All About Kinesthetic Learning Style

There are three types of learning abilities- Kinesthetic, Auditory and Visual. Different children have their methods of learning techniques. In today’s article, we will talk about the bodily-kinesthetic learning that was once defined by Howard Gardner in his world-renowned theory of Multiple Intelligences. This age is predominantly marked by the usage of an online teaching app, so the teachers have to go the extra mile to test the kinesthetic abilities of the student. Nowadays, the skills of drawing, dance, athletics, and sculpting are tested by the teachers via the online education app to understand which students have developed this habit in particular.

Kinesthetic learning is a specific ability of the students. They learn via completing some physical activities rather than the standard learning method of listening to the lectures and taking running notes. This group of learners makes use of bodily movement to imbibe into themselves new pieces of information. The child’s hand and body coordination and gross and motor control abilities are used to absorb new lessons in their brain.

  • The kinesthetic learners acquire new information and concepts by making movements that further help their brain to retain the newly learned facts. Interestingly, the learners of this group also learn new topics by observing the bodily movement of their peers.
  • At the time of learning new topics, the kinesthetic learners not only touch but may also manipulate the objects as per their will to keep the newly discovered information stored in their brains.
  • This group of learners are highly creative and are fond of creating new art pieces by using their hands. Many of them grow up to be highly skilled athletes as they have a great deal of energy and prefer to do some kind of physical activity or the other.

Activities/Creative Skills That The Kinesthetic Learners Are The Best At–

  • Modeling
  • Sculpting
  • Using Colorful Clay To Create Masterpieces
  • Dancing
  • Exercising
  • Painting/Drawing
  • Expertise in the science subjects
  • Acrobatting

Career Options For The Kinesthetic Learners

Since the kinesthetic learners are pretty skilled at making excellent bodily movements, they will have an intelligent career choice in those spheres that demand intensive bodily movements and the feat to have a flexible body to perform a lot of physical activities that would otherwise be felt as quite exhausting acts for the other learners who don’t fall in this group of kinesthetics.

The kinesthetic learners have a bright career in the health sector. These include physiotherapists, technicians, occupational therapists, nurses, surgeons, and recreation therapy. The realm of physical education will always be open to these learners. Their flexible bodily activities and physical movements can make them have a prosperous career as a sports coach, aerobics trainer, gym trainer, teacher, professor of physical education, and an athlete.

Kinesthetic learners may also choose to move ahead with a career related to the fine arts section. They may choose to be a great painter, sculptors, fashion designer, professional makeup artist, actors, dancers, models, etc. Besides, the students falling under this learning category may also choose to take up a career in the defense sector and grow up to be a military officer, police man or police woman, fire fighter, naval officer, or forest ranger.

If any kinesthetic learner wishes to indulge in a flourishing trade business of factory work, mechanic work, carpentry, or woodwork, undoubtedly, they are going to excel in it.

Final Words

Kinesthetic learners are a talented and unique group of learners, having the most active part of their brains in the region of the cerebral cortex, basal ganglia, and cerebellum. The way the teachers impart education to them really matters, for they are not used to the usual mode of learning topics. Educators need to ensure that they make them teach the various concepts via lessons, diagrams, and sketches to have an obvious idea and quick grasp of the topic taught.

Care must be taken to ensure that the learning sessions are divided into short chunks so that their attention gets drawn to the lessons adequately. Since they need a bit extra care, specially trained educators are to be appointed to bring out the best in these students.

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