A Guide to Best Retail Stores

There are multiple ways to rank a retail store. Some people may rank them as the diversification in the products sold, some may like stores which are made on a larger area with wide aisle, and some prefer retail stores with recurring sales and promotions while most people prefer retail stores that offer competitive prices. In my opinion, a retail store should not only be affordable but it should cover up a whole lifestyle range of products. Whether you need to shop fashion, grocery, lifestyle, accessories or anything that comes under everyday basic items a retail store should suffice.

Maybe this is why majority of the now famous retail stores in America which even began with a single item to be sold soon developed to offer a multitude of products and selections and adapted themselves to be one in all solution for the people of the community. Here is a guide to the most popular and reliable retail stores in USA.

  1. Target

Target the first retail store that comes in minds of many people. It is because of the target wide product range, friendly shopping options and even reliable online shopping store that many people prefer target as their go to store. Moreover, target also releases various discounts, promotions and deals which you can make use to earn huge savings and tremendous discounts.

  1. Walmart

Walmart maintains its spot as the largest retailer in the US with 5263 stores and $387.66 billion in revenue last year. Over the past 12 months, Walmart has also expanded its offering, remodeling 500 stores with better lighting, wider aisles and self-service checkouts while exploring initiatives such as digital displays, artificial intelligence to help track stock levels and store robots for cleaning.

  1. Kohl’s

Kohl’s is an American retail store that started in one segment only and soon it realized how diversification could work for Kohl’s benefit. With a range of wide products such as clothes, accessories, everyday items, fashion, home décor and groceries Kohl’s has been the top choice for many. You can also buy cute little gift items for everyone from Kohl’s. And the best thing, you can also use Kohl’s 30 off coupon which is one of the most famous deals with Kohl’s.

  1. Amazon

Amazon currently has 490 stores with retail revenue of $120.93 billion in 2018, showing growth of about 6 percent in the previous year. Stores magazine states the retailer is “moving in several directions at once.

  1. Lowe’s

With an emphasis on optimizing store efficiency and growing profits, Lowe’s has shepherded in a new CEO. The retailer achieved $64.09 billion in revenue from 1723 outlets last year. The reason for Lowe’s popularity and fame is its wide selection of products and an ability to deal with the people of all age and groups.

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