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10 Things to Know Before You Hire an HVAC Contractor

It is important to hire the right HVAC contractor for your home or business. Hiring an HVAC contractor that doesn’t know what they are doing could lead to higher energy bills. You could also experience more frequent breakdowns, and costly repairs in the future. Hiring the right HVAC contractor can save you money down the road.

Professional HVAC contractors will provide you with estimates for your project. However, it is important to get these from at least three different companies. This way you can compare apples to apples when making your decision. You need to make sure the HVAC professional has proper licensing and insurance. If they don’t or if they are not members of any trade organizations such as NATE, choose another HVAC contractor.  If your chosen company is not licensed properly, you may have to put up with poor quality workmanship and carelessness on their part which can lead to costly repairs in the future.

HVAC contractors must provide you with a copy of their contractor’s license before they begin any work. They should also carry an HVAC liability insurance policy. In case they fail to provide the mentioned documents, you should contact another HVAC contractor for the job. A good HVAC company will have an EPA certified professional come out and test your air ducts in order to ensure that there are no contaminants or chemical buildup which can cause health problems down the road.

The best HVAC companies do not charge extra fees just because you want additional services such as ensuring that there are no contaminants or chemicals present in your home’s ventilation systems. If this service isn’t provided by them at no cost.

To help you find a qualified HVAC contractor for your project, we have compiled this list of 10 things you should know before hiring one.

1) Is the License Up-to-Date?

Check with your provider to see if you’re hiring state-licensed HVAC contractors. Hiring a HVAC contractor that doesn’t have their license up-to-date could lead to some serious consequences. State and local government bodies typically hold HVAC contractors personally responsible. So, make sure the contractors follow the rules set forth by law. It is important any HVAC contractor you hire has all of their licenses and permits in good standing with the state and local authorities.

2) Does the Company Provide References?

HVAC contractors should be able to provide you with a list of referrals from previous customers. Hiring an HVAC contractor that cannot give you references is not the best choice for homeowners or business owners looking to have some work done on their home or property. If your HVAC contractors do not take the time to get a list of referrals from previous customers, you should avoid them at all costs.

3) What Type of Certification Do They Have?

HVAC contractors should have HVAC certifications from NATE or some other type of HVAC certification. Hiring an HVAC contractor that doesn’t have the proper credentials will more than likely lead to a negative experience and poor-quality work, so it is important to make sure you choose a HVAC contractor with the right certifications for your job.

4) How Long Has the Company Been Established?

The HVAC company should be at least 5 years old. Hiring an HVAC contractor that has not been around long enough to establish themselves as a reputable and reliable business is not the best choice either. HVAC companies with experience in the industry will typically be able to provide much better work than those without, so make sure you hire a HVAC company who has ample time behind them before making your final decision about which HVAC contractor you want working on your project.

5) Does the Company Employ Premium HVAC Equipment?

HVAC contractors should have equipment that is reliable, effective, and efficient. Hiring an HVAC contractor who does not have the proper tools for the job will be expensive in the long run. Since such a decision will cost you a lot of time and money in repairs down the road. You can catch them using HVAC equipment that is either inefficient or unreliable. Hire a HVAC company with premium quality tools to ensure your home or business has optimal heating and cooling performance throughout every season.

6) Does It Have Positive Reviews?

HVAC contractors should have positive online HVAC contractor reviews. Hiring an HVAC contractor that doesn’t have many good HVAC company reviews is not the best option either, so make sure you do some research on other people’s experiences before hiring a HVAC contractor for your project. HVAC companies should have a plethora of HVAC contractor reviews from previous customers so you know exactly what to expect when they show up for your job.

HVAC contractors can help homeowners and business owners to keep their HVAC systems healthy.  Nevertheless, you have to hire a qualified and reputable provider to get the job done properly. Hiring an HVAC contractor that doesn’t meet any or most of these criteria will more than likely lead to problems down the line in addition to wasting both yours and their time too. Make sure you choose wisely before hiring someone for this type of work.

7) Does the Company Have a Great Track Record?

HVAC contractors should have a superb HVAC contractor track record with an abundance of HVAC company reviews. Hiring someone who has not been in the HVAC industry long enough or doesn’t have many HVAC company testimonials is not the best option either, so make sure you hire someone for this type of work that has an abundant history within the HVAC field too.

8) Do HVAC Contractors Offer Written Estimates?

HVAC contractors should be able to offer written HVAC contractor estimates. Hiring an HVAC company that doesn’t have detailed, itemized, and specific cost breakdowns for their work is not the best option either because they typically can increase costs during the project after it has already begun. Hire an HVAC contractor who offers low-cost estimates with everything spelled out in black and white so you know exactly what your total bill will be before any of the work gets done.

9) Do the Contractors Perform Ductwork Inspection?

HVAC contractors should perform HVAC ductwork inspections before they begin any work on your property. Hiring an HVAC contractor who doesn’t offer this type of inspection is not the best choice either. Make sure you choose someone for this job that offers it in writing and with a smile too.

10) Are They Charging a Fair Price?

HVAC contractors should never charge a price that is “too good to be true.” Hiring someone who charges too low is not the best choice either. So, make sure you hire one with these qualifications and more before making your final decision about which company you will hire.


HVAC contractors can help you with HVAC system installation, repair and maintenance, or any other HVAC related functions. Are you choosing vetted professionals? Note that all HVAC contractors are not made equal in terms of experience etc. Hiring an HVAC contractor might seem easy when you first look into it. There is actually a lot that goes into the process. Hiring someone who doesn’t meet most or all these criteria will lead to problems down the line during your project.

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