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10+ Fashion Rules That Every Men Should Follow Every Than & Now

Did you know that numerous studies have also shown that wearing well makes your life smoother and better? Dressing properly by following the basic fashion rules that gives you a lengthy number of tremendous benefits, from being more desirable to women (both sexually and as relationship material) to be more likely to get promoted (and so earning more money over the course of your career).

Now, dressing properly interlinked concepts different things for different people… but there are some principles (and guidelines) that every male should follow. So, to help you get began (or enhance) your style, I’ve created a list of the fashion rules that each and every man should know.

10+ Basic Fashion Rules That Everyman Should Follow Every Than & Now

As every man knows, looking effortlessly fashionable often involves a great deal of work & fashion rules. You may not know the first thing about choosing a suit and tie, but don’t feel worried and show you everything you need to know.

1. Wear What Fits

The indisputable golden fashion rule of male clothing is to wear whatever fits. The most critical part of your garment is its fit. Never wear something that is too big or too little.

Even the finest clothing, different brands, fail to impress if they are ill-fitting.

So, one of the first items you should think about is the fit of your garments. Always buy formal or designer shirts for men and tie that can’t be modified to fit your body shape.

2. Matching Colors Of Shoes + Belt + Watch

This one is simple: your belt, footwear, and wristwatch (band) should all be the same colour.

So, if you wear black shoes, you should wear a black belt and a black watchband. It’s one of those old, classic style principles… yet it helps you seem put-together and polished (as if you chose your outfit with consideration).

PS: Try not to overthink this one. All you actually need is one black and one brown belt (these are the ones I wear) and one black and one brown watch (here are the ones I wear).

3. Wear A Suit Properly

Fit is essential for a well-dressed suit. If you’re buying off-the-rack, focus on the fit across the shoulders because altering the chest and waist is a very simple task, according to Davide Taub, head of custom suits at Savile Row tailor Gives & Hawkes. “Be wary about wearing a period suit unless you’re chasing a comprehensive period appearance since the suit starts to look like a curiosity in isolation,” he advises. Classic is the best and most utilitarian option — dark, two-button, single-breasted, with mild details. “It’s not dull. A suit is a type of uniform. The aim is to think of this outfit as a blank canvas on which to construct various ideals of personality. It’s the way you wear it, not the label on the inside, that makes an impression.”

4. Look After Your Overall Appearance

It’s the sort of suggestion your mother would give you, but if you’ve put money and attention into your outfit, take care of it. Use wooden hangers for shirts and shoe trees for your best shoes; have your suit dry-cleaned and pressed; wash your clothing on a regular basis and, preferably, avoid tumble drying (it can deteriorate the fabric); and polish your shoes. Similarly, it’s not just the skin of your leather jacket that has to be cared for; exact same thing applies to someone you wear every day. Establish a basic but effective grooming routine, brush your hair, and trim your nails. After all, the devil is in the specifics and one of the most important fashion rules to follow.

5. Go For Quality Over Quantity 

With hundreds of tons of clothing ending up in garbage each year, environmental awareness should be enough to persuade you to buy less. However, if you are on a budget or value good value, the incentive is doubled.

Higher-quality garments not only look better, and they also wear better and stay longer. When you consider that cheaper clothing might indicate a slew of ethical issues in terms of working circumstances, saving up could literally save a life.

6. Choose Classics Not Trendy

The Classic is always a safe bet. Trends come and go, but the classic never goes out of style. Trends come and go, but the classic is here to stay. So the second fashion tip is to adhere to the classics and always choose them above trends. A spotless white shirt or a Jaipuri block printed shirt to create a neutral but stylish look. 

But it doesn’t imply you should stop exploring; rather, you should keep trying. To give oneself a new appearance, experiment with some trends every now and again.

7. Always Wear A Watch 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: every man should wear a wristwatch.

It may boost your entire style, give you the James Bond look, and connect you with history’s great men. And for these and a slew of additional reasons, you should wear one… virtually all of the time.

So, when should you and when should you not wear a wristwatch? Basically, when anything does not make sense (think: working out, playing a sport, going to the beach, etc.).

8. Study Colour Patterns & Proportion

Menswear has long been a gloomy business, mired in antiquated notions of propriety and masculinity. However, you are not required to dress like an undertaker. Color, pattern, and proportion not only offer attractiveness to your clothes, but they may also assist keep you engaged in it. Yes, they are hard to master. You can expect to make a few blunders. However, be daring and try new things every now and again.

9. Know & Accept Your Body Type

Understanding your body type is essential for obtaining a strong sense of personal style. When it comes to choosing the correct apparel, it’s crucial, to be honest with yourself about your body type and choose cuts that highlight and flatter your form accordingly.

Men have a tendency to wear clothing that is too big for them because it is more comfortable, or because they are attempting to cover their body and anxieties. This masking strategy, however, has the opposite effect.

Excess fabric, wrinkles, and drooping not just make your outline seem sloppy, but they also help you appear shorter and overweight. None of these is desirable results.

Accept and accept your body as it is right now; don’t wait till you’re perfect.

10. Dress According To The Occasion

The last thing you want to do is overdress or appear uncomfortable at a social gathering or function. You should think about the event ahead of time and select suitable attire. Dressing too formally for a casual get-together or too informally for an executive meeting can backfire.

end in nothing more than an awful experience depending on how people react to your clothing choice for that occasion

11. Practice Wearing Your Best

The average guy doesn’t have a myriad of reasons to dress in a suit and tie. Unless you’re a lawyer or a banker, that’s an outfit for special occasions alone.

Get into the habit of wearing your best clothes on a routine basis, and you’ll remove a lot of the mystery (and mental resistance) from looking good.

With nice wool coats and pants, it’s easy to get mentally paralysed. They’re more costly, more difficult to keep than cotton shirts and jeans, and make us feel more out of place. Try to convince yourself to stick with the basic fashion rules of clothing that looks nice on you.


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