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10 Tips to Study for JEE Advanced in Smarter Way

With the second wave of COVID-19 and surge in the cases, the year 2021 has been worse than last year when the Covid-19 started in India. Some of the top engineering entrance exams like JEE Main, BITSAT has been postponed and JEE Advanced exam is supposed to be delayed too. This exam is scheduled to be held on 3rd July 2021.  There has been no official announcement yet from the exam authorities, but it’s bound to happen to look at the current situation of the country.

As we all know that JEE Advanced is the gateway to the IITs, the dream institute of every Engineering aspirant. The preparation for the exam must be top-notch. The current situation seems quite gloomy and can dent the aspirants’ preparation, but they should not lose their focus and keep their confidence.

An exam like JEE Advanced requires a thorough analysis of the concepts for the right kind of preparation to get a higher rank. And to be thorough with the exam concepts, you must plan your preparation strategy and follow some tips that could help you sail through.

Let’s check out some of these tips that would prove handy for you in pursuit of JEE Advanced and help you ace the exam. Read on:

1. Get Your Things Together

Be coordinated. That’s the thing when it comes to keeping your things together. If you have the habit of keeping your notebooks, books, and other study material casually here and there, then you’re asking for trouble. You will never find the book you need most when it matters.

Toppers make sure they don’t follow this casual approach and hence keep their study material orderly. It saves your time and keeps things well-managed.

2. Avoid Distractions

A distracted person can’t focus on their studies. Never! The chronology is simple. You get distracted, you waste more time, and therefore can never complete your exam syllabus on time. Keep those distractions away; it proves very helpful.

Whenever you feel distracted by your mobile phone, TV, or anything else, take yourself away from it and avoid being distracted. While It’s challenging and simple at the same time, but you can’t complete your syllabus in time if you stay distracted.

3. Don’t Memorize everything, Understand the Concepts

Concept clarity is much important factor to clear any exam, so understanding the basic concepts and formulas of every subject will help you during the exam. Memorizing works for a short time only so If you rely on memorizing everything, you’ll never be able to complete your syllabus in time.

Rote-learning can’t help you crack an exam like this. The secret to scoring high is concept clarity, and it can only be attained by taking concept tests and constant practice.

4. Don’t Waste Time in Classes

We know you are not going for any coaching classes due to COVID-19, but we are sure that you will soon. It applies to those as well who will be appearing for JEE Advanced in the next year or the year after that.

If you want to make sure that your preparation gets completed on time. In that case, it’s crucial to pay attention to everything taught in the classes rather than unnecessarily wasting time.

An aspirant who is serious about their studies will never waste their time and pay full attention to the class. If you’re committing yourself to crack JEE, then you better be prepared to take the hard route and work hard to achieve success.

5. Maintain Right Notes

The best thing is at your disposal is note-making. they are the best for revisions and last-minute preparations. You should create short notes on a daily basis after you study a formula or a concept. It will help you with revising those points later. Maintain separate notes for important formulas and equations.

Keep a record of your most frequently made mistakes. Also, list down all important questions. Go through them every day. Your mistakes will reduce, and your scores will improve.

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6. Clear Your Doubts ASAP

Doubts are part of your preparation. It’s okay to have doubts, but it’s more important to get them solved. Your preparation will suffer if you keep piling up your doubts and It’s would get hard to keep up pace with completing your syllabus.

Whenever you feel any doubt, get them cleared from your teacher/mentor/coach or friend. When you keep getting your doubts cleared, it will be a burden less on your mind, and your JEE Advanced preparation can move swiftly in the right direction.

7. Find the right reference books

While NCERT is more or less sufficient for clearing the JEE Main, you need advanced level practice to crack the Advanced exam.

You will find hundreds of book suggestions online but pick the book that you find easy to understand. Additionally, you need not consult 4-5 reference books for a subject. One book each for physics, chemistry, and maths will suffice.
Here are some of the suggestions for the best books:

Physics: HC Verma, IE Irodov, & Resnick, Halliday, and Walker

Chemistry: OP Tandon, P Bahadur

Mathematics: RD Sharma

8. Clarify Basic Concepts

Before delving into JEE preparations, know the all JEE syllabus and understand the basic concepts present in the syllabus. Evaluate your knowledge of basic concepts from each and every topic and subject.

Make sure that no concept is left untouched during your preparation. The better your concept knowledge, the more would be your chances to crack the exam.

9. Test your online exam readiness

For some years most of the entrance exams are being held online. Many students are still new to the online mode of examination and this creates a problem for them as most of the students don’t know how to operate a computer.

Why not already have a proper online practice beforehand to avoid any confusion or surprises on the exam day? Solve online mock test papers provided by various websites and become exam-ready.

These tests are timed and help improve your speed and accuracy. They also help you in figuring out your weaknesses and strengths.

10. Solve Previous Year Papers

Year after year, top JEE Advanced rank holders, in their interviews, have shared the importance of solving the previous year’s question papers; and we can’t agree more.

They are the best means to analyze the type of questions you may get in your JEE Advanced paper. Previous year’s papers will help you with time management and increase your speed and accuracy for the exam.

After you finish studying a topic, try to solve the related questions asked in the exam before in past years. So, prepare yourself and solve at least the past 5 years’ question papers for helpful insights.


These are the challenging times we are facing these days. The above-shared tips could help you streamline your preparation. All it takes is true dedication for your studies and the dream you want to fulfill to see yourself as a part of one of the most prestigious institutes in India, the IIT.

Keep the spirits high, we know that the times are tough, but you are tougher. Conquer all your fears and give the best possible performance in the exam. All the best for your JEE Advanced exam.

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