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A Buyer’s Guide To Purchasing Automotive Parts Online

Online shopping has exploded in recent years. Name a product or service, and it will be available online. The same can be said for the automotive products range in UAE. Buying car parts online isn’t something wholly new, but it often raises more questions than answers.

While owning a car is a luxury and a fulfilling experience, it can be costly because of continuous maintenance. Replacing car parts and paying for maintenance can sometimes become hectic due to frequent visits to garages or showrooms. But because of online shopping, things have taken a swift turn for car owners.

The internet has made shopping easy for us, and we can buy parts at a lower price from wholesalers hundreds of miles away. However, we are always at a risk of getting duped by dishonest sellers. Nonetheless, with a bit of caution and a little research, you can enjoy a safe online shopping experience while saving you time, trouble, and money.

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Your Guide To Purchasing Car Parts Online

Virtual automotive parts shopping is surprisingly similar to traditional car part shopping. The ultimate aim is the same: to acquire the best possible parts for your car without putting too much strain on your wallet.

Still, there are certain things to look out for to ensure you’re not wasting your time or money. Let’s have a look at them:

  • Know What You Want

The first step in purchasing car parts online is understanding what you need. Whatever you buy, from tyres to lubricants to car batteries, make sure you understand its mechanics first.

As car spare parts are relatively expensive, a thorough assessment of what you need and the budget involved should be your top priority. After getting your list prepared, stick to it, and don’t get tempted by impulsive buying.

  • Check The Product’s Compatibility

Before ordering any replacement part online, make sure you properly check the original part. With so many alternatives to choose from, you can find yourself ordering the wrong one. As a result, compare all the specs of your current part(s) to those provided on the internet.

Another common mistake most people make while buying replacement parts online is not checking the auto part’s compatibility with their vehicles. You can’t just buy any random product and expect it to function well with your car.

Therefore, it is better to buy the parts compatible with your car to enjoy a better vehicle performance. You may also seek valuable advice from online automative service providers to get better option for a replacement car part.

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  • Buy From A Genuine And Reliable Seller

With countless auto part stores online, it’s difficult to determine the difference between genuine and fake. However, if you play your part and do some research, you can find an honest and competent automotive seller online. For example, if you want to purchase tyres for your car, go for Michelin tyres offers as they are known to be the best tyre brand in UAE automotive market.

It is always better to research the seller’s website beforehand. Check the customer reviews on the website. It will give you an idea about the legitimacy and quality of their products and services. While you may not personally inspect the required parts when purchasing online, you can ensure that you are buying from a trusted seller having a solid reputation in that industry.

Tyres are the primary component in contact with the road, and therefore you need to pick the ones that can offer optimum performance. As a car owner, it is integral to follow consistent maintenance and have adequate knowledge about their functionality. But before we indulge into that, let’s talk about why Michellin Tyres can be a wise decision you can make for your vehicle:

  • Compare Prices

The next step is to compare the pricing of the parts across multiple online platforms. You won’t be able to know the exact price of each vehicle part, so you’ll have to rely on the seller’s website.

You shouldn’t click “buy” as soon as you see your desired product(s); instead, you should look for it on several sites as well and then compare the prices and buy from the one that offers the best deal. But you have to be aware of the traps. It could be a fake or faulty product if it is too good to be a deal.

  • Understand The Auto Part Terminologies

A Buyer's Guide To Purchasing Automotive Parts Online 2

When it comes to automotive parts, there’s always more than one choice. Automotive parts are most often categorized in these three types: genuine, OEM, and aftermarket.

Becoming familiar with these acronyms can save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars and help with your vehicle’s overall safety and performance.

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  • Genuine:

    Genuine Replacement Parts or OE (Original Equipment) is the exact part installed on your vehicle when it was first manufactured. As genuine parts bear the business logo, genuine parts are a bit more expensive than others.

  • OEM:

    OEM abbreviates for Original Equipment Manufacturer. This category signifies that the parts were created by the same company that created the parts for the automaker. It is the identical part that came with your vehicle, but it lacks the manufacturer’s logo. OEM components, too, are very reliable and typically cost less than genuine parts.

  • Aftermarket:

    Also called generic parts. An aftermarket part signifies that it has been made by a company never been contracted by a major carmaker to be their original equipment manufacturer. Although a major automaker has never contracted the company, these parts fit and perform just as well since they are generally produced with the same materials and machinery.

Knowing the different choices can help you narrow down your options as you’re buying auto parts online.

  • Check The Website’s Policy

It’s common for websites to deliver the wrong products because of certain errors. It’s not big of a deal unless the website you just bought from has no customer service structure or return policy in place. You would be stuck with the wrong car part without a return policy.

So, before you click the buy button, check the site’s return policy from which you are purchasing.

  • Payment Methods

So you finally clicked that “Buy” button and are waiting for your desired car part. Unfortunately, with so many fraudulent activities and scams taking place right now in online shopping, you need to ensure that your transactions are safe. Always make sure that your transactions are secure. Only buy from reputable suppliers who will interact with you and not wait until you’ve sent 100+ messages before responding with an automated response.

Your payment method is also an important thing to consider. Make sure the seller accepts multiple payment options too. Also, watch out for currency conversion fees and credit card transaction fees.

To Conclude

So there you have it! Some tips to help you find quality auto parts online, such as automotive paints, lubricants, and/or batteries, without wasting your time or money. When purchasing car parts online, make sure you follow all of the instructions to guarantee a perfect match for all your auto part needs.

For those looking to buy high-quality auto parts, check out wholesalers such as CTC – a subsidiary of the well-renowned Al-Rostamani Company, to help you with all your automotive needs. Check out their site today!

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