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10 ideas to celebrate a bridal shower

If you are here it is because there is a wedding in sight and you are looking for the best ideas to celebrate a bridal shower that no one can ever forget. No matter how many people are going to participate, the important thing is to always focus on the tastes of the protagonist.

For this reason, before starting to organize, it is important that you ask yourself the following questions: is she discreet or does she like to be the protagonist?

Think that, even if it’s only for one day, you might prefer a small committee party, but it’s your task to find out what you can be most excited about.

How to organize and plan

Plan to organize

Let’s do it! It is time to sit down and think about the steps you are going to follow to organize the best bridal shower for your friend.

  1. Guest list: the first thing to do is take the following into account: who is going to attend the farewell? Will it be only for girls or mixed? Once you have this clear, you can start creating the guest list. To keep in touch with everyone, you can create a WhatsApp group or, if it’s a small group, organize a small meeting to plan the farewell together.
  2. Budget: it is important to talk about the budget that each person has to organize one type of activity or another. Once you know the budget there is, it will be easier to find original ideas to organize a bridal shower,
  3. Times: how long will the farewell last? It can be a day, an afternoon, a weekend, etc.
  4. Tasks: it is important to decide if a single person is going to be in charge of organizing everything or if they are going to distribute the tasks.
  5. Location: it is important to know if you will celebrate the party at home, in a restaurant, a spa or another city to think about whether you need decoration for the occasion.

Recommendations 🔮: to avoid headaches, make a boat with all the money from the budget to organize the party. You can ask guests to deposit it before a certain date.

10 ideas for a bridal shower

Now that you have everything a little more organized, it’s time to look for ideas to organize an original and authentic bridal shower that you can remember for a lifetime. Here we go!

1. Quiet breakfast and a spa morning


Perfect for brides on the verge of a nervous breakdown, this is a perfect plan to relax before your wedding. You can go look for her at her house or, if you want to take it to another level, have a limousine look for her like a real princess.

There are many spas that combine activity with a gastronomic experience.

During breakfast, take the opportunity to give her a joint gift that reminds her how much you love her. You just have to collect the photos of your best moments together and create a Photo Book that you can keep forever.

2. Weekend getaway

Weekend getaway

If you want to organize something big, a weekend getaway is perfect. You can organize from a weekend in Ibiza to a getaway to a country house.

The most important thing is to discover new corners or get lost on the best beaches for unforgettable days in the best company.

In both cases, it is important that you prepare a plan and activities for the future bride. If you want it to be a surprise, make sure she has a free weekend and give her some clues about what she should keep in her suitcase.

3. Organize a cooking workshop

cooking workshop

If the bride is a foodie, there is nothing that can make her more excited than a gastronomic party. Depending on her tastes, you can look for a cooking workshop, pastry, Japanese food, Italian food, desserts… there are many!

Idea 💡: don’t forget to take out your camera and capture the funniest moments of your culinary experience. You can share the best photos later and create a Maxi Album so that each one of you takes a memory.

4. Paintball _


Another original idea for a bridal shower is to go paintball. It’s not only wonderful to enjoy one of the best adrenaline-pumping sports out there, but you’ll also have a lot of laughs playing as a team.

Many paintball centers are adapted to hold large events, so you can surely take advantage of the facilities to organize a barbecue or group meal after the game.

5. Dance workshop

Dance workshop

Does the bride love to dance? In that case, it is imperative that you take her to a dance workshop where she can enjoy herself as a child. Surely in your city, you will find a dance hall that organizes private workshops and that has everything arranged for you to celebrate a bridal shower with a lot of rhythms.

Now all you have to do is choose: flamenco, Bollywood, hip-hop… You’ll have a great time!

6. A picnic with a photo session


How about organizing a photo session with all of you? You can go to a photography studio or make it more natural and spontaneous and let the photographers take you to a surprising place.

If the weather is good, you can organize a picnic in the countryside or in a park that you love and let the camera capture magical moments of the day. If you have a clear theme, you can come dressed for the occasion, it will be a memory for everyone.

Idea 💡: when you have the photos you can give the bride a Personalized Canvas with the best photo of the session.

7. Karaoke Queens

Karaoke Queens

Another good idea for a bridal shower is to include Karaoke. It is a fun plan to sing, laugh and lose your shame while enjoying the songs that you like the most.

Many karaoke bars today already organize bridal shower parties and offer bar and restaurant services so that you can end the party with the best menu.

Idea 💡: to make karaoke even more entertaining, you can test yourself, such as singing only songs from the 80s or singing songs with accessories that give rise to interpretation. Think about this if you are looking for costume ideas for the bridal shower party.

8. Cocktail workshop

Cocktail workshop

Perfect for an event with a lot of class and creativity, the cocktail workshop can be an idea in the purest cosmopolitan style.

Take advantage of the bridal shower to learn how to mix and shake your favorite cocktails, with and without alcohol, while you learn new combinations. A fun and interactive teamwork experience where you will surely have a great time.

