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2020’s Best macOS Apps For Web Developers

The life of a web developer mostly revolves around creating and testing applications, writing codes, using programming languages, integrate audio, graphics, videos into a website, and monitoring website traffic. They are responsible for the construction of a website and how it looks. But some advanced applications can take some of the workloads off their shoulders.

We have mentioned some of the apps that are available for free, that a web developer can use to increase their productivity.


This is a great app where you can build and test web apps and even host a production web server on your desktop. The creators of this app have rebuilt the UI and added a status bar that helps you keep tabs on your websites and server. All your databases and files are safe as you can take a backup on this app or store them on iCloud, Google Drive, or Dropbox to keep them synced with your Mac. They also have a VirtualHostX Pro version that uses modern UI for faster web service restarts and other exciting features. The guide to install VirtualHostX is available on their website.

iPhone Emulator

To use this app, you have to sign in to the Apple Developer or create a new Apple ID and password. This app helps to test the websites, and before downloading this app, you will have to install Xcode from the App Store.


This open-source app will help you compress your files in 7z, zip, tar, DMG, ISO, or rar format and export them in CAB, RAR, EXE, PAX, and other formats. It uses AES-256 encryption for 7z files and Zip 2.0 legacy encryption specification for Zip files. You can easily store huge files by splitting them into pieces. It automatically deletes the source file after compressing or extracting them. It requires Mac OS X 10.9 or later. You can download this app directly from their website.


It is a GUI application for Sass, Less, CoffeeScript, and Compass framework. The real-time compilation feature listens to the files and automatically compiles them when it notices any changes in files. It also provides support for the project to create a global configuration, and if it finds any error during compilation, it will show you an error message.


This app will work as your automation assistant, which lets you use the drag and drop procedure to create and run automation recipes to perform simple and complex tasks. You can create a contextual menu to rename files, change file extensions, crop multiple images at once, and create thumbnail images easily using this app.


This app combines multiple documentation in an organized and searchable interface. You can easily find the documentation, syntax, functions, finding codes, and code snippets on their website in one place, on their webpage. This also works offline and on mobile. Also, you can install it on Google Chrome. It offers a lot of keyboard shortcuts that enable you to work faster.


It is a powerful and intuitive translation editor app that translates the apps and sites with the support of gettext APIs. This app is used by many PHP and Python projects. It checks all the boxes for safety. You can easily manage the files and templates as it offers an intuitive interface. It has built-in support for Crowdin to provide effective collaboration. It provides access to all your projects so that you can translate everything directly from the app.


It is a companion app that helps you drag icons to any software. All of their icons have at least 20 tags for effective search. Their icons are available in various styles, and you can browse from over 50 categories that include around 50 to 200 icons each. You can let the app generate a re-colored version of SVG or PNG by picking any color of your choice. This app also features vector icon files with high-grade paths and strokes. It lets you build your font; all you need to do is pick the icons of your choice.

Sequel Pro

This database management app gives you direct access to your MySQL databases on both local and remote servers. It offers web development companions to help your workflow get streamlined easily. It requires macOS X 10.6 or later to work efficiently.


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