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5 Situations When You Must Use Hazard Lights

When to use hazard lights? Should you use hazard lights when reversing? Should I install hazard lights on my motorcycle? All of these are valid questions and every motorcycle Rider must ask himself or herself before getting out on the road. Using hazard lights is an important thing that many motorcyclists completely forget or ignore because you are either not aware of the uses of hazard lights or they are not convinced that hazard lights can keep them as well as other riders safe. We will touch on some of the most important aspects of hazard lights vis-á-vis motorcycles.

Should I install hazard lights on my motorcycle? 

Most modern motorcycles above a certain price range Come away with hazard lights installed in them from the factory. If a motorcycle did not come with hazard lights pre-installed from the factory it might be a good idea to install some aftermarket options.  The two primary reasons for doing that are, first, hazard lights are very important when you are riding in a low light condition. Using the hazard lights will let other Riders to see you in case you have to slow down to avoid a hazard ahead. The second reason that you need to install hazard lights on your motorcycle is because it is one of the most commonly used alternatives for faulty indicator lights. If for some reason your motorcycle indicator lights become damaged, or develops a problem you can use the hazard lights for the time being and stay safe by indicating to other Riders behind you that you are about to change lanes.

With that out of the way now let us see what are the five different situations when using a hazard light is recommended. 

When Your Vehicle Breaks Down 

Mechanical things are prone to damage and fault that you can anticipate all the time and even if you maintain your vehicle in its perfect working condition there might be situations when it serves the following problems in the middle of the highway or a busy road. When that happens, you will have to be Slow down the vehicle and Park it to the side of the road but when you apply the brakes the brake lights do not actually indicate that you are in a troublesome situation which is why using the hazard lights will clearly caution riders behind to slow down as well and avoid hitting you.

When You Are Riding In Bad Weather

 riding a motorcycle in bad weather is not recommended in the first place if it is possible you should reschedule your itinerary and wait until the weather becomes better. if that is not possible it is recommended that you take a car inside of riding a motorcycle on that day. in the real event that neither of these options are available for you can ride a motorcycle by making sure that the hazard lights are always on until you reach the destination or the weather lifts up. remember that during bad weather the visibility drops significantly which makes it very difficult for Riders behind you to spot you on the road. using the hazard lights will give them a clear indication of your presence on the road and they will be able to take evasive action to avoid hitting you. 

When You Are Changing A Flat Tyre 

there may be times when you have to change a flat tire on the road or plug a puncture in the middle of the road there is no assistance to come to your aid. In that case always make sure to switch on the hazard lights and Park the motorcycle safety to the side of the road away from traffic stop if you were in the middle of the lane when the fire punctured use indicator lights to Slowly get to the side of the road.

When There is a Funeral or Procession Ahead 

In some countries and in certain localities it is common for funeral procession to come to the road and that is usually a slow-moving traffic condition. If you are riding a motorcycle or a car behind the profession then you need to slow down as a mark of respect and let other vehicles behind you know that there is slow moving traffic ahead. Using the hazard light is the safest way of doing that.  

Emergency Stoppage 

If for some reason you have to stop the vehicle in a spot where there isn’t a legal parking facility, you can avoid the hassle of being penalized by keeping your hazard lights on while you solve the problem. This however is not guaranteed to give you an exemption and depending on the place you are riding the bike in, violating parking laws may be punishable. Always make sure to park in a non-parking area only if you have a justifiable emergency. 

In addition to using hazard lights, always make sure to wear all riding safety gears such as a branded motorcycle helmet, riding gloves and boots at all times. It is also a good idea to install reflective tapes on your bike for additional road presence.  

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