Yoga Teacher Training Pokhara

24 Days 200 Hour Soulful Yoga Teacher Training Pokhara


Discover and lead yourself considering the best Yoga Teacher Training Pokhara Nepal

let’s enjoy Yoga teacher training in Pokhara because it always leaves interesting stories and memories in life. 

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Pokhara

Everybody needs to be happy in this fancy mesmerizing life and finding the core Ananda the reason for our existence. Many people are eager to lead a peaceful, healthy and joyful life

and looking for self-realization but it can only be possible through exploring the limits of the soul and one need a lot of composure to learn many things spiritually.

Lets practice Yoga in Himalayan city

Practicing yoga provides many benefits to people such as we may take it as daily healthy exercise to stay fit, while for others it is an art of meditation that provides exploration of mind levels, eternal joy and connects the soul.

If you want to discover the styles of yoga and meditation which really works for you, we suggest you considering the best Yoga Teacher Training Nepal at Himalayan region of Pokhara and,

this blog will help you out to know the best yoga school Nepal – Yoga teacher training Pokhara

Discover and lead yourself considering the best Yoga Teacher Training Nepal

Are you planning to enroll in the best Yoga Teacher Training Nepal or, want to experience the deep heart and soul of Yoga?

Well, this is so simple! Get on a track meant for self-discovery, revival, and exploration with yoga teacher training in Pokhara Nepal and dig down into the innermost layers of your body as well as conscience.

Things to expect from a Yoga Teacher Training Pokhara Nepal

I pushed the snow in my dream. As a result, it fell over.

Whether you are about to become a successful international certified yoga teacher and want to study yoga, Pokhara is the best place to consider. For a reason, it is also known as the “Himalayan Annapurna Capital of Yoga” as it is 360 degrees surrounded by mountains and centric to the beautiful Phewa Lake.

Many tourists come here to trek and do yoga. Each and every corner exhales yoga and spirituality as some of the most reputed yoga schools, training programs, Retreat Centre and ashrams are busy providing training courses to the yoga enthuses.

Mantra Yoga and Meditation School Nepal

Is one of the leading yoga training centers among them offers Best 200 hours, 300 hours, 500 hours Affordable Yoga Teacher Training courses in Pokhara Nepal.

He’s a very nice YTTC. it took us out to find the best yoga teachers of Nepal, 

The different forms of yoga focus on extending into certain poses, stretching, opening hips aligning the spine, and deep meditation. Besides yoga, you can get experienced teachers, music therapy, and weekly excursion with this registered yoga school.

This 200-hour yoga teacher training program will be the foundation stone in your journey to advance your yoga practice. The 200 hours YTT will help in getting you acquainted with different layers of yogic art and science.

The 200 hours of practice of the physically, mental and spiritually layers helps to build confidence and awareness of your truth, your authentic self. The effect of our close connection to nature will enhance the experience and help you reach deeper in your internal journey.


Skill level

Out of your mind and into your body

The last part:

 200 Hour yoga teacher training in Pokhara Nepal at Mantra Yoga !

Pokhara Nepal located Mantra Yoga and Meditation School offers 24 Days soulful yoga teacher training and 12 days 100 hour yoga teacher training course for international tourist and Nepalese people.

Course syllabus

Techniques, training, and practice: Total 100 hours

Teaching methodology: Total 25 hours

Anatomy and physiology: Total 20 hours

Yoga philosophy, lifestyle, and ethics for yoga teachers: Total 30 hours

Practicum: Total 10 hours

Remaining contact hours and elective hours

Day schedules

Note: Sunday will be a weekend day. A one day World Heritage yoga tour is planned for the second week and a one day hiking yoga activity is planned for the third week.

This is the perfect place to start a life-transforming journey by experiencing our Yoga and Meditation practices and becoming an internationally certified yoga and meditation teacher. Take your yoga practice to the next level by booking special yoga teacher training courses with us today.

Yoga Teacher Training School Pokhara Nepal

Mantra Yoga and Meditation School Pokhara Nepal

RYS 200, RYS 300, Yoga Alliance, USA

Also having Yoga Studio in Peachland Canada

You can also Join our 200 hour yoga teacher training Dharamsala

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