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8 small business tools for online and offline sales

It’s difficult to choose the right tool for your company when there are so many available. Sales aren’t only online. You’ll also need offline tools.

In 2019, a top goal for small business owners and sales professionals is to generate more qualified sales. It is becoming more difficult than ever to do so, as there is more competition in almost every niche. The right tools will help you reach the right leads at just the right moment. However, most people limit themselves to online tools. They should also emphasize offline tools. These are eight small business tools that can be used for online and offline sales in 2019.

8 Tools to Help You Sell Online and Offline

  • PandaDoc
  • JetGlobal
  • Coworking
  • FocusMe
  • Postalytics
  • Twitter
  • HubSpot
  • Unbounce

1. PandaDoc: Protect Your Customer Data and Contracts

Cyberattacks on small businesses in 2017 claimed 61% of them. This is a very high risk, especially for small businesses. We hear a lot about large corporations being attacked by hackers or leaked data, but smaller businesses are equally at risk.

Your customers must trust you when it comes to sales of small businesses. You must also use security software to manage contracts and invoices that you can trust.

There is no longer any need to send old, clunky PDFs that aren’t professional or secure. Old PDFs that don’t connect with your CRM also make it difficult to enter additional data.

PandaDoc software can handle sales proposals, contracts of work, quotes, and secure document signing, regardless of whether you’re meeting face-to-face or online.

PandaDoc customers report 28% increases in closing sales.

2. JetGlobal: Use Business Intelligence Dashboards

HubSpot’s State of Inbound states that improving the efficiency of sales funnels is one of the top priorities for sales teams.

Sales are lost because of gaps in your sales funnel. Many gaps are caused by incorrect data. Poor understanding of your data can lead to poor sales results, regardless of whether it is the wrong customer data, personalization data, or time of contact. Even though you are a small business owner, every sale has an effect on your downstream profits.

Drag-and-drop functionality allows you to drag blocks of configurable (or templated), data like key performance indicators and customer information. Data is everywhere. However, useful data is not. To better understand your clients, create dashboards. Your sales will rise.

3. Coworking Spaces: Close Deals Offline

Sales tools don’t exist only online; they can also be used offline with software or tech products. The old-fashioned sales methods are still relevant. Sales professionals consider in-person meetings to be a major source of closing sales deals.

You might only be online if you are a small business. The need for real estate is decreasing and becoming more expensive. It’s important to close professional, large-ticket sales. It happens in coworking space. Expansive is one example of a coworking office that’s popping up everywhere.

Many startups and small businesses are turning to coworking, which can be found in many places across the country. To provide a premium, professional experience for large clients, you can make use of a coworking space’s conference rooms, lounges, etc.

4. FocusMe: Improve Sales Efficiency

Online sales management can be difficult for small businesses. You need to move from one tab to another and from app to app. Sales efficiency can rapidly decline, regardless of whether it’s a spreadsheet or your CRM, a schedule, or all three.

It is easy to get distracted online in a matter of seconds. If you’re selling small businesses, you need an app that eliminates distractions. FocusMe is an excellent option that offers many features, including time tracking and website blocking.

You can, for example, block certain websites that distract you, allowing you to concentrate on the task at hand.

Any website that may distract you from your work can be blocked. FocusMe can be used to track sales time and generate detailed ROI data. Sales efficiency is crucial to generating higher profits, whether it’s keeping your mind clear of distractions or tracking your time.

5. Postalytics: Understand Direct Mail Is Far From Dead

Although direct mail might seem outdated, it is still a great way to communicate with customers. Direct mail is still very popular, even though many of its competitors have moved to digital marketing.

This is a sign that you are more visible and less spammy. 54% of consumers would like to receive mail from companies with information, offers, or promotions.

This is the ultimate dream for sales. It is not easy to manage offline analytics, tracking, or ROI.

Postalytics is a great option

Postalytics can be connected directly to your CRM to allow you to tailor direct mail to specific targets, segments, or groups of leads. You should not neglect offline sales marketing. It can be very powerful for the right leads.

6. Twitter: Social listening

Social media is a great way to generate sales. Social media is a great way to promote products and interact with customers every day. Platforms like Instagram won’t be your greatest wins. Facebook will not be your biggest win.

Instead of thinking about direct sales, think of social media as a tool for brand awareness and social listening. Social listening offers many benefits. These include product feedback, customer service improvements, and, most importantly, new customers.

You can solve customer problems if you understand their pain points.  It can help them become loyal customers if you are able to solve them. You could connect with people via Twitter to turn them into customers. Brand24 is an example of a social listening tool.

Brand24 had a conversation with a user interested in social listening tools. This sparked her interest and likely resulted in a sale. Monitoring your content marketing efforts to increase brand awareness is another benefit.

You can, for example, promote your podcast on social media to see how it does compare to video. Before you put them on a sales page, you can test the effectiveness of new calls to action.

Twitter is the best social media platform for listening to social signals because it’s mostly text-based. Twitter allows you to perform keyword searches. This will allow you to search for brand signals and pain points.

7. HubSpot: Get ready for offline meetings with Persona Data

A good CRM is essential for any sales team. HubSpot is currently the champion of CRMs. You can try the waters with a free forever plan. It includes insights, contact deals, and actions for each lead.

Sales success depends on reaching out at the right moment. Don’t reach out too soon and you risk overwhelming leads. If you reach out too late, your nurturing process will be ineffective. HubSpot can help you with this.

HubSpot CRM is a great CRM to manage contacts and leads, and help you reach the right people at the right time.

8. Unbounce: Create Sales Pages in Minutes

Personalization is the key to small business sales. This is probably why your customers choose you: You’re a small business that cares about your customers and not treating them as if they were just another number.

Personalization is a must if you want leads to becoming sales. This becomes increasingly difficult in an increasingly digital world.

One method that has  prove reliable and time-test is to personalize landing pages. This landing page is an example from Housecall Pro. You can see that it is targeted directly at a very specific niche (plumbing).

Take a look at the landing page. It looks almost identical, right? It is almost identical, right? But, it targets an entirely new niche: electricians, which speaks directly to visitors’ needs.

Housecall Pro goes beyond just providing bullet points. It taps into the emotions and leads to higher close rates.

This type of development can be very costly. Unbounce is a key component of your sales tools suite. Drag-and-drop landing pages can be created, customized templates can be developed, and published in under 30 minutes. Unbounce makes personalization easy and affordable.

Diversify your online and offline sales tools

Martech has seen a boom in recent years. This is because these tools can help expand your lead pool, make connections and automate repetitive processes. However, all this innovation has led to us neglecting our roots: offline sales. These eight tools will help you communicate better online and offline with your customers, and increase sales.


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