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A Detailed Guide About WhatsApp Screen Recorder Software

To live in this advanced digital world is both blessing and a curse. We are living our lives in this technological era of WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social media applications. They make it easier for us to connect with the entire world with just a single click. We are taking advantage of them for both personal and professional purposes.

WhatsApp is one of the leading social media apps in the whole world. The good thing about it is that it is totally free and provides incredible audio-video calling service. It allows its users to enjoy audio and video calls, send voice messages, text messages, share locations, documents, and media in a group or private chat.

With its rapidly rising usage and demand, it has become necessary to monitor and record all the WhatsApp activities. If you are a parent of young kids or teens, you should keep an eye on their activities using the OgyMogy WhatsApp screen recorder app. As an employer, you can use the tool to know about contact lists and media sharing details of your staff members.

What Are the Top Reasons to Use the WhatsApp Screen Recording Tool?

It is the ultimate software that records all the screen activities of WhatsApp. When the messenger is activated, you can record audio and video calls exchanged media, chat conversations, and all other activities of your targeted device. You can make 1-minute short videos of the screen and transfer them to the web control panel to watch them later.

Many people think that it’s not ethical to monitor someone’s activities secretly. However, if you are concerned about the safety and wellbeing of your kids or spouse or employees, then you should track what they are doing on WhatsApp. Here are some reasons to spy on someone’s WhatsApp remotely and secretly.

Get to Know About What’s Happening In Your Kid’s Life To Ensure His Safety

These days, kids and teens use instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp to chat with their friends or other people without informing their parents. There are higher chances of them coming in contact with strangers, not just friends and relatives. Kids are innocent and immature, so they can’t differentiate between good and bad people.

When unknown people try to talk to them, kids assume they have good intentions.  Online predators, bullies, and scammers often send messages to children and pretend to be a nice person in order to prey on them. When they win their trust, they pressurize them to share personal details. Then, these nasty people use those details to blackmail them. By monitoring your child’s screen activity, you can protect them from these dangers.

Make Sure Your Workers Are Not Wasting Time During Office Hours

Many organizations use WhatsApp to stay in touch with their team members, clients, and customers. If you have a doubt that someone from your office is betraying you by leaking confidential information or your workers waste time on WhatsApp during office hours, then tracking their activities can be a good tactic. The tool can empower you to find the culprit who is ruining your company’s reputation by misbehaving with your clients or customers.

See If Your Spouse Is Faithful

If you are doubtful that your partner is in a relationship with another man or woman, then you can take advantage of the spy app. With its help, you can secretly read all the text conversations, exchanged media, status, emojis, incoming and outgoing audio and video calls, and much more.

The WhatsApp Screen Recorder Software Enables You To:
  • Live screen recording of text messages and chat conversations
  • Read all the private and group text conversations
  • Track WhatsApp contacts on a digital device
  • Read hidden messages on WhatsApp of your kids, employees, or spouse
  • Monitor what they are sharing on WhatsApp without letting them know
  • Keep a check on their audio and video calls, and voice messages

Are you interested in monitoring your spouse’s WhatsApp to know if he/she is cheating on you? Do you want to get access to the WhatsApp messages of your kids to know what they are up to?  Are you suspicious that your employees are leaking private data of your company and damaging your reputation in the market?  To remove all the doubts and fears, use the OgyMogy WhatsApp screen recorder software.


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