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5 Tips to Get Good Quality Silage for Cattle

Getting the best silage quality for your cattle is essential for their wellbeing, especially in the winter season. Following the tips below can help people who are having problems achieving such results. This will work if you grow corn yourself or you purchase corn silage for sale from a manufacturer.

Keep your plants healthy

If you do not care for the plants in your farm, the yield will reflect the neglect as well. Low quality of plants will always result in low quality corn production. This eventually will stop you from getting the best silage you can for your cattle. Therefore, it is important to take good care of your plants.

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Keeping the plants healthy that will be the main source of silage should be your priority. The main reason behind doing so is the amount of sugar content present in the plants. The higher the content in the plants, the better the fermentation will be. Which will result in high output of starch content.

If you do not care, and the sugar levels are of low amount then the chances of mold and yeast growth increases. In layman terms, keep the plants healthy to get the best quality corn silage for your cattle.

Optimal Moisture

It is crucial to get the right amount of moisture content in the silage so the right bacteria that produces lactic acid can begin the process of fermentation the correct way. If you do not control the moisture and it is too low during harvest, you might begin to see mold and yeast growth in the silage. Such things are the number one reason cattle tend to get sick after you feed them.

Similarly, if you let too much moisture in the silage during harvest, it will result in clostridia fermentation which can lead to food poisoning in cattle. Additionally, it also results in a bad smelling silage. Hence, controlling the moisture content in silage during the harvest is the key to get the best quality silage possible.

Chop Length

Another factor that can determine the quality of your silage is the chop length of the crop. It is important to determine the right length during the harvest. Though it can vary, the ideal chop length should be around 3/4th inch to 1 inch if you are going for sixty to sixty-five percent moisture content. Additionally, you will also need to monitor the kernel processing.


Like mentioned earlier, an adequate amount of sugar is required to let the desirable process of fermentation to occur. If you harvest immature corn, there might not be enough sugar, rather it will all be starch.

This is never desirable since the lactic acid bacteria do not have the capability to properly break down starch in the corn. Hence letting the plants mature properly is the key to achieve the right process.


Even if you do everything correctly from the beginning, if you are not packing the silage properly, it will get wasted. Oxygen within the silage is never a good sign, and will only yield low quality of silage. If there is oxygen present in the silage after, the chances of mold and yeast growth are increased.

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Hence, always pack the silage as tight as possible. Further will need to cover the silage as well. A high-quality plastic that will reduce the amount of oxygen to pass through the cover.


Remember to consider the tips above when handling your silage for your cattle. If you do not grow corn yourself, you can always purchase them from a reputable cattle feed manufacturer.

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