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06 Best Bitcoin Tumbler (Mixer) Services

What should I do to make my Bitcoin harder for law enforcement to follow? Bitcoin tumbling is a process of using third-party services to break the connection between sending and receiving Bitcoins. What is the best Bitcoin Tumbler? We made our own investigation into popular mixing service, below are the results of that investigation.

Is Bitcoin Mixing Necessary?

Bitcoin provides a convenient, anonymous and low-cost way of sending and receiving money. However, some features of the blockchain make it possible to analyze transactions and identify the owner of an address. This is where Bitcoin wallet services come in: they mix your Bitcoins so they can’t be followed.

Authorities and platforms are looking for unlawful transactions in the crypto space. Authorities want to monitor things such as gambling site transactions or darknet market transactions, while other platforms want to observe transactions coming from these sources as well.

Coinbase does not accept donations from sites with ties to gambling or where the funds might have come from illegal activities. Their stance is good and justifiable, as many gambling sites are hubs for laundering money and some of the proceeds come from the dark web.

Bitcoin Mixing can change the Bitcoin you received from your ID and be disconnected from them. They usually take a fee and BTC from others, then through a random process, they send an equivalent amount of other people’s Bitcoin to your new address.

To avoid the inconveniences of not being able to use funds from clean sources, cryptocurrency tumbler services offer a solution. Bitcoin tumbling is a method for anonymously “washing” bitcoins. The first step is to get bitcoins into the same pool with other users (“fellow tumblers”).

6 Most Popular Bitcoin Mixing Services

Before choosing a Bitcoin Shuffler, the type of cryptocurrency you are using and the source of funds should be two of the first factors to take into consideration.

Until the money is clean, it’s not worth worrying about mixing up Bitcoin. When there are concerns that the new Bitcoin might be connected to a crime, then it’s more likely to be traced back to the coin’s original owner.

We recommend doing research on where you are going to mix your coins, just in case the market doesn’t offer it. If it does, I would avoid using that method as well to avoid any issues.

After conducting our own research, we compiled a list of the most popular bitcoin mixers, using data from google, bitcointalk, and reddit.

We recommend not visiting any of the websites mentioned in this article. We did not endorse or support any of these websites mentioned in this article. is Bitcoin backed, so when you send your BTC to, they will send you fresh BTC at the other end of the chain, and with no connection to the original.

This means there is no link between the coins that go in and the coins that come out. The public ledger can only track the coins from your wallet to the address of Blender. However, if it is not a financial transaction and you are just transferring information, then it is impossible to track who has it next. does not require you to register or provide any information for account creation. It is the most anonymous form of payment if you ask me.

As a person who doesn’t provide any personal information, your identity is protected. The service can’t be traced back to you because the company doesn’t know anything about who you are.

People can have up to 24 different delays, and can add 8 new addresses, compared to a maximum of 3 or 4 on other tumblers.

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BitMix.Biz is a platform designed to keep your crypto safe. It will take any bitcoin you deposit, mix it with others, and deposit the same amount of bitcoin back within the platform. The service is designed to make it difficult for individual transactions to be traced and protect the anonymity of users on the transparent bitcoin network.

BitMix.Biz is a bitcoin mixer that exchanges your bitcoins for different ones to increase privacy and security. The platform collects all deposits from users, mixes them up into one central account, then returns the same amount of bitcoins to users minus a fee.

BitMix.Biz provides a letter of guarantee for every transaction and digitally signed confirmation to avoid forgery. BitMix.Biz’s main account is available publicly and all letters are signed by the BitMix.Biz operator

BitMix offers a unique 12 symbol code with every transaction reminiscent of our credit card numbers. This assures that you receive your bitcoin back when you use their service and prevents any future transactions from receiving your own coins. is a Best Bitcoin mixing service that provides privacy through the Bitcoin Mixer 2.0 algorithm, which shuffles bitcoins. Unlike other tumbling services, who mix your coins with users’, this platform mixes your crypto with the crypto bought by them directly from cryptocurrency stocks exchanges.

This AI provides transparency and self-learning to help new cryptocurrencies be verified.

You will receive your split bitcoin back at different addresses and it will take six hours to complete. This is a deep process of encryption that protects privacy.

The mixer service is user-friendly and convenient, as it does not require registration, nor does it store logs. Every transaction is digitally sign with a guarantee letter that you can check any time on their website. They also provide 24/7 technical support.


It’s easy to taint a trail of Bitcoin transactions with CryptoMixer. This is particularly useful for buffering large amounts of bitcoin, or cleaning up smaller transactions quickly.

There is no limit on how much you can spend because they have plenty of funds and it would take a lot before they run out. You are notified if you are going over the limit, so you don’t spend your money in vain.

When you buy PriveCoin, you can use any amount of money as a transaction. This company considers smaller transactions as “donations” instead of purchases, and they do not send it back to the buyer.

Cross chain transactions can be mine with lower transaction fees than regular Bitcoin transactions


Bitcoin mixers are based on implementations of Coinjoin, a trustless method that combines payments from multiple users into one transaction, hiding the identity of the origination.

Coinjoin is integrate into the two most popular BTC mixers, Whirlpool and Wasabi, which use pools of varying sizes to mix user UTXOs.

Samourai’s Whirlpool implementation is more cost-effective, as the fee remains unchanged whether you are mixing one coin or 10.


Bitcoin Tumblers are an effective way to protect yourself from government tracking. If you combine your bitcoins with other bitcoins, the government cannot trace where you obtained them. Many Bitcoin Tumblers make the process anonymous, so it is important to choose a trusted service.

Bitcoin Mixer BitMix does exactly what its name sounds like and then some. Bitcoin Mixer gives you the power of privacy for all three of the most popular cryptocurrencies, including BTC, LTC, and ETH.

Custodial and non-custodial services have different capabilities and protocols. With the custodian service, you can mix larger quantities of coins than with the non-custodial service. Custodial services use your addresses to send coins to a different address, which ensures anonymity for all participants.

To be safe and to protect your money, a bitcoin tumbler will charge you a small fee between 0.5-3%.


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