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Why Tesla Motors Are Famous And Valuable 

Less than a decade ago, Tesla came out of nowhere with its battery-powered roadster. Since then, Tesla has monopolized the formation of the global electric vehicle industry, intimidating traditional carmakers, who fear it will be driven out of business by a technical liver.

Today, Tesla’s stock is trading above 500, after an analyst made an extreme bull case for the stock. They are close to 20% this year alone and 174% lower than last May.


Tesla Performance:

Tesla’s share performance reflects a new high for the company, which is now valued at 93 93 billion compared to GM and Ford. This is a turning point for Tesla Motors, and one of the most successful corporate and technical breakdowns of its age.

Tesla Motors is showing a strong sign of maturity as a company,” Tony Poswatz, former CEO and former senior GM executive at EV Stratum Fisker Automotive, told Marker. Their brand is seen as synonymous with EVs while their competition has slowly responded. Their China strategy and implementation is particularly interesting given the large EV market there. Happened

This definition is far from the last two years, which were terrible for Tesla. Its share price rose as it put pressure on key senior management, including at least two people who were left behind within weeks of joining the company and seeing it from the inside. CEO Elon Musk’s reputation with his company has been tarnished by the Rogan experiment on which he smoked marijuana and was accused of securities fraud by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

By the end of 2018, Musk had to relinquish his position as chairman, and the SEC fined him and the company million 40 million. The pain continued last year. Consumer Reports withdrew its recommendation for the previously headlined Mainstream Model 3, and Tesla’s losses piled up.


CEO Elon Musk’s reputation:

CEO Elon Musk’s reputation has been tarnished by his company, which has been accused of securities fraud by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The Tesla bears could barely hide their happiness, and the oxen had set the stakes. Morgan Stanley’s Adam Jonas, one of Tesla’s most enthusiastic chair leaders on Wall Street, declared himself a long-term bear and said his shares could fall as low as 10. Wedbush analyst Dan Elvis warned his clients about the “code red situation” for Tesla Motors.

But in June, the tide turned. The stock began to rise, soon becoming a juggernaut. In the third quarter of last year, Tesla made a profit of 14 143 million, the largest loss since its 2010 IPO.

Musk ended the year on a high note, with the price of Tesla’s shares and its reputation restored through the roof. And, in Los Angeles, he was acquitted of defamation after calling a British cave rescuer a “pedo boy.” On December 23, with the share price exceeding $ 400, Morgan Stanley’s Jonas Wipe Lish appeared to be suffering. But, perhaps after two years of turmoil, he was stuck with his new downturn. He said Tesla would “eventually be seen by investors as an auto company rather than a high-growth tech company” and would be targeted for a $ 250 share price. It has not issued a new major note to Tesla since then.

This month, the stock has shed tears as Tesla Motors says it has beaten its 2019 production forecast, which will result in 367,000 vehicles. It started making cars in China, and this summer it plans to unveil its Model Y, its first crossover SUV, which is the most popular category on the road. It unveiled a useful matrix-style choice, Cyber ​​Truck, which drew much-needed (and undesirable) attention.

In a note to investors today, Oppenheimer raised its price target to a mind-boggling 612. Last Friday, Piper Sandler raised its target price to 553.

One of the reasons for the crescent smell more than Tesla is Model 3, said Ellen Kornasser, director of transportation at Princeton University. “Very disturbing.”

Asked if Taksla’s cars could now be compared to the iPhone’s disruption of their industry, Poswatz said it was “very accessible. Tesla Motors is still struggling to figure out the next product.” / Enough money can be made for the promise of architecture: Y, Cybertruck, Semi, Roadster, an update of existing products, etc.

At least so far, investors are seeing a different story. As it was published, the stock rose 8.5% to 18 518 in just a few hours.


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