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Why Yahoo Messenger Closed And How to Download Chat History Of Yahoo?

Yahoo is an American company set up in California, wherein you get access to the web portal and high-speed search engine with active high speed like that of Google. It offers a variety of services it namely Yahoo answers and Yahoo mail along with Yahoo sports. It’s a classic example of the best internet service in this digital era wherein everything works with the internet. It is a popular portal; many publics rely on it every term because it offers exceptional service to its customer. Yahoo service is ranked 11 globally whereas it did lose few users because of the fact of loss with google. Hold on and give it a good read. All your questions will be answered here.

Yahoo messenger is the best messaging application worldwide for communication via internet media. But now it is not operational, the company recently announced that they will be calling off Yahoo messenger by that they meant that Yahoo messenger is closed. Users cannot simply chat and the service is no longer active that is Yahoo chat rooms are not functional. You simply cannot log in to the app and if by any chance you have downloaded it on your device it still won’t work. The company mentioned that their users have access to saving chats by the November month-end.

Yahoo messenger was discovered by Stanford’s alumni in the year 1998 wherein it ran successfully for straight 20 years. In its active years, it was the most active platform users would land into despite the fact that many messaging applications did exist. Yahoo technology grew the industry by switching to this high-end communication strategy, that was the only reason Yahoo messenger was considered globally even when the rest service stopped working.

It was rather very shocking news that the messenger will no longer be running. The company mentioned that their only prime focus is to make communication easier than suits aptly to the requirement of the users. To meet users’ end is their only and for that purpose they shifted to Yahoo Squirrel an alternative to the Yahoo Messenger. Now since Yahoo messenger held many active fanbases so the company has to have a backup if they were removing Messenger from the run.

Download Yahoo Messenger Chat History

Besides I will be mentioning the ways that still exist so as to download Yahoo messenger chat history, if by any chance you might have had an important chat and you would want to recover that so here are steps you may consider so as to meet your requirement at a very basic level avoiding any kind of further complication. The steps areas:

  • Visit Yahoo messenger official site
  • Simply sign in to your Yahoo account.
  • Switch to the next step simply by choosing your verification method, mention the account key that you have had received, this is the basic step to complete verification. Hit on the download button.
  • Mention your email address so as to receive a file that would contain your Yahoo messenger history for chats.
  • End the process by hitting the ok button.
  • You would simply receive the Yahoo messenger chat history on your device.

It has been clearly mentioned by the company that as soon as the chat is recovered the Yahoo messenger app should be successfully deleted from your device or whichever media you are using it from. The company mentioned in clear words that no replacement has been set up till now against Yahoo messenger.

Rather for the users those who are thinking that shutting of Yahoo messenger would impact their day-to-day life since Yahoo messenger was a great and reliable platform for the means of communication. Then you have got it wrong since no there will be no severe impact anywhere.

Besides all the rest yahoo service will be operational as usual. Some of which are: Yahoo mail, Yahoo fantasy will happen to work as usual. Some of the users have been still questioning besides the clear indication by yahoo whether Yahoo Messenger is still working, so in that context, the company has totally shut off and there is no way the Yahoo messenger would come back. So, it would be better to switch to other options else than hoping for a messenger to be back.

There are other trustworthy alternatives of Yahoo messenger you would try instead that would offer you the same kind of promising relation be it in terms of security or keeping your chat private from hackers. It totally depends on the choice we make; besides you may visit for further queries regarding the best alternative that would suit you! We are happy to serve you, stay tuned for more content, and feel free to reach out to us anytime.

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