9. Artistic experience

Artistic experience

If you are thinking of a bridal shower for a very handy bride, we have a great plan for you. You can organize a private craft workshop for your group and dedicate the morning or afternoon to having fun while making ceramics, a calligraphy workshop, headdresses, and flower bouquets… there are endless options!

You can organize it in a private workshop in your city or organize it as part of a weekend getaway.

10. Gourmet Farewell

Gourmet Farewell

What do you think of a wine tasting in a country house? In addition to being a two-in-one experience, it is an original, different, and tasteful activity for your celebration.

Look for a rural house that has good vineyards or a good winery that organizes wine tastings for groups. You can celebrate a girls’ weekend in the country, enjoying good wine and gourmet food, while you catch up and toast your friendship.

Games and plans to celebrate a bridal shower at home

Games and plans

There is no place like home! Planning a bridal shower party at home is a good alternative if you want to save money, if it is not possible to go outside, or if you simply prefer to organize a party with all the privacy in the world.

Here are our ideas for a bridal shower party at home and the games that cannot be missed, here we go!

1. Beauty for all

Whether it’s for fun because later you’re going out to dinner or to feel like a real queen, a professional makeup artist cannot be missing from your bridal shower party.

You will learn thousands of beauty secrets, and how to take advantage of your natural beauty and you will be able to make up each other while you have a drink and enjoy the appetizers.

2. Domestic Escape Room

To set your party, you can choose a theme and organize a themed Escape Room. Prepare an enigma that the bride-to-be has to discover together with your help and become real detectives.

If you have enough imagination you can organize it from scratch, if there are not many packs for sale that will help you organize your party. Definitely a very good game idea for a bridal shower party

3. Flower Crown Workshop

If the future bride is a lover of flowers, she cannot miss this workshop at the party. You can contact a professional who guides the activity and learn how to make a crown of preserved flowers that you can wear at the wedding. No prior knowledge is necessary, just the desire to have a good time.

4. Home Karaoke

It is a classic activity but it does not go out of style. To organize a good home karaoke you will only need a couple of microphones, speakers, and a list of your favorite songs.

To make it even easier, you can use the same Smart TV and connect to YouTube where there are hundreds of songs adapted for karaoke.

5. Home photo session

Although it is not exactly a game for a bridal shower party, it is an original idea to laugh a lot: a homemade photocall. It can be a cardboard cut in the shape of a frame that you can hold together so that it seems that you are inside the canvas.

You can also stick a large piece of cloth or paper on the wall and take photos in front of you with fun accessories (glasses, hats, beards, wigs, etc.).

Idea 💡: if you think it’s convenient, you can hire a party entertainer. They will be in charge of transforming the celebration into a fun moment, full of laughter, games, and jokes.

Decoration and costume ideas

Decoration ideas

Laughter, dancing, games, and lots of fun are the basic ingredients for a good bridal shower party. Of course, the more we do our part and the more original the party, the more successful it will be.

For this reason, we encourage you to decorate the entire house or event space and find clever costumes for this very special occasion.

Decoration ideas for a bridal shower


  • Balloons with questions: these balloons will not only serve to decorate but also serve as an original game for the bridal shower party. You just have to write 20 embarrassing questions on a piece of paper and place them inside 20 balloons. During the celebration, you will have to puncture the balloons and ask the question contained within to the bride. She will have to decide between answering or fulfilling the challenge that you propose.
  • Photo wall: decorate the wall with very large colored cardboard. Each guest should bring the most embarrassing or embarrassing photo of the bride and place it there for the bride. You can also take the opportunity to leave notes and dedications. Then, the bride must find out one by one who brought each photo. You can reveal the photos in square / Instagram format to make them more original.
  • Balloons with good wishes: hang balloons around the house (if they are helium better) and let the guests write messages on them.
  • A pinata: For those who love sweets, this pinata is a great decorating idea for the bridal shower party. They exist in many different forms with different contents, let yourself be surprised!

Costume ideas for a bridal shower party

Costume ideas

  • Disguise the bride: to prevent the bride-to-be from going unnoticed, you can dress her up as a superhero, an emoticon, a Disney princess, or a warrior from a fantasy series.
  • Who Can Make The Best Homemade Wedding Dress? – Apart from being a cool costume idea, it’s also a cool bridal shower party game idea. Divided into two teams, you will have to design a wedding dress and a bridesmaid dress, but using only toilet paper! The best dress wins a prize of your choice.
  • Accessories for everyone: at your bridal shower party no one is safe! Put on personalized bands, hats, and giant glasses, laughter is guaranteed, and the best photos too.
  • Theme party: if you have decided to theme the party, it is mandatory that you all go dressed up according to the theme. Here are some costume ideas for a birdal shower party: Las Vegas theme, pirates, the 20s, the Wild West, medieval party, or zombies.

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