Key Instructions that Will Rank Up Your Article in Our Schedule:

Write for us:

We aim to help creators, vendors, designers, and all business owners to discover insightful blogs about design, the modern web, and the no-code drive. We’re seeking a wide variety of business people to write enlightening, insightful, and motivating articles for our website. Whether you’ve just in progress or you’re skilled in your field, we have a chance for you to share your opinions and ideas with the business community.

Here’s what we’re seeking in an article:


We do not publish copied content that has already been taken from published content from somewhere else. Google doesn’t like accepting and ranking duplicate content; we don’t like being another choice.


We’re searching for well-researched, detailed articles that are at least 700-3000 words long. The blogs that do best are frequently at least 4000 words long. We want supplementary of them.

Actionable tips

We want hands-on instructions and take-out that our readers can set to work. Use theory, exploration, and science to sustain your claims and make your article more all-inclusive. Always add links to trustworthy sources that endorse what you’re saying.

Real-life examples

Share your knowledge and use instances to help readers better know the topic. In most cases, your practice and unique stance will add significant value to your blog.

Logical structure

Please pay attention to the building and certify that it’s easy to follow your flow of ideas. Every article must comprise an outline, body, and conclusion. When writing, clarify why you mention a precise idea or impression and how it benefits you. Answer the question planned in the headline.

Reader-friendly formatting

We’re seeking articles that are easy to scan over – brief paragraphs, vibrant headlines, sub-headlines, bullet lists, pictures, etc. In the best-case situation, the reader must be able to study the main takeaways by only reading headlines.

Proper grammar

Use Grammarly (it’s free!), ask a colleague, or hire a freelance checker to edit your blog before submitting it to us.

A special note on links:

Links are significant to articles, and we need you to use them – when you make a report, quote research, provide useful information in your story, want to deliver readers with extra context, etc. At all times, make sure you link to a dependable source. A plus point is if you can discover an article on our website that covers the same or similar subject and link to it.

You can similarly put one link to a blog article and other informational content on your page if it turns into the article gradually and offers value to the reader.

We keep the rights to remove and change links and modify their anchor texts whenever and without the author’s agreement. All links will be no-follow links. You can remark your business and attach a (nofollow) link to it in your writer bio – No follow brand references also can increase your website’s SEO.

Topics We Are Interested In:

  • Write for us technology
  • Health write for us
  • Home improvement write for us
  • Finance write for us
  • Tech write for us
  • Home decor write for us
  • Business write for us
  • Fashion write for us
  • Lifestyle write for us
  • Write for us fashion
  • Travel write for us
  • Education write for us
  • Write for us education
  • Sports write for us
  • Real estate write for us
  • Write for us home improvement

Queries to ask yourself before submitting:

Who’s your audience?

We publish content for original experts, agencies, and businesspersons who build websites and digital goods. Your post must appeal to one or more of these viewers.

What will readers get out of your article? Why should they read it?

We publish content that’s valuable and inspirational. Preferably, it’ll be both. If your article doesn’t educate or stimulate creative pros, no dark, but it’s not for us.

How will readers act on your article?

What will a person who reads organize with what you explain to them? Elucidate how they can put your guidelines into action.

Submission Process of the guest post to us:

Write an outline


  • Headline
  • Brief introduction- what your article is written on
  • Article structure – the diverse paragraphs you design on counting, as well as what you advise to write below those
  • Foundations to be used
  • Main takeaways

Submit your outline

Remember that we only accept Google Docs (keep in mind to give removal access!). When your summary is ready, submit it. For submit your content you need to email us for more information regarding sponsored post or link insertion. Our email address is or

Wait to hear back from us

If we’re concerned, you’ll get back to us. As we receive many fields, we may be unable to answer all. If you have not heard from us in 5 business days, feel free to propose your idea to someone else.

Write your article

Once your framework is acknowledged, we’ll ask you to write and submit a current draft. Please, do it, given our rules! If the complete article doesn’t fit our procedures and quality ethics, we hold the right to stop to publish it.

Get published

After your blog is published, we’ll be glad if you help us promote it:

  • Share it on your social media
  • Email us to your subscriber list
  • Post on related niche opportunities and Reddit groups
  • Email the people you’ve stated in the blog and inspire them to do all the above!

