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5 Steps To Protect Your Teen Drivers

You have a teen at home

You have a teen. Teenagers or “young adults” are young people who are a unique and often contradictory race. They strive for individuality as a group but want to accept others. You act as if you know it all and yet lack a lot of experience. They feel invincible but often uncertain. Some young people are thriving on testing and difficulty. Some of them could be self-destructive.

Do not give up your power

One of the most common features of difficult young people is that they love to push and react negatively to your buttons. This can be done in several different ways, including teasing, disobedience, not listening, talk, throwing temperament, breaking the rules, dismissal, bargaining, and provocation. The more reactive and upsetting you get during these moments, the more the youth thinks they have power over you.

Managing conflict

A difficult teen is the first rule of thumb to keep yourself cool. The less responsive you are to provocations, the greater your judgment will deal with the situation. If you feel upset or challenged by a teen, take a deep breath and count gradually to 10 before you say or do something that may make the situation worse. 


You would have regained calm in many cases by the time you reached ten and found a better answer to the problem so that you would reduce the problem rather than exacerbate it. If you still feel upset when you count on ten, take a break if you can, and check the matter again when you relax.

Establish clear limits

Since most teenagers want more autonomy and selfishness, some will inevitably challenge you to test their strength. It is very important to establish boundaries to maintain a workable and constructive relationship in these situations. 


The limits must be clearly and specifically articulated. Those limits that are fair, reasonable, and can be used consistently are the most effective (also called ground rules, home rules, team rules, or codes of conduct) if you’ve been dealing with a hard teen without clear boundaries for a while.

Setting healthy boundaries

First and foremost, you are treated with respect in almost every situation. This means that you will also give her or her certain respect and privileges if the teenage woman respects you.


A list of interpersonal, family, classroom, team, or employment rules may also be presented, respect, and depending on the situation. Where appropriate, the list of boundaries should be relatively brief but clear.

Use effective communication

Author and former President James Humes noted that “The language of leadership is the art of communication.” This statement applies in particular to the cooperation and motivation of teenagers. Faced with a difficult young person, strengthen your position with assertive communication skills.

When dealing with a difficult group of teens

Being a teen is hard. Dealing with one of them is harder. Many teachers are aware that it is not necessary to deal with each offender individually if you encounter a group of disruptive students in class. Often the rest of the group will follow when they are firm on the leader and keep their line. Another management method is to physically separate the disadvantaged people (by assigned seating, workshops, etc.) to be less likely to clique and feed one another.

Keep humor and empathy in mild situations

If teens are difficult, show empathy by not over reacting in relatively mild situations. Instead of frown, answer with a smile. Say in humor: “She’s going back there,” and then get on with your business.


Keep up the din. Don’t say what to do in trivial things to a teenager. Persistent unrequested counseling can at best be considered chic and a threat to the individual selfishness of the young person. This could make you the “enemy” or the “other side” at worst. Let the teenager have a good room.

Your teen and their new car

Your teenager may have just turned 16, meaning they likely have just received their driver’s license and are more excited than ever about their new freedom. Despite your teenager’s excitement, however, you may be a nervous wreck and want to ensure you are doing everything you can to take care of your child. 


The statistics are accurate that car crashes are one of the top causes of deaths among teens, but there are safety protocols you can put in place to prevent this statistic from coming true. Follow the five tips below to help provide safety to your teen driver on the road.

1. Make a Contract

Before your teen driver can start driving wherever they want to go, you need to agree with the rules that you have in place for them. Ensure that you list out the behaviors they need to follow in the car, like always obeying the speed limit or always wearing their seatbelts. You should also make rules about how many people they can bring along with them for the ride, however, and about a specific curfew. Finally, make sure that you both sign off on this contract and that you follow it just as much as your teenager does to establish trust.

2. Give Them Responsibility

When you give your teenager some responsibility regarding the finances for their cars, they will likely drive safer. You may want to cover their insurance unless it increases in price, for instance, and teach them about how these prices increase. Explain that the more tickets or accidents your child gets into, the more likely the rates will go up. You may also even want to make them pay for gas if they ever use more than what you designate that you will cover for the week.

3. Download Mobile Apps

There are several mobile apps that you can download on your teenager’s phone that will ensure they are safe on the road. These apps will put the smartphones on do not disturb not to receive notifications while they are on the road. In addition, some apps will keep track of how often your child used their phone while driving or even the speeds they were driving at. IF your child is on your mobile device while driving, they increase their chances of getting in a car accident.

4. Teach Car Maintenance

Sometimes, accidents and other road issues occur due to road maintenance issues while your teen is on the road. Teach your child the basics of checking their oil or how to replace a tire if your child happens to get a flat. There are even training classes to take your child to learn about these essential car maintenance tips. Ensure that they also know how to move their seats and their steering wheel to be comfortable and in the right position for driving.

5. Track Their Location

Finally, if you are worried about where your child is while driving, put a GPS tracker on the car. You can discuss with your teenager that it is for their safety so that they do not lack in trust you. This will help you know where they are at any time, especially if you have not heard from them or are not answering their phones. Ensure that you have this device if they are the more rebellious type; always be aware of someone else’s surroundings.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to drive is an exciting time for your family, especially if it is your first driving child. However, you do not have to worry when you put the proper safety precautions into place with your teenager by agreeing on a set of rules. 


You can start today by discussing with your teenager how you can give them freedom while still ensuring their safety no matter where they are. Allow your children the freedom to drive without sacrificing, ensuring that they do not run into an accident or any other issue at any time.

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