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5 Tips For Decoration of Your House

Interior design trends are evolving day by day according to the user’s requirements and comfort level. These days the home decoration trends are moving more towards minimalism where less is more. In the current scenario, the designers need to come with home interior design ideas that are aesthetically more pleasing and also budget-friendly. Most of the Residential Projects in Pakistan are small to medium-sized houses and apartments. Therefore, adding too much stuff into a home for decoration would suffocate the environment plus make it uncomfortable. So, people are always in search of ideas that don’t grab the space and also make the interior of their homes look more pleasing.

Below are few tips for decorating your house in line with the recent trends popular among Pakistan Housing Schemes:

  1. Transform old furniture:

Before and After: A Stylish Living Room Transformation | Living room transformation, Living room remodel, Living room decor brown couch

You can paint your old couch, bed, dressing table, side tables, and chairs, and even your door and cabinets. Moreover, you can draw and paint the backboard of your bed and couches on the wall to make it look more creative. For curtains, you can replace the holding straps with fancy chains and hooks. You can also include new furniture. This can give your house a new look.

  1. Cover your walls with wallpaper:

Wallpaper Vs Paint: Better Option For Walls

Wallpaper is the best item for instant transformation of your bedroom, living room, or kitchen area. This is a very affordable tool to give your house a new look. You can wrap up different things with different wallpapers. You can apply wallpapers on cabinets, windows, and around the mirror. You can also wrap the lampshades with a printed cloth and change the handles of doors and cabinets. Moreover, you can also paste printed papers on the doors in contrast colors and develop a creative look. Hand-painted murals on the walls can also be used.

  1. Wall hangings:

Prismatic Wall Hanging Decor | Hanging wall decor, Hanging decor, Diy wall

Using wall hangings to decorate the home would be the best idea. You can go for the antique designs according to your taste. You can hang plates especially blue pottery plates in different patterns and designs, Moreover, mirrors could be hung. Mirrors could be with or without frames. You can decorate your wall gallery with paintings and even photographs of you and your family. Floating shelves are also a good option that would help you in arranging your stuff while also not taking up a lot of your space. If you have shelves then you can decorate them with vases and pots. This too will give it a very artistic look. Buying a chandelier is highly recommended. it can be hanged in the living room, drawing room, or dining room. It can be a bit expensive but it’s a one-time investment.

  1. Use blue pottery products:

Blue pottery Jaipur | Neerja International Inc

Handmade blue pottery has become a very popular decoration tool in Pakistani houses, recently. Blue pottery product is made with white clay in blue and white. The designs and patterns on blue pottery products are handmade so these products are considered sophisticated artwork. This pottery is quite affordable. They are beautiful and always in fashion no matter what is the setting of your room. These blue pottery products from Multan are very famous within the country however the recent advancements in online shopping have added to the market of these products. These websites provide discounted prices and packages online and can be easily purchased.

  1. Indoor plants:

6 creative ways to include indoor plants into your home décor

Plants can give a fresh and cool look to your home. It is a very affordable way to give your house an appealing look. Plants that can be used indoors include money plants, bamboo plants, snake plants, and peace lily, among others. You can add a variety of indoor plants with different colorful pots. You can paint the pots with your own desired colors and designs. Artificial plants and flowers can also be included. However, they are matchless to fresh plants and flowers. Fresh plants are more attractive and also contribute to giving a smooth fragrance along with decoration.



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