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10 Things We Can Do If We Get Sports Injury

Sports injuries are caused by any exercise or while playing any sport. Adults can get sports injuries too but the kids are more at risk to have sports injuries. The reasons for this can be lack of regular activity, lack of warming up properly before any type of exercise or lack of playing contact sports.

Types of Sports injuries

There are different kinds of sports injuries. The most common sports injuries are:


Tearing of any ligament or overstretching cause sprain. Ligaments connect two bones in a joint and they are pieces of tissues.


Tearing of muscles or tendons or overstretching results in strain. Tendons connect muscles to bones. Strains are usually mixed with sprains but these two are completely different issues.

Knee injuries

Any injury that is related to the movement of knee can be sports injury. It can be due to an overstretch of a muscle or tendon in the joint.

Swollen muscles

Swelling is the reaction of any kind of sports injury and it can be painful.

Achilles tendon rupture

It is a powerful tendon at the back of the ankle. During sports and exercise, this tendon can damage or break. Due to this, the person feels sudden and severe pain and difficulty in walking.


Broken bones are also known as fractures. Fractures are mostly very common in sports injuries.


Sports or exercise can cause a dislocation of bone. It is very painful and causes swelling and difficulty in moving that part.

Rotator cuff injury

The rotator cuff is made up of four pieces of muscles. It helps to move our shoulder on all sides. If there will be a tear in any muscle it can weaken the rotator cuff. The person will feel the pain to move his shoulder.

Treatment of sports injury

The common treatment for sports injuries is RICE method. It stands for





In mild sports injuries, this treatment method is helpful. It can heal the person in 24 to 36 hours. If the sports injury is severe then the patient should see an orthopedic surgeon in Lahore for proper treatment. A person should go for a check-up if he is feeling the following symptoms:

Severe swelling and pain

Instability in walking or moving

Crunching or popping sound in the joint when you walk or move

The person is unable to put weight on it

Severe sports injuries can require surgeries if the surgery doesn’t heal with medications.

10 things we can do if we get sports injury

For a professional athlete or sportsman, it is very difficult to spend the time when he gets any sports injury. The first days or weeks after injury means leaving all your routine work behind, staying out of the gym or off the field. When Best Orthopedic doctor sends you home after a sports injury, it is very important to do rest or it will take longer time to heal.

Here are 10 tips which help you to recover quickly without getting out of shape or practice.

Sleep in

When you are injured your body needs to sleep and rest more than usual because you are using more energy during rest. First thing you should do is to turn off your alarm and let yourself sleep until your body tells you to get up. In this time when you are immobile, will help you to recover quickly and lessen the pain. Don’t make oversleeping your habit, it is just for your speedy recovery.

Creative elevation

If you are staying at home or work with an injury you should gently elevate your injury. Put your leg or arm on the cushions or prop up on the back of chairs, random furniture, or even on very tolerant pet or family member. It will help you to recover early. Make elevation a fun game and do it on every part of the house where you stop.

Long hot bath

After the swellings go down due to ice and compression in the first few days, you should take a hot bath. It will help you to get better make your body parts feel relaxed.

Restore your motion and function

After the swelling down and when the pain decreases you should start the exercises that your doctor prescribed you. You should move your body gently. If you do not follow your doctor and remain still or lying-in bed your body will take time to heal. Also, it will take more to get back to work and in a normal routine.

Regain normal gait

Many athletes after a leg injury, think that they are not capable of walking normally and they have lost their gait. If the patient is walking normally then he is ready to get back to sports, but if there is a limp in his walk, he is not allowed to take part in games and exercises.

Regain muscle strength

After any injury that keeps you away from taking part in any sports for a length of time, he needs to get his muscles strength back to its normal routine. He should get weight training exercises that can make his weekend muscles strong.

Regain endurance

Most of the athletes or sportsmen regain their endurance very quickly. In regaining endurance the person should not put stress on his system. Working out 30 minutes in one week is enough to regain endurance.

Regain skills

If a person is injured and out of practice for a long time, it is not easy for him to get back his skills immediately after an injury. He should work and do practice continuously before taking part in any sport.

Light aerobic activity

After a sports injury, the sportsman should start with light aerobic exercises to increase an athlete’s heart rate. He should not do any kind of weight lifting.

Regain confidence

When a person is suffered with any kind of sports injury and out of practice, he is suffering from psychological loss as well as physical injury. So it is very important for him to not only physically healthy but also psychologically as well.

We hope that above-mentioned practices will help you get instant relief from sports injuries. However, if you still feel any complication do visit your nearby orthopedic doctor for a complete examination and solution to your problem.

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