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5 different ways to wear a shirt

The dress shirt is essential pieces in men’s clothing everyone already knows, right? An eclectic item, the shirts can be used from occasions that call for more formal styles – such as work and weddings, to cooler places like clubs and dinners. What sets all these looks apart are their combinations, ranging from the choice of fabric to the choice of accessories and other pieces that make a difference in the final composition.

But ah, before we present different ways to use the shirt, let’s remember an important point when using this very famous piece: the size.

It is very important to pay attention to the size of the collar, wrist, length, shoulder and waist. It may seem like a detail, but being with the shirt in the right measure makes all the difference in the final result.

Now that we’ve talked about this, let’s check out some ways to use them:

Dress shirt with a underneath

This combination is perfect for those who are looking for a cooler and more informal option for wearing the shirt. It is perfect for use in trips to the cinema, theater, museum, shopping trip.

The tip here is to pay attention to the pattern, the fabric and the style of the two pieces: they must match each other. No putting on a rock band t-shirt with a linen shirt, right? Want to know a combination that has no error? White t-shirt with plain linen shirt.

Dress shirt with male shorts

Different from what many think, yes, you can wear a shirt with men’s shorts. One of the most important points of this topic is to ensure that the shorts used are casual – and that they are not sports at all! Bet on men’s shorts in the tailoring or chino style: the shirt with short estampado combination is perfect for dinners at friends’ houses or for a walk on the beach.

Dress shirt with jeans

Another great option for wearing shirts is with jeans. Excellent for work environments that do not require a suit or even for clubbing.

For this combination there are two options: the shirt outside or inside the pants. If you are going to wear it out, the shirt should ideally cover the belt, but not exceed the horse in the pants. If you want to use it inside, the best thing is that it is not too wide so that it does not overlap, but it is also not short and tight – after all it is good to be able to raise your arms right haha

Dress shirt with chino

Chino pants are those pieces that lie between casual and formal – it is not even jeans, but it is not social pants either. When combined with the shirt it brings a tidy look, but not totally formal like the suit and tie.

As in the case of use with jeans, the shirt can be used in or out of the pants and its “rules” of use also follow the same.

Dressshirt with tie

Even though it is the most obvious use for shirts, we still have some tips:

  • Invest in printed ties and scarves: the secret to this look is never to match the same pattern on the two props;
  • Differentiated ties are a great bet: slim, butterfly, knitting, prints…
  • Pay attention to the colors of the suit, tie, shirt, scarf, shoe and belt: they must be in harmony;
  • The sleeve of the blazer must end at the bone level of the wrist;


The shirts allow you to use and abuse accessories such as cufflinks, rings, mix of bracelets and / or necklaces. The rule for its use is to have common sense and always remember that these accessories are there to enhance your style and show your personality even more.

These are a few touches for you to wear and abuse shirts in every way possible! We hope you enjoyed it and if you have any questions, call us and we will be happy to help you!

1 Clock

Let’s start with the basics: the watch, also known as “the man’s jewel”. If you want to use a single accessory in your look, this is the best option.

The watch matches any look, in any social situation. The key is to choose a suitable one for the look. For example, steel models are incredibly versatile. From “jeans + t-shirt” to “suit + shoes”, you can wear it with ease.

With leather models, more caution should be taken. The more minimalist ones have a social characteristic, so they should be used in more elegant and formal looks. Those with an aviator footprint – with different features on the display – are suitable for casual looks as well.

2 Bracelets

Following on the wrist, there are also bracelets and bracelets. Can you use it on the same arm as the watch? Yes. Can you use it on the other arm? Yes.

The models in leather, steel or both mixed are excellent bets, as they bring a contemporary air to the look. Stone bracelets are also on the rise, especially rustic ones.

One tip is to use a combo bracelet together. This creates a very cool and modern effect giving the accessories more prominence.

3 Rings

Yes, gentlemen, the rings are not exclusive to women. When a man knows how to use it, it can be very stylish too.

The advice here is to adopt more robust models. The style and format may vary and you can choose the one that suits you best. Assembling a combo with 2 or 3 rings in your hand also gives a sensational result.

Oh yes: give preference to steel or silver rings, which are more versatile. You can even use a gold model if you want, but in general they are excessively flashy, a little more difficult to combine.

4 Necklace

A beautiful necklace with a stylish pendant always helps bring personality to the look. Just like in the case of rings, I recommend the silver / steel models instead of gold – which is more striking and, instead of enriching your look as a whole, can attract the eyes only to him. An alternative, too, is the leather necklace.

With the pendant you can choose at will. There are dozens of options, for all tastes: arrow, anchor, triangle, military theme, feathers, helmet, etc.

An important detail when wearing a necklace is its height. I do not recommend leaving it too high, above the chest, nor below the navel. The belly and chest area is a better choice for this accessory.

5 Socks

A few days ago I wrote here at El Hombre a text on how to wear colored socks. They are on the rise and can add a lot of personality to your look.

If you are wearing sneakers, I recommend going for the basics: a half sneaker, which is well dug and does not appear on the ankle. It is as if you are without socks, but without the danger of getting foot odor. The same goes for the social shoe.

But at the time of boot, you can dare with a colorful sock, especially those that bring some pattern. The basic tip to combine this accessory with the look? Steal the color of some other piece of your clothing, like the T-shirt.

6 sunglasses

Did you know that science has already proven that sunglasses make us more attractive? So it is necessaire. It turns out that they bring symmetry to the face and, moreover, give us a mysterious air. So it is worth investing in some beautiful model.

The classic wayfarer, aviator or clubmaster models are infallible. You can bet without fear. But there are others, too. Then the thing is to try it at the store and see if the accessory looks good on your face.

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