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10 Ideas of Using Decorating Lights during Festive Season

During the festive months of the year, you are super excited to install decorating lights at commercial and residential spaces. They uplift the festive spirit and boost energy for the occasion.


While the holiday seasons are around, it is not surprising that decorating lights are on everyone’s minds. Are they pocket-friendly? The average cost of these lights can efficiently run anywhere from $75 to $100 per string.

It helps add up to hundreds if not thousands of dollars within the last time. If you are looking for a way to save with a light fixture, there are options. (Credit Information: https://www.twinkles.world/decorating-lights)

Decorating lights do not have to be expensive.

For those willing to go with a lower quality version, there are $10-20 options available. These lack the color changing and durability aspects of their pricier counterparts. Typically, you will find these on a more thin wire, and they may only last the season (if even that).

It is also not uncommon to see strings with broken bulbs and faulty wiring, leaving you with a series of decoration lights that no longer work. Hence string lights are a preferable alternative.

Some budget-friendly options will do the trick for those who want their lights to last for more than one season or even many years.

Various definitions of decorating lights: And, what is the purpose of using decorating lights during the festive season?

Decorating lights help decorate houses and other places during festive seasons. You can find several types and colors to match the mood and theme of the occasion.

There are many kinds of decoration lights, such as icicle lights, which mimic the shape of icicles; net light, which provides a sparkling effect; and laser light, which provides a starry or lasered beam.


Decoration lights are popular during Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, Easter, New Year’s Eve, etc. They are used to adorn the entire house with color light. The vibrant hues provide an uplifting feeling for holiday cheer and attract a lot of attention. They are used to decorate balconies, lawns, driveways, and front doors to convey a happy mood.

Christmas light sets are available in diverse colors to suit a particular holiday’s mood, theme, and design motif. Many stores have embellishments and other items for an added effect. Stores carry Christmas light kits which contain extension cords, clips, and flash switches that turn a set of lights on and off.


In certain cities, ornament lights are helpful to aid holiday traffic navigation to help motorists find their way around during the festive season. In such cases, street lamps or decorative lights guide drivers.

These are also used for public places such as parks, gardens, etc., during special occasions. Traffic signals are also turned into beautiful displays by using color light bulbs. Many cities worldwide use these decking lights to attract tourists and make the local environment livelier.


1.) Use curtains

Add some curtain hardware to your room, and hang lights behind them; the light will be reflected onto the wall, adding color and vibrancy to your space. It is gorgeous when you use white curtains because it makes the colors of the light show up more vibrantly.

2.) Use lights in the kitchen

When there is a kitchen island, then consider hanging lights above it. It’s easy to do this yourself. Hang Christmas light strands from the ceiling with light clips, and run the cords along the side of your island countertops. This is an excellent way for people who cook to create an inviting atmosphere in their kitchens.

3.) Add lights to the fireplace

Your fireplace can still seem cold and uninviting even though the fire may be burning. Fix this by hanging lights above or around the place to add color and warmth without increasing your energy bill.

4.) Use vertical spaces

When considering where to place your lights, try to use vertical spaces to make your room look more extensive and vibrant. But don’t hang them too high; you’ll want the light source (the bulbs) to be visible to create even lighting throughout your space.

5.) Use blinds or curtains to hang lights on your windows

If you have blinds or curtains, you can hang lights on them by getting a piece of dowel and pushing it through the plastic circles on your light strand; then, tie a knot to secure it. Hence, it will make your window more inviting and add color to your room.

6.) Hang lights from the ceiling

Hanging the lights can be one of the most straightforward processes for adding color and fire to your room. Just tie the light strands together in groups of two or three, then cut a long enough dowel between the ceiling and the lights.

You can leave a little bit hanging down from each end. Then run cords along your walls that will lead up to a plug box that you can turn on and off.

7.) Use lights for your wreath

If you have a door wreath, consider adding some lights to it by tucking the light cords underneath the bow of your wreath; this will make it stand out even more. You could also use Christmas lights with bows already attached to them. It is easy to add as many as you like.

8.) Use bigger bulbs for more light and color

If you desire a vibrant color, use more giant bulbs; these will give off a lot of light and make your room feel warmer and cozier. Just be careful to choose the one that doesn’t get too hot; you don’t want to light your house on fire!

9.) Use shorter strands for more intimate spaces

If you’re using lights in a bedroom or living room, consider using shorter strands that aren’t as bright. These lights will help make your space more intimate and cozy. Ensure to turn off the lights when guests are over, so they don’t feel uncomfortable.

10.) Use lights to enhance your décor

If you have other types of décor, such as candle holders or figurines, then consider hanging light strands on them so that they are glowing. The colors will show off your style and taste better than ever before. You must know that it is a great way to save money; if you don’t like the lighting you have in your room, use lights instead.

If you’re still unsure what decorating lights are, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 decorating ideas for using them. These are the creative ways to use these budget-friendly devices in your home or business setting. Check out this blog on how to create an ambiance that will set the mood and impress all your guests.

As soon as you start with the research work, you will learn about hundreds of companies offering these services. Decorating lights are ideal for enriching the beautification of the house and facilitating the optimistic vibrancy for the residents and passersby.

Without much delay, consider connecting with Twinkle’s World for assistance. They are available with unique products and ideas to ensure satisfactory results. If you wish to enjoy the difference when working with them, speak to the experts and ask them for help. For more information, please call us now.

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