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4 Scented Candle Buying Tips for Your Home

When you’re planning to buy scented candles for your home, most of the time, the most important quality you’re looking for is the scent. The candle scent indeed plays a crucial role in making up its overall quality.

The scent is also a massive factor in our lives. Many of us are drawn into different kinds of odours that can set our mood throughout the day. Scent triggers emotions, connections, and nostalgia.

We may be very keen on the odour, but most of us do not know how to choose a scented candle correctly. Given the fact that there is a wide array of choices of scented candles, a lot of us are often overwhelmed. We end up confused and not knowing which one to choose.

Here are our best tips for buying the most suitable scented candle for you and your home from sites like House2Home to solve this problem.

Base Your Choice on the Scent

Scented candles are a sure-fire mood-setter that creates an instant ambience depending on its scent. So, choosing the right scent is essential. Scents have different effects. Some are soothing, relaxing, and some are energising. Just imagine buying a bottle of perfume; it’s pretty much the same as buying a scented candle. We all have scent preferences, and it’s important we apply the same idea when we choose different kinds of scented candles.

If you want your home’s atmosphere to be relaxing, choose calming fragrance like lavender or eucalyptus. To awaken your home’s atmosphere, you can select bitter orange, zingy lemon, or jasmine that can revitalise your energy. Meanwhile, an exotic scented candle such as pine and sandalwood is an effective stress reliever that can be placed in your yoga room or bathroom.

Choose an Appropriate Place for Your Candles

It is imperative to consider where they will be placed because scented candles have different effects. For example, your bedroom should have scented candles that promote relaxation and soothing effects to help you sleep comfortably. Avoid placing scented candles with a strong and revitalising aroma in your bedroom. It’s best for your kitchen to place an odour-neutralising scented candle to remove any unpleasant smell coming there. You would also not want to place a heavily scented candle in a small space such as a bathroom or powder room.

Determine the Burn Time of The Candles 

The candles’ burn time depends on their size, wax, shape, and wick position. Always remember that it is pointless to buy a scented candle that has a very short burn time. When purchasing a scented candle, make sure the wick is short to prevent the flame from getting bigger that melts the candle quicker. Also, make sure the wick is placed on the centre of the candle to burn it evenly.

Choose an Appropriate Design

Since scented candles are also considered an ornament, especially when it is not being lit, it would be best to select lovely designs. There’s a wide array of scented candle shapes and designs you can choose from sellers like House2Home. Just make you select the design and colour that perfectly fits with your home’s interior design.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’re done reading this post, we’re very confident that you’ve likely gained a stronger grasp on how to choose the most suitable scented candle for your home. Always remember to choose the scent or fragrance of the candle that you believe suits your preferences.

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