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A Complete Review of BroVPN

BroVPN is one of the most interesting VPN services that can do a lot of things in a bit different way. It has a Peer to Peer (P2P) network and a VPN hybrid approach. It has a lot of impressive features, but along with that, its speed limit is very constraining. It has a small network and comparatively slower speeds, and you need to always log in to the website to switch to the server locations. Yet it has some impressive features too like the free plan, lots of payment options, and no ad interruptions.

The P2P network/VPN hybrid service means that it has a combination of P2P network technology and the traditional VPN architecture with the help of which your traffic gets routed through other nodes or peers on the network.

BroVPN is amongst some of the new VPN providers. It got incorporated in 2017. It is a Russian service that currently operates in over 8 countries and has over 16 servers. It operates in the US, UK, Poland, Germany, Netherlands, Finland, France, and Canada. With BroVPN, you can connect a vast number of devices.

BroVPN: Pricing

BroVPN has both premium and free plans. There are certainly some limitations with its free service. You need to firstly sign-in to use the free service. Once you are signed in, for starters, the speed will be limited to only 4 Mbps, which is only a bit faster than surfing on a 3G network. In addition to that, you only get a single location at a time. If you want to switch between eight VPN servers of the service, you will have to log in to your account.

If you opt for the premium plan of BroVPN, your speed will increase from 4Mbps to 20Mbps. And it will give you access to the location of all the servers at a time. Along with that, you will get a dedicated channel. The monthly premium plan costs $10 per month, but it will lower down to $7 per month if you opt for the six-month subscription. It will lower down even more to just $5 per month if you go for the annual plan.

BroVPN: Streaming

It doesn’t matter if you sign up for its free plan, which has a speed limit of 4Mbps or go for its paid plan with a speed limit of 20Mbps. There are times that even the 20Mbps speed limit of its paid plan may frustrate you if you are streaming Netflix or Hulu.

It might also not give you access to some of the services like BBC iPlayer, US Netflix, HBO Now, or even Hulu.

BroVPN: Privacy & Encryption

Both free and paid services of BroVPN offer various privacy measures like the OpenVPN, IPSec, IKEv2, PPTP, and the SSTP. Its FAQ section states that “we also do not collect, store or sell your personal identification information, and we will never do it.” Also, the service does not access the logs of its users.

BroVPN: Support

It provides excellent user support. You can contact the company on Telegram or by sending a mail, and you can expect the reply within a few hours. Even though it provides great user support, it will be extremely helpful to the users if they add a live chat support feature on their website.


BroVPN’s is one of those services that provide an ad-free interface even in its free plan. This is pretty impressive. It offers a P2P network/VPN hybrid setup. Even though it is an excellent service, it might not be enjoyable for some users because of its speed limits, especially if they are paying a price of $10 per month and that too only for the speed of 20Mbps.

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