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6 Ways Cloud Computing helps Small Businesses

It would be not wrong if we call cloud computing services to be the future of small, medium or large scale businesses by looking onto the increasing dependency of the respective that is growing every day and so is the demand for Top Cloud Providers.

Read this article to discover the ways by which it is revolutionizing the business mechanism along with the top 10 cloud service providers of 2021.

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Top Ways Cloud Computing helps Small Business

The 6 reasons that are mentioned below will inspire you to invest in the Best Cloud Platform to upscale your business.

Improved Collaboration: Cloud Services can be easily accessed by any device no matter the location, all that is required is an internet connection that makes it support better collaboration. 

Managing Growth: One of the most important factors that make it feasible for small businesses is its scalability. 

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Lower Costs: Inculcating cloud services in business operations will help you to save a tremendous amount of cost that otherwise would have been demanded maintaining servers, power and cooling along with software licensing and frequent updates.

Secure Data Back-Up: You do not have to worry about creating back-ups if you integrate cloud solutions into your business functioning. It automates the back-up process onto the online locations that can easily be retrieved if in case of any unexpected event.

Greater Reliability: Opting for cloud services are more reliable when compared with other on-site hardware and software solutions. Moreover, cloud service providers hold a great deal of experience that makes it easy to solve any IT related issues on a real-time basis.

Effective Resource Management: Cloud services are a preferred solution as they come with numerous resources in handy, making off-site data easily accessible whenever required. Moreover, it takes only a couple of minutes (or may be somewhat more) to retrieve the data whenever required. 

Top 10 Cloud Service Providers

The Cloud Service Providers mentioned in this table are known to provide the Best Cloud Computing Services of 2021

  • Amazon, Inc.
Amazon, Inc. is a successful company that deals in providing effective cloud services along with other established businesses such as e-commerce, digital streaming etc.
  • Microsoft
Another US-based tech giant making its name into the list is also popular for providing cloud-based services that are known by the name Microsoft Azure. 
  • Google
Everyone is well versed by the name Google and its robust cloud services in the field of artificial intelligence, machine learning, database, data visualization etc.
  • Alibaba
Alibaba is a Chinese multinational corporation that has proven capacity in a variety of domains such as e-commerce, internet, retail, and now the cloud. At present, it has its global outreach in 19 regions and 56 zones.
  • IBM
Another US-based tech giant that has been extending its cloud services across many other technologies like blockchain, internet of things and much more. Moreover, the acquisition of Red Hat is now suspected of meeting further expansion in the existing cloud services.
  • ServiceNow
ServiceNow is a US-based MNC with its cloud domain prevailing by the name ServiceNow® ITOM Optimization. The company claims to live by the motto of making its cloud services more agile for the small, medium and large businesses.
  • Salesforce
The company primarily focuses on providing high-end cloud services for enterprise solutions (mainly for Customer Relationship Management). Its cloud services are being availed by some of the well-established companies of their field such as Unilever and T-Mobile.
  • Oracle
Yet another big name making its way into the list is Oracle. The company has ventured into many cloud computing services with the recent acquisition of CrowdTwist (2019) with an aim to empower brands to extend personalized services.
  • SAP
The first German-based software development company in this list, SAP, provides enterprise-level cloud computing solutions. 
  • Tableau
Tableau is renowned for its exceptional data visualization and analytics services that are engineered by cloud services. The company records its revenue in the fiscal year 2019 as 902.0 million US dollars.

Businesses entering the Cloud Era

The on-demand availability of digital resources that are witnessed by availing the cloud services has created a global buzz due to which the technology is fetching tremendous investments and the tech giants listed in the article are the prime examples of it. 

Approaching Top Cloud Providers will help you subscribe to the services into your business functioning.

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