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7 Signs You Need To Change Your Dentist

Going to a dentist is nerve-racking so thinking that you have to change your dentist is very stressful. Unfortunately though, it is something you need to seriously consider in the event that some red flags appear. This is exactly what we will talk about in the following paragraphs as we highlight the main signs that it is time to make a change in what dental office you go to.

Not Requesting Old Dental Records

The staff at the dental office needs to ask for these records even before you go for the very first appointment. This is because a huge part of dentistry is to track problems and see if changes appear. Some problems are apparent but when the dentist has access to previous records (this is especially the case when referring to X-rays), developing issues are easier to recognize.

In addition, the dentist needs to ask if you had x-rays done in the past six months. This is because when x-rays are repeated too soon, unnecessary radiation exposure appears and you do not have medical benefits. Healthy patients only need x-rays done once every two years.

Using Older Technology

It is enough to mention digital x-rays to highlight how important this is. These are so much more exact than the old radiographs used in the past. A Weston Creek dentist can easily diagnose some cavities that would not even appear on the traditional x-rays with this technology.

Basically, the one thing that should be remembered in this case is that the dentist you go to should not use old fashioned technology. Change your dentist whenever you see something that looks very old and you research it to figure out modern dentists no longer use such tech.

Not Caring About Germs

You should not go to a hygienist or a dentist that adjusts lights, taps on keyboards and digs through drawers while using the same gloves that are then used to poke in your mouth. Also, we have to discuss tools sterility.

In a good dental office, instruments are stored inside sealed bags. They are also heat-sterilized. Gloves have to be changed several times during a single procedure because this is common practice to limit cross-contaminations.

Lack Of Oral Cancer Screening

It is common practice for the dentist to check the patient’s mouth for oral cancer signs once every six months. Most people believe that oral cancer is not something to worry about, that it is rare. In reality, in the past 20 years, oral cancers connected to HPV increased 3 times.

The dentist needs to perform a very simple exam to check for signs like abnormal patches or lesions. Also, dentists need to feel your lymph nodes, together with checking the throat, gum tissue, and cheeks.

Extensive Work Recommended

This is not always a sign that you have to change your dentist. However, it is something that means you need to maybe consider it. When you regularly go to a dentist and then you visit a new one that tells you your mouth is filled with cavities or that fillings have to be replaced, this is a red flag. You need a second opinion.

There is always the possibility that a dentist misses something. However, when you go to a new dentist and you are told that really extensive work is needed, you might be faced with some sort of scam.

In a similar way, you need to be careful with dentists that recommend procedures simply because they are being covered by your dental insurance.

Upselling On Dental Crowns Or Caps

Nowadays, dentists have access to numerous dental materials. This means that teeth can be restored with the use of bonded restoration. This molds a special composite to teeth that are affected. When you have at least half of your tooth, the procedure can work.

Basically, what this means is that when the dentist does not give you several recommendations and simply upsells something as the only option (including dental crowns), you should conduct your own research or ask for a second opinion.

Selling Extras

Dentists need to focus on your teeth and promote really good dental hygiene. They should not meet monthly sales quotas. When the dentist is selling dietary supplements with the claim that this will help with oral hygiene, it suggests that they simply try to sell something in order to make extra cash. The same thing goes when referring to dermal fillers and Botox. These should be done by plastic surgeons and dermatologists anyway.

Final Thoughts

The fact that the signs mentioned above are visible does not necessarily mean that it is time to change your dentist. However, they should be seen as some clear red signs that this is a possibility. It is very important that you get second opinions whenever you feel that you are being taken advantage of. Just as with many things in life, your instinct should be considered.

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