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8 Essential Things to Know Before You Visit a Hair Transplant Clinic

Are you worried about the rapid loss of hair or balding at some spots of your scalp? Well, rapid hair loss can effectively hamper your self-confidence. So, why would you lose your self-confidence due to hair loss when you can get your hair back quite easily with the assistance of the hair transplant clinic? The reasons behind hair loss can be many, such as widespread thinning of hair, loss of hair due to chemotherapy, certain medications, infection in your scalp, thick scars or surgery marks etc. Whatever the reason can be, when it becomes tougher to grow hair naturally you can simply opt-out for hair transplantation which is effective enough. However, the decision-making can be tougher if you are not well-informed about the idea of hair transplantation. Hence, this article discusses everything you need to know before heading towards a hair transplant clinic. Have a look at these basic points.

  1. A quick idea about hair transplantation

Hair transplantation refers to the method of adding more hair to the particular area of your head where there is balding or thinning. The process involves harvesting hair from the thicker part or maybe some other parts of the body and then further grafting it to the affected area.

The method of hair transplant was first used in Japan in 1939. The initial process used the transplantation of single hairs on the scalp. Over the years the hair transplant experts have further developed the technique of plugging which includes transplantation of the large tufts of the patient’s hair. Over the decades, surgeons of the best hair transplant in the UK have further developed techniques such as mini/ micro-grafts for offering more natural-looking hair on the scalp.

  1. Effectiveness of hair transplant

Before you take the decision of hair transplant it is important to know whether it is effective enough or not. Hair transplants are comparatively more successful than any other form of the hair restoration process. Hence here are some of the factors that you must know.

  • The transplanted hair can become thin over time just like natural hair.
  • The transplanted hair can grow back fully within three to four months with a success rate anywhere between 10-80%.
  • Since most of the hair transplants are done using existing hair, it may not be effective in cases such as baldness, widespread thinning of hair, loss of hair due to chemotherapy etc.
  1. How does the process of hair plantation work?

The complete process is done in much of a strategic way with the best hair transplant in the UK. The process involves collecting the hairs that you are already having. Further, the hair is transferred to the area where you lack hair. Usually, the hair is collected from the back of your scalp. However, sometimes the hair can also be taken from some other parts of your body.  The process of hair transplantation includes a thorough process of surgical actions. During the starting of the treatment, the entire area is sterilized and then it is numbed using a local anaesthetic process. After that, hair is extracted from that numb area for further surgery progression.

  1. Various types of hair transplantation:

Hair transplantation comes with two different processes based on the type of treatment procedure. Here are the types of hair transplantation processes to know about.

  • FUT or Follicular Unit Transplantation:

The FUT is also known as the Follicular Unit Strip Surgery which is done using a thorough long-tail procedure at the hair transplant clinic. In the FUT process, the surgeon uses a scalpel to remove a small piece of the scalp from the back of the head. Further, the area is stitched from where the scalp is removed. The surgeon then separates the strips of the scalp into various small sections which are called grafts. After that, the surgeon will make some small holes in your scalp area and will insert the hair using the grafting process.

  • FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction:

The FUE is another popular process at the best hair transplant in the UK. It is less painful and leaves minimal scars after the treatment. In this process, the hair is shaved off from the back area of the patient’s head. After that, the surgeon takes individual hair follicles out of the collected hair. Similar to the FUT procedure small holes are made on the scalp and hair follicles are grafted into the holes.

  1. What to expect from the recovery process?

Based on the patients and expertise of the doctor the recovery process might differ.  Both the FUT and FUE can take somewhere between several hours or several days to get cured. Patients are usually released the same day after the treatment. After the completion of the surgery, the bandages or gauges are removed carefully. Sometimes triamcinolone is injected by the surgeons to soothe the swollen area. After the surgery, you can expect to feel slight pain or soreness at the area of transplantation and at the donor area.

  1. Is there any need for any kind of medication?

Based on the condition of the area the surgeons of the best hair transplant in the UK might prescribe various kinds of medications. Here are some of the most prescribed medications.

  • Antibiotics to prevent any kind of infections
  • Medications to soothe pain such as ibuprofen
  • For stimulating the growth of hair medications such as finasteride or even minoxidil are often prescribed
  • For the swelling purpose medications such as oral steroids or anti-inflammatories are prescribed
  1. How do you take care of yourself after having a hair transplant?

In order to ensure that your hair transplant treatment is paying off properly, it is important that you are having complete aftercare. Here are the aftercare tips that you can follow thoroughly.

  • Do not wash your hair exactly the day after your surgery. It is a good idea to wash your hair after a few days using mild enough shampoos.
  • You must not brush down the new grafts of your hair for around 3 weeks after the surgery.
  • Make sure you are not wearing any hats or pullovers until your hair transplant clinic permits you to do so.
  • It is a good idea to not have any exercises for about a week just after the surgery.
  1. How much will the hair transplant cost you?

The cost of hair transplantation works as one of the major factors in your decision making. Usually, the cost of hair transplantation ranges somewhere within $40000 -$15000 for each of the sessions. However, the cost can depend on a multitude of other facts. Here are the factors which can affect your cost.

  • The type of surgical technique suitable for you
  • Extension of the transplantation procedure
  • Experience of the doctor who will be attending you
  • Cost on basis of the geographic location or country
  • Medications that are needed after the completion of the surgery

One thing you should definitely keep in mind is that hair transplantation fall under the category of cosmetic treatment. Hence the health insurance policies that you have availed of will not pay for you.


If you are suffering from the problem of loss of hair, then hair transplantation is always a better idea than any other way. However, if you are thinking of getting a hair transplant done then make sure you have collected all the information about it. In case you are looking for a reliable hair transplant clinic in the UK, feel free to reach out to Want Hair Ltd. It is one of the best hair transplants in the UK offering brilliant solutions with advanced technologies and affordable pricing.

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