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Yoga and weight loss: How yoga can help you shed pounds?

Are you facing trouble in losing weight despite all your best efforts? This is so because obesity is a complicated disease with several causes. Moreover, someone with a family history of weight-related problems is more likely to have the same problem in managing weight. A diet full of ultra-processed foods, fat, and sugar with a sedentary lifestyle contributes to weight gain. Stress and poor mental health, along with medications for treating some mental health conditions, bad quality sleep, and hormonal changes, all cause weight gain.

There are several ways to combat excessive weight and there is no one particular solution for it. If you are trying to lose or maintain a healthy weight, you can try yoga. Much research has proven that yoga can help you manage stress, enhance your mood, curb emotional eating, and make a community of support, all of which help in weight loss and right weight management. There are many training programs offered in yoga schools in Rishikesh that provide training on various yoga poses for losing weight.

Yoga also helps in burning calories and enhances muscle mass and tone. Yoga can also decrease joint pain, which helps exercise more and enhance everyday activities.

Here are some of the ways by which yoga helps in weight loss:

  • Yoga helps manage stress, which is one of the primary reasons for weight gain.
  • Yoga derives from the Sanskrit word “Yuj,” which means uniting body, emotions, and mind. It is a holistic mind-body practice that enhances most causes of weight gain.
  • Some people might get stress in the form of physical pain or the form of sleep deprivation or it can be psychological causing feelings of agitation and anxiety. Stress increases the cortisol hormone, which enhances abdominal fat and reduces muscle mass, leading to cravings for fat and sugar-rich foods, which causes obesity.
  • Yoga reduces stress levels and cortisol increases mood, reduces depression and anxiety, and enhances sleep and chronic conditions like hypertension and diabetes. This decreases the requirement for medicines that cause weight gain.
  • Yoga does not act like a band-aid for excess weight but works for the underlying causes. Its advantages extend more than the calories-in versus calories-out comparison.
  • Yoga enhances mindfulness about eating behaviors: Many people crave ice cream after 9 pm or can’t resist oneself eating potato chips after knowing that these habits lessen the chance of losing weight. Everybody knows that eating vegetables, lean protein is beneficial for overall health and for maintaining a healthy weight. While this knowledge is important, more is needed to assist us in sticking to healthy eating regimes.
  • Yoga enhances mindfulness and awareness. This is the reason why yoga is known as moving meditation. When mindfulness increases, habits like emotional, binge, and stress eating decrease. These habits disrupt all of our weight loss efforts and cause a negative helix of shame and guilt, which results in giving up and practicing yoga regularly, resulting in healthy eating, which also includes low fat intake and an increase in intake of vegetables and whole grains.
  • The yoga community offers acceptance and support: Hitting the gym sometimes becomes intimidating and provokes negative feelings among people with larger bodies. But in contrast, yoga signifies kindness, support, and self-acceptance. In a 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, yoga teachers serve as role models and inspire new students to live healthy lifestyles. A yoga network encourages positive health behaviors, and when you become a part of such a community, it makes a relevant difference in weight loss. Such communities are hard to get in another kind of exercise.

Yoga practitioners should always look for a secure and comfortable environment. A welcoming yoga group might assist you in enhancing your self-esteem and confidence. Look for a local studio that feels nurturing and not prodigious with other practitioners of your level.

Yoga’s benefits are universal, and it does not matter what your shape or size is. Establishing a yoga practice takes weeks or even months, and practicing regularly is important for long-lasting effects.

The benefits of yoga are universal — no matter what your shape or size. Establishing a yoga practice can take weeks or months, and frequent practice is key for long-lasting benefits.

Yoga poses for weight loss.

Yoga needs perseverance, persistence, and patience; its outcomes need time. Some of the yoga poses that help in losing weight are:

  • The plank poses, or Chaturanga Dandasana, are among the best poses that strengthen your core. It might look very simple, but it provides huge benefits. Only when you practice this pose, do you start feeling its intensity in the muscles in your abdomen.
  • Adho-Mukho Svanasana or Downward dog pose: This pose is responsible for toning your entire body with little more attention to specific muscles. It assists in strengthening your arms, hamstring, backside, and thighs. Holding on to this pose and focusing on breathing keeps your muscles engaged and tones them. It also enhances your concentration and blood circulation.
  • Virabhadrasana or warrior pose: This yoga pose tones your thighs and muscles and enhances concentration. The longer you practice this yoga pose, the better the outcome you get. With only a few minutes of Virabhadrasana, your quads will become tight. Warrior pose enhances your balance other than toning your legs and back. It also assists in making your tummy toned and gives you a flat belly if you contract the abdominal muscles while holding on to the position.
  • Trikonasana: A pose that enhances digestion and decreases fats deposited on the belly and waist. It stimulates and enhances blood circulation in your whole body. With lateral motion in this asana, you will burn fat from your waist and build up muscles in your hamstrings and thighs. It also enhances balance and concentration.
  • Sarvangasana or Shoulder Stand pose: Sarvangasana has several benefits, from enhancing strength to enhancing digestion. But it is known best for boosting your metabolism and balancing thyroid levels. It makes your upper body, abdominal muscles, along with legs strong. In addition to that, it also makes your respiratory system strong and promotes good sleep quality.


Yoga is one of the Indian practices of mind and body upgradation with significant advantages for all, for people who are obese wanting to shed some pounds to those who want some relaxation. Yoga not only helps in losing weight but also promotes balanced mental and physical wellness.

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