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5 Good Reasons To Use A Pizza Steel

If you like pizza and want to make your own, you can go online and choose among the many easy pizza recipes available. Then you’ll just need to gather the ingredients and a few basic kitchen tools.

One of the most important pizza-making tools is a pizza steel. Also sometimes called a baking steel, it is a popular way to make crispy and delicious pizza. Many cooking enthusiasts say it makes better quality pizza compared to a pizza stone.

Why is that? What do pizza steels have that pizza stones do not?

  1. Better conductor of heat

Pizza steels are made from steel, which is an efficient heat conductor. This means that heat moves faster from the steel surface to the pizza crust, cooking the pizza quicker and more evenly. Pizza stones, on the other hand, are made from clay or ceramic, which is not as good at transferring heat as steel. Pizza steels are also superior in terms of heat retention. Not only do they cook pizza in a shorter period of time than pizza stones, but they also keep it warm for longer. They are also more likely to keep crusts crispy and crunchy.

  1. More durable

Two important characteristics of steel are strength and durability. These make pizza steels almost indestructible: they do not break, crack, or shatter and are highly resistant to thermal shock. In comparison, pizza stones can crack or break if exposed to very high temperatures or high moisture levels. They are also prone to thermal shock if you pre-heat them and place cold dough or food on the hot surface.

  1. More cost-effective

On average pizza steels cost more than pizza stones. However, because pizza steels are much more durable, they last much longer, which makes them better value for your money. Wouldn’t it be smarter to buy a more expensive pizza steel that lasts for years rather than a cheap pizza that will need to be replaced several times?

  1. Variable sizes

You can find pizza steels in a variety of sizes and shapes. Round pizza steels come with 14-inch or 22-inch diameters and have thicknesses of ¼, ½, 3/8, or ¾ inch. You can also buy a rectangular or square pizza steel with dimensions of 22 inches x 14 inches or 14 inches x 14 inches with varying thicknesses.

  1. Versatility

In addition to making pizza, you can use your round, rectangular, or square pizza steel for other purposes, too. When baking bread, you can use pizza steels instead of the usual bread or loaf pans. This should allow for the bread dough to cook well. Using pizza steels as a grill press also works. Simply, wrap them with aluminum foil and then preheat them with your grill or oven. Once done, place them on top of your roast cuts. So if you want to be on your way to making restaurant quality pizza at home or want to pursue other forms of baking, this product is ideal, as it allows you to do a lot and control your cooking and baking experience.

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