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6 Rules for making the most of an international team

The world is shrinking, in fact, it can fit in one computer or even a smartphone. The Internet gives us more and more opportunities, including fundamentally new tools and business models. You can hold a meeting or conference through a video call in a popular messenger.

Send out hundreds of newsletters in seconds using automated systems and applications. Communicate with business partners in any language thanks to online translators. Recruiting and interacting with employees around the world is no longer a problem. An international team is capable of both strengthening a business and ruining it to the ground. How to make the most of an international team?

Here are the main reasons why having an international team in the business is a significant plus:

1. Freedom of action – freedom of choice.
2. Exploring new markets.
3. Saving resources.
4. Competence and personal interest of employees in work.

To improve the efficiency of your business and international team management, make sure you follow these guidelines:

Constant contact with the manager.

Not every second, but once a day or a couple of days. For employees working remotely, reports, meetings, planning meetings, seminars are also needed. A manager from a variety of means of communication must select those that will allow him to regularly and most effectively interact with each of his employees. Help him, guide him, correct mistakes.

Local laws.

The first step is to study the laws of the country in which you decided to hire an employee. You can contact a lawyer from that country with pre-drawn questions. It is important for you to understand how taxation works, what are the rules and traditions when paying salaries, what additional contributions for an employee exist.

Understand and use national characteristics.

The nuances of the mentality of different nations require an individual approach. For example, western people love to argue with their superiors and express their opinions on all issues. On the contrary, employees from eastern countries, due to the religion that requires obedience, never argue, and do everything as the leader says.

Time consistency.

Different time zones of employees require accounting for their work productivity at different times. This is important when scheduling conferences or business meetings with partners.

Digital tools.

In order for the international online working team to work, managers must include a number of new digital tools in their business life. They need to create a prototype of a real office for employees. This will ensure that managers are always available and will motivate employees to work as usual.

How to effectively manage a team remotely and which platforms to use for this:

1. Online Meeting

Start your workday with an online meeting in Zoom, Google Meets, or Whereby – on any platform that is comfortable for you.

Such a virtual conference can be organised for department members or project participants. The main goal is to enable each person to “report” on what he did yesterday, what meetings he has planned, or what he will work on today. This will keep the entire team to be informed of plans, progress, and major news. Such conferences should become a routine ritual for a remote office.

Additionally, motivate the team to organise weekly online heart rate meetings for specific functions. For example, the employees in charge of the customer support center might have weekly discussions about their work.

2. Use Google Calendar and mark all scheduled appointments

Encourage your team to send requests for online appointments on the calendar and mark their opening hours to make it easier to determine the schedule of employees in other countries.

First, it will help achieve absolute transparency about how the employee’s day or week went. Secondly, it will really make the administrative and organisational part of the work easier for the team, because the calendar will always be at hand.

3. Find your online messenger for constant communication within the company.

It could be Slack or Google Chat. It is important that this platform should become the main one for your company. Create group chats and actively discuss corporate issues in them. For example, product managers may have a chat to inform the team about the launch of new functionality, the business development department may have a chat to discuss business client requests.

The online manager should become a kind of the core of the employee telecommuting ecosystem. The best solution would be to find one employee app that will include all the features that your team needs.

Principles for creating a multinational team of like-minded people

You can teach your employee how to do something right, but it is much more difficult to teach someone how to think correctly. You can hire a professional who does not share the values ​​of the company, and he will turn everything upside down. Or you can hire an inexperienced employee who is loyal and believes in the mission of your company, ready to work and develop.

And it doesn’t matter from which part of the world he works. Business management of any company is, among other things, psychology. It helps to come to an understanding between employees and management, correctly build business relationships, assemble a team that will work as productively as possible with each other.


In order for employees to achieve a certain result, working remotely, good management and motivation from it are necessary. Moreover, management does not mean constant control, but the formation of the direction of the team’s work. People need to feel the constant support of the project manager, and they need to be flexible.

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