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A guide to Rear and Front View Car Cameras

In all the variety of car parking devices, the car camera is one of the most useful. It definitely has many advantages as a separate type of passive parking device. It sees those barriers, which the parking sensors can miss. Moreover, the real image is much more convenient for the driver than the warning signal. When choosing a car at atl exotic car rental for your family or business trip, bear these nuances in mind.

In order to help you understand the diversity of car cameras, we want to familiarize you with their main types, as well as the criteria by which it will be easier to choose and buy a rear or front view camera.

Images from the front and rear view cameras are displayed on a connected monitor in the vehicle. The only difference between the front and rear view cameras is that a live image is transmitted from the front view camera, and a mirror image is transmitted from the rear view camera. Before buying, decide on the type of the camera sensor. Prices for models with a CMOS sensor are lower than for cameras with a CCD sensor. However, the image quality from cameras also differs.

Rear-view cameras


As you understood, the rear view camera is an auxiliary system that helps with rearward maneuvers, in particular for trouble-free parking. It works very simply, the information from it goes to the monitor in the cabin. Some models use parking lines, which are superimposed on the image. The rear view camera can overlay special parking marks on the image to make parking easier.

Backup cameras could be mortice, on bracket, with a backlit and without it.


When you select this type of camera, you should pay attention to the angle of the back view (as a rule, no less than 120 degrees on horizontal) and the photosensitivity. A camera with an illumination is a camera with a low sensitivity. For a good picture at night, it is necessary to add additional lighting (the rear lights will be not enough). Usually the simplest and cheapest cameras are the mortice cameras. For their installation, it is necessary to drill a hole in the bumper of the car.

Rear-view cameras’ diversity


The type of the sensor is one of the most important criteria when choosing a camera. They can be colored or black and white:

  1. Models from the first category give a picture that is the closest to the real one
  2. Black and white cameras, although now quite rare on sale, are cheaper and have a higher sensitivity, which will be necessary at dusk or in bad weather.

You should also pay attention to the resolution of the camera. The higher it is, the clearer the image will be. It is recommended to choose models with a wide horizontal viewing angle, but in this case, the proportions of the displayed objects may be distorted. Wireless rear-view cameras deserve special mention, consisting of a camera with a built-in transmitter and a receiver that connects to the monitor. Installation of such a model is simpler, more convenient and takes much less time than the installation of the wired one. However, it has two disadvantages: the camera module needs a power supply, and the strong radio noise can negatively affect the picture quality.


Front view cameras

This camera will be a perfect parking assistant for novice drivers as it improves parking convenience. It helps to determine the distance to the curb obstacle and the required distance for parking maneuvers. With the front view camera, the “blind spot” in front of the vehicle will be visible to you and you will preserve the integrity of the front bumper.

The front-view camera body is made of durable plastic with an IP65 dust and moisture protection rating. The cameras work reliably in rain, frost and heat. The front view cameras have a 170-degree field of view, which guarantees a full view in front of the vehicle. Front-view cameras with parking markings help determine the distance to obstacles and accurately park the car. It is possible to disable the parking guidelines if they are already in use on the parking monitor in the vehicle.

For the necessary view when parking, front-view cameras are installed in the radiator grille or in the front car logo. This positioning of the camera creates the necessary angle for viewing the traffic situation. You can find the standard, multipurpose front-view cameras and front-view cameras in the license plate frame.

To sum it all up, there are various advantages of the rear and front view cameras. They are helpful for parking and the whole process of driving. If it is hard for you to choose the best type of camera, you can always buy one of the popular multifunctional cameras.

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