Why You Should Convert to LEDs

Incandescent and fluorescent lights are slowly being phased out in favor of the brighter, bolder, and more efficient LED lights. Light-emitting diodes or LEDs are tiny pieces of electrical circuits encased in a hard plastic component. They are preferred due to theirreduced use of electricity and brighter light emissions than conventional light bulbs.

Theywork by having an electrical current go through a microchip, which illuminates the tiny light sources that are referred to as LEDs. To avoid any performance issues, the heat being produced by the LEDs is absorbed in a heat sink.

Commercial LED lighting is now prevalent because of its numerous positive impacts.

Making the Switch

Most institutions, offices, buildings, hospitals, stores, and other non-residential infrastructures are now switching to using an LEDwallpackand 100% LED lights.

Due to their design, decorating and blending in with a building is effortless. Deciding to switch your building’s lighting into commercial LED lighting should be simple enough with the help of an electrician.

An electrician willcheck to seeif your current lighting system uses low voltage pins or if your existing transformer needs to be modified with an LED driver.Otherwise, you should be able to take out your bulbs and replace them with LED ones. You can get this done all in one go or gradually over a period of time, depending on your budget, timeline, and need.

Benefits of LED Lighting

Equipping your building or office with anLED wallpack and transitioning to LEDs will surely brighten up your space. However, you can also enjoy aplethora of otherbenefits.

First, the color quality and light output are much better, and the light is evenly distributed to cover a wider space. You can also have a peace of mind knowing that LED lights are compliant with more than 20 labeling and performance requirements. This means that your commercial space is safer and less prone to the damage of faulty lights.

Every investment and return of investment is important for spaces running a business, and you can get your money’s worth with LED lights. Statistics show that an average LED light can give you 25 years of service, assuring you that they are a long-term commitment.

Additionally, converting to LED is energy-efficient. Compared to traditional lights, LED lights use 75% less energy, so, over time, you can also save on your electricity consumption.

Is it Worth the Switch?

This question is understandable since switching to commercial LED lightingis a long-term commitment.

It’s safe to say that LEDs are definitely worth the switch. The benefits alone cannot compare to traditional light bulbs, and although LED lights have their own disadvantages, such as their expensive upfront costs, you will reap the rewards of using these lights over time. The advantages of using LEDs make them a brilliant deal and investment that will save your company money and energy while streamlining your aesthetic.

Switch to LED lighting today and transform your commercial space into a brighter and safer environment while saving on costs.

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