how we use technology and how we use it. Besides the points mentioned above, we all know that technology is always a part of our daily lives.

Here are some more quick reasons in conclusion to explain the uses of technology-

  • We cannot afford to avoid constructive technology– Yes, if we use technology for real and positive purposes, we cannot afford to live without it.
  • We have advanced equipments to add ease in life – From IOT equipped hand bands that wake us up in the morning to the coffee makers, we have smart assistants.
  • We can create better artwork with software options – Of course, the artists now have better opportunities to create better and send their work on an international platform.

NO need to mention that technology is as vital for the modern world as our body organs. Just like our body parts help us function, technology helps the world function better. However, at the same time, it is significant to mention that we need to limit how we use technology. Excess of everything is bad. Important is to use it responsibly and improve every aspect of life.

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