We welcome Professional Writers / Freelancers, and individual bloggers / to submit unique articles:

We take content associated with stated categories to write for us technology, health write for us, home improvement write for us, finance write for us, tech write for us, business write for us, write for us fashion, travel write for us, write for us education, sports write for us, real estate write for us, write for us home improvement.

The Type of Article We Are Happy:

You are asked to submit your blogs to us on your subject, which relay to the main kinds under. If your content isn’t a moral fit for any of these types, the community and website may not be the most suitable for you.

Pick Your Article Subject:

It is best selected to choose a topic formed based on your thoughts, experiences, and parts of expertise. We cannot answer emails requesting us to choose topics or pre-qualify concepts for articles.

Select a Fantastic Title:

There is a varied range obtainable for the best online reading. They choose quickly (within minutes). What article to speak about and the heading of your article will benefit them to select? When selecting a title, mull over the reader’s requirements and what they’re looking at to study, evaluate whether they’ll be able to attain it or what interesting issue they’re trying to challenge, and make your title strong and imitate their desires.

Do Not Send Blogs That Have Been or May Be or Will Be Post by Another Source:

We can only receive unique, original content that hasn’t been issued. And if an article is acknowledged for publication on our website, that article must not far along be republished/replicated anyplace new missing straight written contract with us.

Important Note About ‘Write for Us’

As we get many email questions about ‘write for us, it could be a suspension in replying to your question. Thus, would demand that you all have patience with your query sent. We will get back to you as soon as conceivable.

You are requested not to refer the similar queries/questions repeatedly. You need to wait for our reply before you resend your request about ‘Write for Us, real estate write for us, write for us home improvement.’ Also, do not use this facility as junk for marketing determinations.

Defining goals for your blog research:

Exploration can become a jiffy of a black hole for makers. Primary questions lead to several others, and one source will link to a dozen more value exploring. It’s easy to get lost in a crag of info, particularly when interested in the theme.

That’s why keeping a strong end goal in mind is indispensable so that you know when the investigation can end. A clear and brief outline must be the goal of your research.

You don’t need to know all about a topic to write a supportive article. It’s about learning the right things; an efficient procedure can help you do that.

Belongings to Avoid While Transfer Content & Emails about “Write for Us”

  • Do not send Blogs for Marketing & SEO determinations
  • Do not add outside links in the primary 2-3 paragraphs or first line
  • Don’t send the unnecessary content piece
  • Do not send the similar request over and over
  • Never send content with grammar errors
  • Do not send us other’s works to show as it is yours
  • Avoid adding many external links in the blog

Our Purpose

Our blog’s only determination is to present valuable content to the readers. We are searching for blogs and posts which are helpful for readers and support them in making a well-versed decision on financial products.

10 Phases to Guest Posting for Do an Active Writing

Here are my guest post guidelines:

  1. Become a subscriber to this article, give some time and read it for a while. Approximately all our fruitful guest posts come from consistent readers.
  2. Read and follow these guest post rules. Seriously, you would not trust how many writers pitch us who have never read this folio.
  3. Submit your best front-page impression AND framework for your future guest post in the form of your email. If concerned, we’ll maybe ask for some pinches before giving you a task.
  4. Receiving a project is not an assurance of publication. So, think of writing the heck out of it.
  5. We buy select first-time and reprint publication rights. We stand by the right to reprint your post on our site.
  6. DO NOT SUBMIT PRE-WRITTEN POSTS deprived of getting a project first. They will not deliver or publish.
  7. We favor 700 to 3000-words guest posts (if we’re conveying an exact idea from the list above at a longer length, we agree upon it).
  8. Note that we do NOT pay specialists who would like to do a guest post in front of an entrance on one of our Webinars or podcasts or who are posting exactly to promote a book, development, or other paid product. If your guest post has new, useful material for freelance writers, we may still be concerned about publishing it, but we do not pay in this situation.
  9. When your post drives up, please reply to comments on Facebook. Part of what we pay for is your benefit, powerful engagement, and social allocation of the post.
  10. Always study your post before submitting it; make sure it’s grammar and the tone of the content. As content is king, the quality of content always matters to us.
  11. For submit your content you need to email us. Our email address is or


Contact us if you can write for us technology, health write for us, home improvement write for us, finance write for us, tech write for us, home decor write for us, business write for us, fashion write for us, lifestyle write for us, write for us fashion, travel write for us, education write for us, all these categories.

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