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Will There Be More Shopping Malls In The Future?

Shopping malls are now becoming more or less our weekend getaways from all the chaos and busy lives. The concept of shopping malls coming to India has been plausible only due to globalization. 

As international brands enter the Indian market, we get easier access to being familiar with international fashion trends. Here’s why we are going to need more shopping malls in the coming future. 


The vibrant atmosphere shopping malls carry offers a unique experience to us as users and customers. These shopping malls target not one but almost all kinds of demographics altogether. That way, anybody can visit a mall right from kids to youth and finally old people. 

For kids, these malls have gaming areas, play areas, confection stands, and more. For the young crowd, shopping malls highlight high-end brands, fashion trends, cosmetics, luxurious items, restaurants, etc. The aged people can also partake in shopping or watch movies and have fun with their friends or family members. 

Shopping malls, at the end of the day, offer a one-of-a-kind experience for all age groups alike. 

All-inclusive Store

Shopping malls offer the comfort and luxury of buying everything under one roof. As a customer, you can enter a shopping mall and:

  • Can shop for yourself or anybody else of any age group,
  • Go to the movies, 
  • Visit eateries at the food court, 
  • Shop for attire, footwear, accessories, skincare, cosmetics, etc.,
  • Buy technical products such as mobile phones, LED, tablets
  • Look for home/office furniture like table, king-size bed, cupboards

The list just goes on and on. Thus, shopping malls offer the convenience of having everything right under one umbrella so you don’t have to go looking for it anywhere else. 

 So here’s why we will be needing more and more shopping malls in the coming future. 

Versatility and Alternatives 

The malls you visit are built by real estate developers in such a manner that they offer high-end versatility under one place. There is hardly a plausibility that you will find one clothing store or only one restaurant at a mall. These shopping malls offer not one but a little too many options for you to choose from. 

The food court, for instance, covers almost all kinds of cuisines. Depending on what you feel like eating, you can choose from Fast Food, Mandarian, North Indian, South Indian, Juices, Shakes, Desserts, and a lot more from just one place. 

Entertainment Hub

Alongside all the shopping and buying clothes, jewelry, footwear, jackets, and more, these shopping malls offer entertainment. Ideal for all age groups alike, these entertainment hubs are versatile in nature. You can go to the movies or experience a 3D cinema, play some fun games around, go racing in car games, make your kids sit in trains that go around malls, or whatever the mall has to offer as a source of entertainment.


The international brands that are featured in the mall outlets are generally of superior quality. Such quality is not something we so easily get in the local market. Hence, people prefer spending a bit more than usual on clothes just to have that quality assurance from international brands. 

Better the quality, long will the fabric last in your clothes. If the quality is not great, even slight wear and tear might cause harm to your outfits. That is why people emphasize more the quality of any product, be it clothing or electronics, or furniture.

Parking Space 

Most local stores are difficult to visit if they are located somewhere on the busy streets and with no parking space nearby for your vehicle. You need to park your car or bike somewhere else and walk back towards the store to get something. 

On the contrary, shopping malls provide an ample amount of parking space for a little too many people for convenience. 

Offers and Discounts

On special occasions or events such as Black Fridays, End of Seasons, etc., malls offer sales and discounts to empty the stock. The sales range from 10% to at times even, 90% off on products and services. 

Ultimately, shopping malls have now become more of a necessity than a luxury. Hence, we are going to need more and more of them in the coming years. 

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